You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


7. The Date After the Date

Harry's POV 

I walked up to her flat. i was nervous, but had no idea why. She was just a girl, an amazing girl with an amazing voice. Stop it Harry! what are you doing? I reached the steps, took a deep breath and lightly knocked on the door. I saw a silouette appear through the door, and a second later the door opened. My heart stopped. My thoughts before were right, she was beautiful! She had the most amazing blue-green eyes, and red-blonde hair that flowed efortlessley down her shoulder reaching the middle of her torso, she had the most mezmerizing lips... i just wanted to kiss her. She was dressed in a black shirt with a thick cardigan over it, skinny jeans, boots, and a beanie (which may i say suited her way better than me). she looked quite tall about 2 inches shorter than myself, her torso was long, maybe she was a swimmer? She stuck out a small hand and said, "Hi! I'm Maddie or Mads if you prefer a shorter name whatever you want to call me i'm fine with," and smiled a breathtaking smile. Lord! her voice sounded so sweet and beautiful! Her friend from the videos came up behind her and introduced herself with a similar line. I replied sticking out my hand and saying, "Hey girls, i'm Harry i'm sure you already know that though but i would like to formally introduce myself to you two beautiful ladies because i have a feeling we are going to be good friends," wow, could you be any more strange Harry? i thought to myself. We left the house not long after that and drove to our coffee date. She was amazing during the car ride, acting so much like Louis that it scared me. Singing very loudly to make me laugh and lighten up, standing up out of the overhead window and waving to the people that heard out the window. We got to the local Starbucks where she works, and she started singing our latest song to try to embarress me, it kind of worked i didn't want anybody around to notice me. She was still singing loudly when she ran into the cafe. she walked behind the counter and i followed her. I stood in the front of the counter, Mads in the back. She pulled up her arm and in the next second i had whip cream all over my hair and my eyes. I wiped my eyes and said, "Oh, It's ON!" she ran behind the doors quickly. I grabbed the whip cream bottle and ran after her. She turned around motioning for me to turn around and run but she ran right into me and we both fell to the ground. She was laughing and trying to push me back in front of the doors but that wasn't going to happen. I jumped up and threw her over my shoulder gently and walked back to the booth. I dropped her in the booth and towered over her with my arms on either side of her shoulders, "Now, are you going to say sorry or do you have to have it the hard way," i asked her. She replied with a slight hint of flirt in her voice, "And what happens if i don't?" i smirked, "Alright, Hard way it is!" and immediatly whipped out the bottle and stopped her protests by filling her mouth with the delicious cream. a bit went in her nose while i drew a heart around her head. I laughed and put the cap on the bottle, "Looks like somebody got a taste of their own medicine!" i got up and walked to the other side of the booth. She wiped the cream off her face and got up, asking for my order as she went. "A coffee with lots of sugar, m'lady." a few minutes later i saw her pull out her wallet i ran to the counter and handed the cashier a fifty before Maddie even had her money out of her wallet. "I got it," i whispered in her ear. she turned and glared at me while the lady was handing me my change. "i get and employee discount you know? so you just wasted that valuable American money." i wanted to laugh but i feared it would make her angrier, "I honestly don't mind, Mads." She let it go but i could see it still bothered her. We got our drinks and walked back to the booth. We talked about the tour and what was going to happen, then got up to leave. I had planned a little extra something for after the coffee. She was walking back to the car, but i grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me.

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