You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


17. The Morning After

Maddie's POV

I woke up the next morning with Harry arm wrapped around my waist. I smiled remembering what happened the night before. It was amazing, it was like we were meant for each other. Harry was softly snoring, it was adorable! His mouth was open slightly and his normally neatish curls were going in every direction. I snuggled into his neck and fell back asleep quickly.

*3 hours later*

I woke up again,but his time to a husky british voice singing in my ear. I adjusted my eyed to the light and looked up. Harry smiled and kissed my lips. "Last night was amazing," he whispered in my ear before he moved down to my neck and started kissing it. I arched my neck a little bit, and Harry moaned slightly. I laughed and spontaneously rolled over on top of him and kissed his nose.

Moving to his ears (which may i say he moaned very loudly for) his neck, and up to his lips again. He picked me up and i tangled my hands in his big curly hair, while wrapping my long legs around his waist. He walked into the bathroom and started the shower. We climbed in giggling, since it was a little cold.

Harry grabbed the shampoo and told me to turn around, i did as he said and he washed my long hair for me. He moved down and started to massage my shoulders, it felt really relaxing. His strong hands comforted me a bit and it took away any stress i had, which wasn't a lot since i don't hang on to things to much. After about ten minutes i turned around and kissed him. Slowly grabbing the shampoo bottle and pouring some onto his big head of adorable curls. He laughed and turned around, i washed it out for him and gave him a little massage to but not as good as his.

After the shower (which was more than just a shower, if you ) we walked into my bedroom. I picked up his clothes and threw them at him. "Ohhh, no you didn't!" He shouted shaking out his curls. "I think i did," i replied with a smile. "I will get you back Hendrix!" i laughed like 'yeah right' and went into my big closet. I picked out a pair of black sweats and a mint green tank top. It was gonna be a lazy day for me.

I walked back to my bedroom and Harry was wearing just his boxer briefs, he was staring at me. "Love, you look beautiful," He said and wrapped his arms around my waist kissing me. I loved when he called me 'Love'. We pulled apart, "Don't look to bad yourself Styles," i said to him. I put my hand on his chest and traced little circles on it, looking up into his eyes and back to his lips. Then I dropped my hands, "Breakfast, time!" I shouted over my shoulder as i walked out the door.

"You tease!" He yelled running after me. Then he came up behind me and picked me up bridal style, i yelped in surprise and Harry laughed. He spotted a door and ran to it. It was the balcony, he must've thought it was a room. He opened the door and just stared, "It's beautiful out here, i know. It shows the Tampa skyline." I said to Harry who then looked at me. "Not as beautiful as the amazing girl i'm looking at now," he said. I blushed, "Thanks, baby."

He kissed me and closed the door. He was still holding me as he slowly walked to the upstairs kitchen, we had two kitchens. "That's cool you have two kitchens," he said while he put me down and took my hand. "Well, originally, this was two apartments but they screwed up and made it one, that's why Analisa's room is downstairs. We have two other roomates but they're off at college right now." I replied. "Really? Where are they attending?" he asked with what sounded like true curiosity.

"Ana's roommate, Rachel, is going to NYU for drama. And my roommate, Jenn, is going to Julliard for dance," i told him. He smiled, "I'd love to meet them." "You'd love them, the four of us are really close. Me and Jenn have known each other forever, i love Ana and Rachel, but Jenn has been there for everything i really miss her." He gave me a big hug.

"Breakfast?" "Hell yes!" We both laughed and tried to get to the kitchen before the other. We ended up getting there at the same time. "French toast!" i yelled and started to make it. He stood next to me and made eggs and bacon. I had to admit it smelled really good. We finished at about the same time and put it on the table. He looked at me like he was in deep thought while i ate and it made me feel a bit selfconcious.

"I want to take you some where today," he said. "Sure, what are you planning?" I replied enthusiasticaly. "It's a surprise." He said misceviously. "C'mon Hazza."

"If it's a surprise i can't tell you." And with that he got up and told me to pack a small bag. It made me wonder where he was taking me but i didn't bother since he went out on the balcony. I changed into a white shirt and light wash skinny jeans. It was cold outside so i put on Harry's hoodie and put a beanie over my hair, but left my hair down.

Then i moved to packing. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a blue flowy shirt and stuffed them into the bag, along with makeup and a brush. About twenty minutes later i felt Harry wrap his arm around my waist from behind and snuggle his face into my neck, "Are you done packing, beautiful?" He asked between kissing my neck. I laughed, "Yes, are we leaving soon?"

"Actually since you're done now, we can leave." He said spinning me around. "k, my keys are on the dresser in my closet you can go start the car while i feed Fluffy." He gave me a quick peck on the lips and went to get the keys. "Fluffy, food!" i yelled out when Harry walked into the garage to start the car. Fluffy came running and i picked him up. "Here you go, you big ball of fur." i gave him a kiss and set him down.

I ran up the stairs to get my bag but it was gone. So i grabbed my phone, and walked out to the car which was now in front of the apartment. I jumped in the passenger side and gave Harry a kiss as he pulled out of the complex. We drove to his hotel and he jumped out running in avoiding the swarms of girls surrounding the door. About five minutes later i saw him run out of a different door with a small bag, similar to mine, in his hands. "Sorry i left you here, just didn't want your first experience with the fans to be in a rush," he said as he jumped in and threw the bag next to mine.

"I understand," i replied realizing he had changed his clothes. He was wearing a shirt similar to mine (although mine was tied to the side in the front), a pair of jeans, white converse, and a beanie. I knew that when Harry wore the beanie it meant he had just had sex the night before. I smiled knowing it was true, duh. He pulled a blindfold out of his pocket and smiled.

I knew the drill but questioned anyways, "Is it really that big of a surprise?" I asked. He laughed and tied it around my head, "Can you see what i'm doing right now?"

"No, but it better not be inappropriate!" He laughed and pulled the car out. He took my hand and entertwined them, i layed my head on his shoulder and sang along to the music. About half an hour later Harry turned off the car and walked around to open the door for me. "Can you get my bag and hand it to me?" I asked him trying to find it in the backseat. "Love, i got it already."

He chuckled and took my hand again. He lead me into a building and heard girls screaming when they saw him. I felt multiple eyes burning into me, but i ignored it knowing that i had Harry and they didn't. He stopped to talk to someone, i didn't listen because i knew Harry wanted this to be a surprise. "Love, this way." He said one again dragging me with him. He walked behind me and lead me into what seemed like a room. He said there were seats and he would be right back. I heard a woman behind me, "Ma'am would you like a seat?"

"Yes please, sorry my boyfriend blindfolded me and i can't tell where the seats are." She laughed, "That's alright, i'll help you." She sat me down and i thanked her. "How did you find a seat?" Harry asked as i felt him sit down beside me. "A woman helped me, now can you please tell me what's happening?" "You'll have to see, for now you can take a little nap." I smiled, he really knew me and how i liked to sleep.

I woke to Harry singing in my ear. "Can i take off my blindfold now?" i asked with impatience growing. "Soon, i promise!" He lifted me up grabbed me hand. We walked out of the little room and got on what felt like an escalater. "You can take it off now, beautiful," he whispered in my ear. I quickly pulled it off, "Finally! I missed seeing my beautiful boyfriend's face!" I laughed and gave him a kiss.


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