You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


4. The Famous Date

We walked silently along the sidewalk that led to the visitors parking, where Harry had parked. Strangely it wasn't an awkward silence between two strangers, which we were, but more like a happy silence between good friends. If you were watching us walk to his vehicle you wouldn't be able to tell we had just met. I had never realized how long this walk was, probably because i never had anybody visit me. When we reached Harry's vehicle he ran over to the passenger side and opened it. A gentleman, i thought. my outgoing self, i curtseyed and with a British accent said, "thank you, my kind sir!" And got in the car, and mentally face-palmed myself. What's wrong with you stupid?! i yelled at myself mentally, why would you do that to Harry freaking Styles?! But Harry just laughed and closed the passenger door. I took the short time span that Harry was taking to walk to the other side to look around and see where i was. This car was really nice, i mean most rentals are but i had always loved the Mercedes SUV's i could never afford one with my Starbucks job. i'm not about to into detail about this car. but to give a quick summary its really nice, i know not a good summary but English had never been my best subject. Harry opened the driver door and got in. He started the car and waited for the car to warm up. i was freezing, i mean i had lived in Florida for 17 years but this year just happened to be the coldest winter in Florida's history. My teeth were chattering, my hands were shaking, and i tried to bundle up in my cardigan as best i could, but it just wasn't enough. "Are you cold?", Harry asked be with worry in his voice. I couldn't even answer him i just looked at him and my chattering teeth were enough for him. He immediatly took off his hoodie and handed it to me. i stuttered out, "n-n-n-o-n-o i-i-m-m-m i'm f-f-f-i-n-e r-r-eally!" He took the hoodie out of my hands and pulled it over my head when he realized that it was gonna be kinda hard to pull my arms through the arm holes in the big jacket he paused but said, "Mads, raise your arms before you freeze!" i did as he said and the jacket slipped effortlessley over my torso.It was warm from Harry wearing it just a minute before and i loved it. The smell of his cologne overpowered my nose and made me sneeze, but the brand was one of my favorites so it didn't bother me. I hadn't realized he was still looking at me as if he was waiting for me. i looked sheepishly at the ground and said, "Yes?" He didn't reply straight away, he smiled, turned on the radio, and put the car in reverse. "Just making sure you didn't faint on me," he chuckled a little before turning the radio up. Ed Sheeran's 'You Need Me' was playing. i knew Ed from a previous cover we performed on my youtube channel so i had heard of the song. i started to softly sing along to the song, Harry overheard and started to sing along with me. i looked up and smiled getting ready to break out on the chorus. he must've seen in my face that i was planning something, and gave me a cheeky smile. i started to sing very loudly, it sounded more like yell-singing to me but i didn't care, "YOU NEED ME, MAN, I DON'T NEED YOU!" he instantly burst out laughing so i kept going reaching my arms toward him as i did so almost like Romeo when he was reaching up for Juliet. i made it past the chorus before my voice broke and i started laughing. i felt so comfortable with Harry,comfortable enough to make a complete fool out of myself. Our laughing continued when we both broke out at the second chorus yell-screaming. What made it even funnier was that Harry had rolled one of the windows down and we were singing so loudly the surrounding pedestrians were looking around to see where the noise was coming from. i stood up over the overhead window and started waving to the people that were watching the song had ended so i was 'bowing' for my 'audience'. when one of them saw where the disturbance was she laughed and took a video. this night was already turning out to be one of the best nights of my life, although i didn't even know what was to come.

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