You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


21. The Proposal, Lux, and Christmas shopping

The tour passed by fairly quickly, tonights the last show of the "Take Me Home" tour; in New York. I was feeling super excited and sad for the show tonight. My siblings were coming, my parents, and my friends. We had a show in Florida last month and i saw all my old friends.

Some of the girls from our high school came to to see Ana and I, not. They used that as an excuse to get to the boys. Lou questioned the girls, asking them if they were really our friends. They hesitated and said they knew everything about Ana and I. One of them actually came and put their arm on my shoulder. "Nice try girls. I don't think so. We would all appreciate it if you left and didn't say anything else. I reccomend you don't lie to a famous group of boys who get this everyday again. Apologize to the girls and leave, now." Zayn said his voice sounding more angry as he went on. The girls gave them a dirty look and gave us an ugly apology, stomping out of the room.

That's when i realized these boys would always be there for us. They were my brothers, except you know Harry. That would be gross. Anyways the last show started in an hour. I was sitting next to Ana talking about random things, while getting our makeup done. I had gotten to know the boys stylist, Lou, so i was babysitting a lot for Lux. She was the cutest baby ever! She sat on my lap playing with my hair while Ana was talking to Nialler on the phone. I played with Lux, i tickled her tummy and she giggled. She was almost 3 now, adorable!

Harry is really well with her. After the concert tonight Harry and I agreed to take Lux back to the hotel and baby sit her while her parents have fun. I was so excited. Ana and I performed, freezing to death may i add. Even though we were jumping around on the stage and fans were surrounding us everywhere, it was snowing because it was six days before Christmas. I ran back into the dressing room as Harry was running out on stage. He gave me a quick peck on the lips and continued running. I bundled up in a thick blanket, Ana sitting next to me doing the same.

We were watching the boys on the moniter. After they performed "Back for you" Harry spoke into the microphone. The moniter went black and one of the bodyguards came into the room. M'am we need you to come with us please. I nodded a little scared. He smiled and walked in front of me. He lead me to the stage, where Harry and the guys were waiting, looking at me smiling. I looked at the bodyguard, he stepped back and nodded. I walked out slowly on the stage.

"Hello my beautiful girl. Lads mind helping me out?" The boys nodded and piled around me. They started to sing the beginning of "Kiss you" when Harry took my hand and turned me towards him. "Mads, i've loved you since that first date at Starbucks, i want you to be my one and only forever," he went down on one knee and pulled a box out of his blazer pocket, "Will you marry me?" The boys were still singing, i looked at each and every one of them.

Niall smiled at me and mentally pushed me into Harry's arms. Lou smiled and looked genuinly happy for us. Liam nodded with a sincere smile, and Zayn came over and hugged me. "Say yes!" He whispered in my ear. I turned to look at Harry who still had a hopeful look on his face. It's been almost a year since he asked to me his girl, i knew this was right. "Yes!" i nodded at him. He laughed and jumped up, sliding the dazzling ring on my finger.

The boys all piled into a hug and the fans erupted into cheers. The boys pulled away and backed away waving their hands at us, "Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to witness the first kiss of Maddie Hendrix and Harry Styles being engaged!" Lou screamed into the microphone. I laughed, Harry grabbed my face in both is hands and kissed me passionatly.

"We want to thank you all, for contributing to the "Take Me Home" tour! Without you guys we wouldn't be up on this stage. I'm tearing up a little bit... give me a second." Niall started to cry. I ran over to him and pulled him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around my hips and cried into my shoulder. I stroked his hair and we all ended up crying. "Sorry you guys have to see this, it's always emotional the last show of the tour. Be safe and we better see you all back here next concert!" Zayn said into the microphone.

The fans got up to leave and we walked backstage. "Well you guys go party, Harry and I are going to get Lux." I said to the boys and Ana. "I can't believe my carrot is getting married!" "My food buddy is still my food buddy right?" I giggled and hugged them both. "See ya later guys!" i shouted while i grabbed Harry's hand and walked to Lou and Tom. "Are you sure you two are fine with this? You guys are young you should be out partying not us!" "Lou it's fine honestly! We're both quite looking forward to spending some time with our favorite girl!" I exclaimed to Lou, she sighed and smiled.

"Have fun you guys!" She said running out the door with Tom. Harry and i looked at each other and smiled. "C'mon Lux," Harry and i stood on opposites sides of the toddler and held a hand. We walked to the car and buckled Lux up in her car seat. 


Sorry it's short! My economics teacher piled homework on us today .____. So i didn't have much time to do this tonight. I figured i'd put up a little of the chapter. Leave some comments or questions i'll answer them! Hope you like it! Oh and Jenn is now Liam's girlfriend (: 

Harry's POV

Mads buckled Lux up in her baby car seat. I was ecstatic, the love of my life would soon be Mrs. Harry Styles! I had been planning this ever since the concert in New Zealand a month after the tour started, but i wanted to save it until the last concert in New York when her family would be there. She poked Lux on the nose and climbed into the front seat with me. I took her hand and kissed her before driving back to our flat. Oh did i mention we rented a flat together here in New York? Lou suggested since she has family here and all, why not just make it easier by renting a flat together.

It was pretty nice, two bedrooms, large bathroom, kitchen with appliances. It was still snowing out so the road was a bit slick, but nothing i couldn't handle. We arrived at the flat ten minutes later and went up to the room. Lux ran ahead of us and we ran after her. I unlocked the door and walked in like a dinosaur. Lux screamed and ran into the master bedroom to hide. Mads giggled and took off her heavy coat, "So what do we plan on doing with Lux?"

"Well, we have "Finding Nemo" and "Toy Story" in the front room, but it seems Lux isn't here..." i said loudly to tease Lux.

"Yea, i haven't seen her. Maybe we should just pour a cup of tea and watch the movie together," she replied loudly catching on.

I heard a faint "No!" and saw Lux run out of the room.

"I'm right here! No need for tea and movies without Lux!" Lux said in her high british accent.

"Woah! It seems baby Lux has mysteriously appeared after she heard we were going to watch "Finding Nemo" without her!"

"Yes, what a bad child!" i said wagging my finger at her with a stern look on my face

. Lux giggled and grabbed our legs pulling us to the front room. Mads picked up Finding Nemo, which was sitting on the coffee table, and pushed it in the dvd player. "Yes! I love this movie! Everyone be quiet!" Mads yelled as it started. Lux and I laughed. She climbed on my lap and leaned against my chest. Mads sat next to me and held my hand. It was about 10:45 p.m so i assumed Lux was pretty tired. About halfway through the movie Mads poked me, "Mhmm?" i asked, turning to look in her bright blue eyes. She pointed at Lux and motioned she was asleep.

I smiled and picked her up, taking her into the spare bedroom. There was a crib and a regular bed, i placed her in the crib and kissed her forehead. She rolled over and opened her mouth, i chuckled and closed the door slowly behind me. "Boo!" i jumped and almost shouted. "Jesus!" Mads giggled and pulled me into a large hug.

We walked to our bedroom still hugging and she went into the walk in closet. I followed her and changed my clothes. Well not really, all i did was take everything off but my boxers. She changed into a pair of sweatpants and a blue tank top that made her beautiful eyes look even bluer. She turned around and posed for me, i pretended to have a camera and took pictures of her. We laughed and walked back to the bed. She jumped on the bed and stretched her arms out.

I climbed in next to her and she looked up, "So when do you plan on this wedding?"

"I don't know. I hope very soon. I want you to be Mrs. Harry Styles," i replied with a grin. She smiled, "I like that, Madison Nicole Styles. It sounds... pretty." I liked it to, it said she was mine. "I love you." i said to her. "I love you to, Harold." i smiled at my formal name. She sat up and put her head on my chest. We both fell asleep soon after.

*Christmas Eve*

So tomorrows not only christmas, but its also Maddie's 18th birthday. I loved how her birthday was on such a special day, it made her even more special. Her mother told me when Mads was born her heart had a hole in it and they didn't know if she'd make it, later that day her heart healed by itself and she was a christmas miracle. I smiled at the thought, it truely was a miracle. Today Mads was going out with the girls, Eleanor, Perrie, Ana, Jenn, and Rachel. It was a large group but they claimed to be christmas shopping, so i couldn't some along if i wanted. The lads and I were going out too. 

Maddie's POV

The girls and I were out shopping for christmas presents. We were currently at the 7 floor macy's. There were fans following us everywhere, asking us questions about the boys and Harry and I's engagement. We interviewed about that the other day so i have no idea what else anyone else would have to ask about the subject. I was looking with El for a watch for Liam. He'd been complaining he can't find one, so i decided to go looking for him. El and i were laughing when a girl tapped on my shoulder. El looked over me and nodded, i turned around and smiled brightly, "Hello, who might you be?"

She looked about six, her mother stood behind her smiling. "Hi, my name is Stephanie, may i ask if you're Harry Styles fiancee and Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?" We nodded brightly. I felt kind of bad that Louis hadn't proposed to her yet, but i knew he was planning on doing it soon.

"May i take a picture with you?"

"Of course!" She smiled and moved inbetween El and I. "Okay, Smile!" Her mother said brightly. "Cheese!" i shouted, El laughed and the camera flashed.

"Thank you, so  much!"

"No problem Stephanie! Have a great Christmas!" I hugged her and she skipped off smiling.

"Okay, so i think Liam would really like that one." El pointed to a silver one.

"Yea i think so to, Sir i would like that one please, thanks." We walked to the register and bought Liam's new watch.

"So what are you gonna get for Lou?" I asked her, she looked at me. "I don't really know. I'm having some trouble picking something for him."

"Well, he has been complaining about how his red jeans don't fit him anymore. Maybe you could get him an outfit and get the both of you tickets to Doncaster after tomorrow."

"That's a great idea, Lou's been sad lately because he hasn't seen his sisters in a while. Thanks Madders." I laughed, "It's what i do."

We both laughed and met up with the other girls. They each had bags in their hands. We were doing a "Secret Santa" thing so that's why i had Liam. El just happened to get Lou, lucky duck he'd be happy with a bag of carrots! We won't supposed to know what the others were getting, but El and I just couldn't help it. "Ready girls?"

"Hell yes girlfriend! I'm hungry!" Perrie shouted from the backof the small group, the people standing around us heard her and looked at her like she was crazy. She smiled at them, "My bad." We all laughed and left Macy's.

"I want Panara!" Ana shouted. "OMG! I haven't had that since the last time i was in New York! Who's up for it?"

"Anything, please!" Perrie said. "Sure, i'm down." Jenn said. "Me too!" Rachel shouted, she was crazy sometimes.

"Me three, lets go ladies." El said. We walked around the corner and i spotted a certain blonde irish boy standing next to a tall curly haired boy. They were arguing playfully about something, probably food. Panara was at the end of the street, "Go on girls. Ana you know what i get, i'll catch up in a minute."

"Are you sure? I'll stay back with you." She asked, Perrie kept walking. She stopped and turned around, "You people bet get your asses over here before i starve and die right here on this sidewalk!"

"Go! She's gonna die!" I laughed and pushed them to Perrie. I crept up on Hazza and Nialler, stopping about 10 feet away noticing where they were. They were standing in forever twenty-one. I laughed and yelled, "Inbetweeners dance, go!" Nialler and Hazza dropped what they were doing and did the dance, Lou jumped out of a rack and did it to.

We all got strange looks from the people surrounding us. I laughed and jumped on Harry's back. He turned his head halfway and i leaned halfway, we kissed and Niall screamed. "When the hell did you get here?!" I looked at him as if he was stupid. "Who did you think yelled inbetweeners dance, go?"

"I thought it was god!" I looked at Lou who looked like he was going to slap Niall of stupidity. I burst out laughing and pulled Nialler into a hug; still on Harry's back. I patted head, "It's okay Nialler, we still love you." He hugged me back, i felt bad sometimes when he was left out it happened every once in while. I mean it was a five person band somebody was bound to be left out.

I jumped off Harry's back. "Okay, well i saw you guys standing over here arguing about something thought i'd come and surprise you. But the girls are waiting for me, so see ya later guys!" I gave Harry a kiss and walked over to the resturaunt. 

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