You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


12. The Beach (Part One)

Harry and Liam helped me clean the dishes after we finished eating. Zayn tried but there just wasn't enough room for the four of us to stand in the corner of the kitchen trying to clean off the plates. Lou and Niall were just immature and ran into the living room to watch Spongebob. After the awkward silence during the chore we ran into the living room, "Boys! C'mon!" They jumped up, Louis ran out the door with Niall, Zayn, Ana, and Liam behind.

I stayed behind to turn the TV off and grab Harry's hoodie which i mistakenly forgot to give back to him last night. I didn't realize Harry had stayed behind with me so i started to call for fluffy. "Fluffy, come here little fur ball, come on fluffy, little fluffy," i started calling out with a baby voice. Fluffy pounced around the corner and i scooped him up in my arms. "Awww! He's so cute!" I jumped and gasped, scaring Fluffy cause he jumped too.

"Jesus Harry! What are you doing in here, why didn't you out with the boys," I said as Harry moved closer to pet the cat. "I wanted to wait for you, and then i heard you call for Fluffy with a cute baby voice," I put the kitten down and walked into the kitchen to grab my phone and Harry's hoodie. "Here, i forgot to give it back yesterday. Sorry, it was warm," I tried to hand it over to him. "Nah, you can keep it i have plenty, speaking of that i want to take you to Jack Wills when we get to London," he refused to take it, so i shrugged and took it with me.

It was supposed to reach 35 degrees tonight. Oh crap! I hadn't thought of how cold the water was going to be at the beach. I locked the door on my way out and we walked to the vehicle. I was expecting an SUV similar to the one Harry was driving yesterday, but i was way off. There in front of me sat an old, orange, Volkswagen van. "Really?" i looked at Harry with raised eyebrows, that you could just see over my sunglasses. He chuckled, "It's got some character and Lou is pretty use to driving it," I laughed and hopped in the middle between Niall and Harry.

I was still a bit tired so i layed down across the two boys. Thats when i realized it wasn't going to work to well. "Zayn, can you come back here and sit so i can go back to sleep? Pretty pleaseeee," I asked using my baby voice on the pleading part. He laughed and got out to come to the back seat. "Thanks,  Zaynie, " I told him with a smile in my voice.

"Anytime, Mads. But don't be gettin' any ideas ya here? I got Perrie." I just laughed and layed across the three boys. My feet on Zayn's lap, my backside on Harry (which he looked like he enjoyed), and my head on Niall's. Niall was stoking my hair, and harry my back. It comforted me and i fell back asleep quickly.

"Mads wake up, were here love," i woke to hear Harry's husky voice. i moaned and tried to roll over but there just wasn't enough room for that. "I told you she's a hard person to wake up," i heard Ana laughing at Harry's attempt. "Mmm, what time is it?"

"It's noon," What? Why had we drove so far to a beach when there was a perfectly fine one right down the street. i wasn't complaining though, i got an extra hour and a half of sleep, i felt refreshed. "Okay, Just let me," i said as i got up and stretched. Harry laughed and put his hands on my waist, since i was sitting on his lap. "Nice nap?"

"Yes, sir it was. Now i'm ready for the day," i replied with a smile. Everyone jumped out and started to run towards the ocean. Me and Harry held hands as we ran, it was hilarious when we both tripped over a sand dune at the same time. We stopped where the boys had already set up the towels. All the boys were already in the water, but i wanted to get a small tan first since i was looking kind of pale. Harry went out to join them taking his shirt off as he went. Damn, he looked hot.

I took off my shirt and shorts and caught Harry staring at me. I wanted to make him blush, so i waved at him with a smile on my face. He blushed and looked away quickly, mission accomplished. I layed down on my towel and realized i forgot to put on my sunscreen. Don't laugh, when i burn it hurts so i wanted to avoid the pain. I got every where but my back which obviously i couldn't reach. "Need some help there," I turned around half expecting Harry but it was Ana."Yeppers," i replied and layed on my towel. "There, you're all good. Now i need to talk to you."

"Whats up?" "Well i kind of like Niall and i don't know what to do, you and Harry look like you just hit it off. How do i get that with Niall?" She sounded worried. "Well just be your normal friendly, chatty self. You'll be close soon trust me. I caught Niall looking at you earlier. So girl, be ready for that little leprechaun!" She laughed, "Thanks, Mads," and walked away.

I layed there for about half an hour no interuptions, it was peaceful but the boys and Ana sounded like were having so much fun. "Why hello there tan person i don't know," Louis's voice called from about ten feet away. "Why hello handsome man i've never noticed," He stopped laughing and tried to act angry but it didn't last very long until he started laughing again. "Get up, girlie. We're gonna play vollyball. And you're tall which means you're good. So lets go!"

He pulled me up by my arms and pulled me along while he ran to where the rest of the boys were. "Ayy! Maddie! Finally come to see us?" It was Niall and he was standing pretty close to Analisa. "How could i miss out on kicking your ass?" 

"Oh, like that's going to happen. We are the champions of this game," Louis said. I laughed, "Oh, your on! Teams?" "Harry, Me, Ana. Niall, Louis, Liam. And you have to choose who's team you're going to be on," It was Zayn, those were pretty good teams, but who's team do i choose? "Ooooo! Who's team Maddie..." Louis said, adding some dramatic affect to the decision. I looked between the two teams. Harry was smiling at me, i could see his eyebrows over his sunglasses. Aviators looked sexy on him. The other three boys were gesturing to their side.

I walked over to Lou's side. "Ohhhh! Harry's girl didn't choose Harry!" It was Liam. I laughed, "Well I mean it's only fair, Ana and I both played vollyball in high school, so it's only fair for both teams to have a champ," I saw Harry looking at me when we started the game. I got the ball and served, hitting it over the net. Harry dove for it and landed in the sand, Zayn hit it just before it went out of bounds and Analisa slammed it over the net. Harry stood up and his torso was covered in sand, i laughed to myself and admired his sort of six pack. Louis dove and hit it up just before it hit the ground, Liam hit it towards Niall and Niall punched it over the net.

About 20 minutes later it was tied 9-9. It was Zayn's turn to serve. He threw the ball up and jumped hitting it pretty hard toward Niall. Niall jumped in the air and hit it to Lou, Lou dived and hit toward me. I jumped and slammed it over the net. Harry tried to dive for it but he was to late.

"Wooo! Oh yea we won oh yea i got the last point oh yea, Uh, uh, uh, uh oh yea, woooo!" I sung out while i did my victory dance. Liam, Niall, and Louis all caught on and started with me. Harry came over to my side and jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist.

"Congragdulations, killer," He said out loud while he was laughing. He had his arms on wrapped around my waist and mine around his shoulders, i only had my black bikini on. I jumped off after about two minutes, it was really comfortable to hug him like that.

"I'm so Hungry!" Niall shouted. "Niall! Oh my god! Is there ever a moment in time when you aren't starving?" I shouted back at him, playfully. They all laughed and we walked back to the towels to grab our shoes. I put my shorts back on but left my top there. The boys put on their shoes and we started off towards the nearest McDonald's.  

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