You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


5. The Car Ride

I heard Harry laugh, then pull on my jeans a little to indicate he had to drive because it was a green light. I jumped back in the car and put my seat belt on. I looked at Harry and he had a smug smile on his face, but his eyes showed a bit of worry. it made me concerned about him when he was worried so i asked, "Harry, you do know where you're going right...." trailing off a bit at the end. He looked at me and hesitated before he shook his head with a small guilty smile on his face.

I chuckled and said, "Well, i can help with that. Where were you planned on taking me for this coffee meeting?' He looked up and seemed excited he had the answer to this question, "Starbucks!" He laughed noticing how happy he sounded. "Well that's easy the one i work at is about a mile from here so at least you turned in the right direction." i grimiced at how cheesy i sounded. i looked out the window and listened to the radio. The end of 'Give your heart a break' was playing. The next song was opening and i recognized it instantly, Live While Were Young. it was the boys latest song and i took advantadge of the opprotunity to try to embarress Harry. Liam  sang the first line and i looked at Harry and stared. He looked over at me and looked away fast trying to act like he didnt see me. i was already trying hard not to laugh, and it was suprisingly working. i could see his cheeks redden a little. so i kept staring, when harry's line came up i sang it with his recording, just loud enough for Harry to hear me. I said to take a left, and he literally swerved over like three lanes, and i started laughing, i had heard he drove good... if he drove like this i could only imagine what the other boys drove like. He turned into Starbucks, and pulled the keys out of the ignition. i memorized the beat to the song, so i kept singing it when i got out of the car. I ran to the door and Harry followed. I started yell-singing again but this time to Live while were young. Harry immediatly flew into a booth to hide, but i pulled him up by his arm and just sang to him. when i had reached the bridge i ran behind the counter and pulled out the whip cream bottle. Harry walked up to the counter and didn't notice i had the bottle in my hands. i pulled it out really fast and sprayed it in his face. It didn't go where i expected it to and got all over his forehead and his hair. i dropped the bottle and just stared with my mouth i the shape of a perfect 'O'. he gasped and wiped it out his eyes and said, "Oh, It's ON!" i ran behind the doors but Harry was right on my heels. i turned around really fast when i saw my boss standing in the back and i motioned for Harry to run the opposite way, but i was to late. i ran right into Harry's chest and we both fell backwards onto the floor. I started laughing, but also trying to push Harry back to the booth. He wouldn't have it. He jumped up, threw me over his shoulder (with protests coming out with every step he took), and ran out of the storage behind the counters. he dropped me onto the booth and towered over me with his arms on either side of me. "Now, are you going to say sorry or do you have to have it the hard way?" He asked me jokingly. i decided to play along, "And what happens if i don't?" i asked with a little bit of flirt in my voice. "Alright,hard way it is!" He said and whipped out the whip cream bottle. i squeled and tryed to get out from under him but he was pretty strong and i couldn't do it. he took the cap off and stopped my protest's by filling my mouth with whip cream. it overflowed and got in my nose. he drew some kind of shape across my face and said, "There! Looks like somebody got a taste of their own medicine!" i grabbed a napkin and wiped the whip cream off my face. i could've made this whip cream fight go on but i ad something else in mind.

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