You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


8. The Beach at Night

Maddie's POV

Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. We walked in silence towards the beach. I was confused as to what was happening but i didn't want to ruin the moment between us. We walked for about ten minutes until Harry stopped walking and pulled something out of his pocket. it was the first time i had noticed i was still wearing his hoodie and it was very cold and we were next to the water. "Ok, close your eyes I'm going to blindfold you," he told me. "wait, let me give you your jacket back first." i started to take of the hoodie but Harry pulled it back down and put the blindfold over my eyes quickly. "Hey!," i said while looking around absently looking for Harry so it didn't look like i was talking to myself. i heard his voice from behind me, "I'm fine, you need it more than I do." He put his large hands on my shoulders and started to lead me towards this surprise he had planned. i had no idea what he could possibly put in the middle of a beach but i allowed him to humor me. He turned me left and right, and backwards to mess with me since he was practically in control of me right now. We walked like that for about half and hour until we stopped and he told me, "Ok, you can take off your blindfold now, " he said with a hint of a smile in his voice. i slowly took it off and  there in front of me was a mini fair. Literally there was a ferris wheel, ticket booth, food, and was music playing in the background. It was now dark outside so the lights of the ferris wheel were blinking different colors brightly. i had never been to any kind of fair at night, it looked amazing. i gaped in shock and looked a Harry, a smile growing on my face. He was already looking at me, "You like it?" what a stupid question of course i liked it! hell, i loved it! "Of Course i do! How did you do this?" He looked fairly happy when he answered my question, "I planned it just for you. I thought i would surprise you," He didn't really answer my question but in his defense it was a rhetorical question. I grabbed his hand and ran to the ferris wheel. I got on the first seat and Harry sat next to me pulling the handle over our bodies. He put his arm around my shoulder and the ride started to go up. i looked down with a smile on my face, i wasn't afraid of heights. When we reached the top, the ride stopped, Harry pulled his arm off my shoulder and took my small hand in his large one. "Listen Mads, i have a secret to tell you," He moved closer to my ear, "I've been watching you sing since your first video, since you first started following me on twitter, and i've wanted to have a reason to meet you in person, and now i do and i couldn't be happier." this took me by surprise, but it made me feel something in my heart that i've never felt before, i got butterfly's in my tummy. "That's really sweet Harry, i'm glad you did that, otherwise i never would have met you," i told him. the ferris wheel was still stopped at the top when Harry leaned in slowly and kissed me gently on the lips. It last for about ten seconds when he pulled away and put his forehead on mine. we were still holding hands. "I know we just met, but i want to get to know you better, will you come back to the beach with the boys and i tomorrow?" He asked me this with confidence in his voice. With that kiss still lingering on my lips, how could i say no? "Of course i will, " i replied with a smile and the ferris wheel started to move again. He looked into my eyes, his eyes were so beautiful, with a darker green on the outline, baby green covering the iris, a light blueish color outlining the pupil, and dark green flecks showing up in the most random parts of his iris. I could stare into them forever. A smile grew on his face and i fell in love with his smile, the dimples were so cute! the ride came to a stop. Harry and i seperated but we were still holding hands. I took of my shoes since i found it hopeless to walk in the cold sand with boots on, i had to use all my energy to pull my legs out of the sand when i sunk with every step i took. Harry walked me to the cotton candy and made me a cotton candy. That's right made me one. I was shocked myself that there weren't people here at all except the old man controlling the ferris wheel. I gave Harry a quick thanks and dug in, i was a hungry person in general so he was going to have to get used to his food missing. He laughed and said, "Damn, you're a hungry girl!" i nodded my head with emphasis and widened my eyes, trying to stay serious. it worked for about five seconds than i started to laugh with Harry. I finished the cotton candy quickly and my face felt sticky. " Um, Mads you got a little somethin'..... you know...." He tried to wipe the blue candy off my face with his thumb but didn't succeed. "Oh! i have an idea!" He jumped up and made himself a pink cotton candy and dug in. He finished as quickly as i did. "Is there anything on my face?" he asked making a circling pattern around his mouth. I smiled and nodded. He said, "Great!," and smiled. He pulled out his phone and put his arm around my shoulder he said to make a really silly face. I  widened my eyes, crossed them, and made the duck lips face. He laughed and put his lips to my face making the similar eye expression. He took the picture and went to look at it. "Let me see." i said enthusiastically. He shook his head and started to run in the opposite direction. "NEVER!" He shouted while he ran from me. He still had his phone in his hand when i jumped on his back and looked at it. It was now on twitter and we looked hilarious. the caption said, "@Maddie_Hendrix looking sexy ;) I'm diggin' the blue face, just had to copy you with a pink one!" i looked down and already there were 78 retweets. I jumped down, Harry turned around and walked back to the booth. "I'm thirsty!" i shouted since he was walking fairly fast, and i was trailing behind slowly. He turned back towards me and said, "Ok, Love. what would you like?" it was sweet of him to ask me but my order would be to complicated for him to ever understand. "Awww, that's sweet but i'll get it." I walked past him and grabbed a cup from the booth. I saw the soda fountain thingy and walked up to it. 'Ok' i thought to myself. i started with a cherry coke, mixed it with regular coke, mountain dew, mr. pibb, and diet dr. pepper. It was something i was dared to do when i was a senior in high school, and i've loved it ever since. I heard Harry walk up behind me, "Ew! what is that?!" He asked me with a disgusted tone in his voice. I laughed at how high his voice got when he asked what it was. "It's actually pretty good! Trust me i was dared to mix all the soda's into one when i was in high school and it was funny but it was delicious." He looked at me with shock in his face and put his mouth to the cup he gulped down two sips, "Wow. i didn't believe you. it has like a cherry taste to it." he said while he was grabbing his own drink and handing me the cup. "Exactly! It's from the cherry coke, mr.pibb, and dr.pepper." i stated while showing him how to make the drink. I grabbed my boots and said goodbye to the mini fair. We started down the beach, going back to the car with his arm around my shoulder, and my head on his. 

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