You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


23. Surprise

We drove in the limo with Louis for about an hour. He was saying funny things that made us laugh, what made it even funnier was that he was being completely serious. The limo came to a stop and the driver rolled the window seperating us down, "We're here. I hope you have a nice birthday Miss. Hendrix."

"Thanks," i said. My birthday is tomorrow, big one-eight. Its crazy to think i've been on an international tour with the most popular boy band of this generation, and i'm engaged to be married to a nineteen year- old boy in that band; and i'm only seventeen.

We got out of the car and walked past the line of people waiting to get in. "Miss. Hendrix, Mr. Styles, and Mr. Tomlinson?" A large guy standing with a clipboard at the door asked. We nodded and he pulled back the red rope. Lou opened the door for me, "M'lady." He said as he bowed. I curtseyed, "Thank you good sir."

I walked in, Harry and Louis on my heels. "Would you?" I turned around. They had eager smiles on their face. I motioned for them to back off a little, the took one step back. I turned and continued walking. There was nobody there, not a soul. It surprised me a little that Liam wasn't on time, Liam was ALWAYS on time.

"Surprise!" A bunch of people jumped up from under tables, behind the bar, behind couches, and into sight from upstairs. I jumped and screamed. "Oh my god! You guys!" My entire family was there, siblings, parents, cousins. My friends from high school, the boys, the girls, everybody. "Happy almost Birthday, Mads." Harry said in my ear.

"Harry, did you plan this?" I turned around. "Eh, along with the lads and the girls."

"Don't take all the credit Styles!" Niall shouted. The crowd laughed. "I'm not, Niall!" Harry shouted back. "I think it's time to party!" I yelled.

"Hell, yes!" I heard Eleanor shout from in the crowd. The dj started music and everybody moved to do something. Perrie ran at me when she got through the crowd, El on her side. "Happy almost birthday, mad-dog!" I laughed, nobody called me that but Harry and Niall.

"Thanks, guys. I'm lucky to have friends like you."

"Yes, you are." Eleanor said seriously. We laughed and pulled each other into a big hug.


"I love you guys!"

"Squishing me," i said, i was in the middle as people piled onto the hug. Everyone said sorry as they pulled off. "Those are your presents." Zayn pointed at a large room filled to the brim with boxes. There had to be four hundred people in this club , i didn't even think i knew that many people! "Where did they all come from?!" I shouted. "The people here!" He shouted back. "I wanna go see them!"

"Okay come on!" He pulled my arm as he ran to the room. "Wowwww." i said as i looked around the room. "This ones mine." He picked up a small box. "It's quite big Zaynie."

"I know it's freaking huge!" We both laughed and i ripped the paper off. I opened the box, in it was the most beautiful necklace i've ever seen. "Wow, Zayn."

"I figured you could wear it on your wedding day." I closed the box and gave him a huge hug, "Thank you so much Zayners!" He laughed, "Anything for my gorgeous baby sister." The boys and the girls piled in closing the door behind them. "I want to give you mine!" They all shouted. "Guys!" Zayn shouted, shutting them up. "Harry should go first, it's only fair." They all agreed and pushed Harry towards me.

He grabbed a box off of the table next to me and handed it over. I ripped the paper off and opened the box. There were two things in it, plane tickets and a key. I looked up confused, of course my fiancee would give me a present with no explanation. "It's tickets to Australia for our honeymoon, a key to our new house in London, and concert tickets to see your new band on tour next summer. " he laughed. I looked down at the box, this was an amazing present although it may not sound like it.

"What?! We officialy have our own band?! How?! When?! Ana did you know about this??" I shot off with questions. Ana looked just as shocked as i was, guess it was a surprise for both of us. "No, Hazz why didn't you tell me?!"

"I didn't want you to give it away! Sorry, i didn't tell anybody. Simon planned it, when we go back to London you guys start recording for your first album. Did you even hear the other things?"

"Yes, i did. I'm not completely deaf. Thank you so much, love. Wait did you say our new HOUSE in London?"

"I might've mentioned something along those lines..."

"Holy crap! Harry! Okay okay wait did you say ticket to AUSTRALIA for our honeymoon?" Everybody laughed and yelled, "Yes Mads that's what he said!"

"Okay okay no need to yell!" I closed the box and put it down on the table next to Zayn's. I set it down elegantly and then jumped on Harry. Everybody laughed, "Oh my eyes!" Louis shouted covering his head in El's shoulder. "Oh shut up big carrot! you and El do it all the time!" I call him big carrot because he calls me little carrot, we have a strange relationship.

I wrapped my legs around Harry's waist and he wrapped his arms around mine. "Thank you, love." I'm starting to catch on to the British words. "Your very welcome my sexy fiancee." I kissed him on the cheek and jumped off, he walked back to the group.

"Okay Louis come and give me your gift." He instantly jumped out of El's arms and ran over to me, pushing a HUGE box over with him.

"Open it little carrot!" I heard a sound in the box, "Hmmm what could it be?"

It was wrapped in paper with his nickname for me all over it. He got so excited he ripped the paper off himself, "You're to damn slow!"

I laughed and opened the box, there was a pet carrier in it. I looked up at Louis he motioned back to the box. I pulled out the carrier, it was quite heavy. Inside was the cutest puppy. It was a husky with one icy blue eye, and one chocolate brown. "Awwwww! He's perfect! Louis!" I placed the cage on the table and gave Louis a huge hug.

"You've been talking about puppy's so i decided to take it upon myself to get you an adorable baby husky, 2 weeks."

"Big carrot, i love you so much right now! Thank you!"

"Love ya to little carrot!" He ran to play with the puppy along with Harry and Zayn. I could hear Harry cooing beside me. I kicked Louis box to the side, "Nialler, get over here!"

"Yayy!!!" He snatched a box off the floor and ran to me, i stuck out my arms. I ripped the pink paper off and opened the box. It was a pair of new pointe shoes. Did i mention i'm a dancer? Yeah i start college next fall at Julliard for dance, i went to ABT for middle and high school. Highest ranked at Blake High. "Nialler how did you know?"

"How could i not know? You're always dancing around the flat, during rehearsals. Mads your shoes looked all torn up!"

"Well.... I do like to practice a lot..."

"Theres more Madders."

"Really? Wow." I looked in the box, there was. I took it out and opened it. They were matching earrings for Zayn's necklace. Bright blue and diamond. "Niall, they're beatiful thank you." I gave him a big hug. He went to go play with the puppy.

"Big carrot, how long was that poor puppy in the box?" I asked suspicously. "Oh just a few minutes. I snuck in here to put the little guy in the box before you and Zayn came in." He said not taking his eyes off the puppy. "Okay. Lee-yum! Come at me bro!"

"Okay!" He ran over and pretend punched me. "Well?"

"Oh, yeah! Sorry Mads." He pulled an envelope off the table next to me. I opened it and pulled out the contents. A thousand dollars, "God damn Liam! Why would you give me this much money?!"

"Because you're family now, you deserve more than anybody else in this room!"

"Well, i love your explanation Lee-yum but i can't accept this money."

"No take backs!"

"Damn! Thanks Li." I gave him a big hug, as i had the other boys. "Anything for my baby sis."

"Wait, wait didn't you reserve this place for the party?"

"I sure did."

"High five lee-ers!"

"Yeah!" He gave me an exageratted high five and kissed me on the cheek.

"Jenners get you booty over here!" She jumped over and threw a box at me. I caught it and ripped it open. It was the most gorgeous pair of high heels and matching flats i'd ever seen. Both white and blue. "I thought you could wear them on your wedding day. During the ceremony the heels and during the reception when you're partying with your best friends," she gestured to everybody in the room, "You could wear the flats so you don't pass out of feet pain."

I laughed, "So true! They are gorgeous! Where'd you find them?"

"A good magician never reveals her secret." She winked at me and smiled. "Thanks Jenn Jenn."

"Happy almost birthday, sis." She gave me a kiss on the cheek and moved to play with the puppy, "Hey! Move over bitches!" I chuckled, crazy girl!


"Finally!" She ran over with a large box in her arms, she was struggling with it. "Perrie, just set it on the floor."

"Didn't really think of that..."

She dropped the box in front of me and gestured to open it. I did and inside it was the prettiest dress i had ever seen. "Perrie, oh my god it's beautiful!"

"It's not just for any occasion, you are going to perform with me at the teen choice awards next month. Wearing this dress."

"What?! How did you get them to do that?"

"I have my people." We both laughed and i gave her a huge hug she tripped backwards and almost fell over.

"Ellie you know your next." I said giving her a playful seductive smile. She laughed and skipped over. "Well, my gorgeous best friend, here you go."

I opened the box and peeked inside. An Iphone 6. I looked up with a gigantic smile on my face. "Figured you might need it sometime." I laughed and put it to the side, giving her a kiss on the cheek.She went to sit on Louis's lap.

"Anashmeesha, you know it!" She giggled and ran over. She handed me a box. I opened it and pulled out the contents. It was a new shirt with my favorite band on it, The Beatles. A three hundred dollar gift card to hollister, a four hundred pound gift card to jack wills, and a pair of tribal print toms.

"You just know me so well! Thanks Ana!"

"How could i not know what my best friend loves?" She gave me a hug and went to sit with the group. I turned and Rachel was right there. "Jesus Rachel!"

"Sorry, but this present is outside."

"Oh, okay."

"People lets go it's time for the big surprise!" Rachel yelled over her shoulder. Everybody jumped up and ran out the door, Harry staying behind and wrapping his hand in mine. We walked outside and Rachel threw a keychain with keys on it at me. I caught it, confused. "Just press the unlock button." I did as she said and lights went on in front of me went off.

A brand new mercedes SUV sat there, "We all chipped in for this one."

"Oh my gosh! This is mine?!"

"Well its not mine!" I got so excited, "Okay everybody group hug, NOW!" we piled into a group hug and laughed. "Wait, how do we expect to get it to London?"

"We won't until after you graduate college," Zayn said. "Oh, i get it now. Okay, well i love you all for this amazing night so far and the gifts. Now, i don't know about you but i want to party!" I ran inside with everybody on my heels.

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