You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


6. The Coffee Date

Harry got up and walked to the other side of the booth, then sat. I had realized we hadn't actually got the coffee we came here for, "Have you realized we haven't done anything we planned to do earlier?" i asked him. He looked up and chuckled. Oh God! i loved his laugh! "No, i haven't really noticed. I've been sort of preocupied," he replied winking at me.

I smiled and got up shouting over my shoulder as i went, "What would like, sir?" i reached the counter when he said, "I would like a coffee with lots of sugar, m'lady." I loved how he played along when i talked with my fake accent, but what made it even better is that he said his with an American accent, making it seem like we were switching places. My friend , Marissa was standing behind the counter with an envious look on her face.  What surprised me though was when she just asked for my order, smiling, and not asking why there was a famous boy band member was sitting in a booth at the local Starbucks with me. I knew exactly what i wanted since i worked here fairly often. i ordered myself a double chocolate chip frappuccino and Harry's coffee making sure i told Marissa to put lots of sugar in it. i began to pull out my wallet when i felt a body behind me and saw an arm hand Marissa some cash. i heard a light whisper in my ear, "I got it." i began to reject the offer but Marissa handed me the change and walked quickly to get the order going. i turned to give Harry a glare, "I get an employee discount you know? So you just wasted that valuable American money." He looked at me with a humorous look on his face, "I honestly don't mind, Mads." I let it drop even though i really didn't want to. i could pay for this, it would've only been $5 and without the discount Harry paid $20, but neither one of us hung on it. Marissa handed us our drinks, and even threw in two muffins giving me a mischievous smile that read 'have fun Mads'. i laughed and walked back to the booth with Harry and sat. 

He got down to business, "So i talked to Simon, and he watched your videos. He said he would love to have you come on  tour with us. Everything would be covered, you have a flat close to ours, a schedule will be made up by the time we get to London, and it's your decision as to whether you want to perform covers or original songs." Wow that was a lot of information to take in, and he continued. "Oh and you need to come up with a name for your band, otherwise the announcer wouldn't have a way to introduce you as our opening act." I understood everything he was saying and i was relieved to know none of it was actual business. i don't do to well with paperwork. i nodded my head, "When do we leave to go to London? Where does the tour start?" i felt like i was asking to many questions, but it was the first time i had ever done anything like this, i mean i'd performed at school stuff but nothing big like this. "The boys and I leave in 6 days, you guys can stay a little longer if you need the time for anything. i'm pretty sure the first show is in London and the last is in New York." That was perfect i loved New York so if the last show was there i'm sure we'd have a while to stay there. "I love New York! That's perfect, i just have one more question though. How long is the tour going to last?" this was the only question i had really wanted to know the answer to. "Seven months." Woah, i didn't think it would last that long how many places could we possible perform at?! "Woah, I defenitly wasn't expecting that." i replied. He tried to comfort me, but i didn't need it. I was actually ecstatic to travel the world with my best friend, and One Direction. We finished up and walked to his car. But apparently he had something else in mind.

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