You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


15. Streaking

Maddie's POV

We walked back to the fire where everybody was sitting around talking. When Lou spotted us he practically screamed, "Ahhhhhhh!" And they all burst into laughter after taking in Harry's appearance. I mean it was a dare on him so obviously he was gonna look worse than me. I wanted to laugh when i saw him but i thought that would embaress him so i bit my tongue.

But now that everybody was laughing, i released it. Eventually everybody ended up laughing. "Carrot, you look like a gangsta!" Lou shouted trying to act American, no American would ever call a person 'Carrot'. The laughter didn't last as long as it did when Niall licked Harry, but when it died down Harry said, "My crotch is seriously killing me right now, can we please go change?" Everyone laughed again. "Hazza you have to deal with the pain! Don't be a pussy!" Niall shouted. "Hey! Don't steal my word..." and with that he fell backwards and layed there.

"Harold it's your turn to truth or dare somebody," i bent down and stopped when my lips brushed his. "Kiss me first," He whispered back. "Sorry i can't do that you look to much like myself, weirddddd," I whispered back, before he moved up a bit and kissed me pulling my body down to his. It was a kiss filled with passion and lust. I pulled away, regretting it immedietly, and pulled him up by his hands.

"Well, it is my turn so.... Ana," He said with a devious smile on his face, "Truth or dare?" She looked shocked, considering nobody had called her because she was hiding in Niall's shoulder. "Umm, Truth?" She said doubtfully. "Are you smitten with anyone anyone in this circle?" He asked already knowing the answer as well as the rest of us. "Yes," she said confidently, looking up at Niall. Awww, they were so cute together. Everyone cooed and we moved on.

When you chose truth nobody had anything good, so it went fast. "Lee-yum, truth or dare?"

"Dare, beyatch!" He shouted and we all started laughing before he finished. Liam was funny when he tried to act like Niall, we all knew he was mimicking Nialler because Niall was the only one that liked to say that specific word.

"Well Mr. Daddy Direction i dare you to hold hands with Zayners for the rest of the night." She said while smiling. "God dammit! Why does everyone want to do the sexy stuff with me?!" We all laughed and Liam stood up and sat on Zayn's lap grabbing Zayn's hand as he went, "It's because your so good lookin' babes," he said while batting his eyelashes. I laughed since this was happening right next to me and the look on Zayn's face was the same when Lou kissed him.

"Li it's your turn," i said to him and he snapped out of it. "Zaynie, truth or dare?"

"Dare honey," Zayn said sweetly to Liam. "I dare you to streak across this beach," everyone stopped and looked at the two of them with open mouths. "Oh fuck, fine." We all cheered, then got up to stand behind Zayn. Liam was just about to let go of Zayn's hand when i screamed out, "Lee-yum! You can't let go of Zayn's hand, remember?"

"Oh yeah. What do i do?"

"Well, from previous experience with streaking from a dare with you guys i was told that we both had to streak so.... Liam get down to strippin!" Nialler shouted out. Liam cursed and Zayn laughed at him, with a look that said 'Ha! I'm not in it alone, you gotta do it to!'.

A minute later they were completly stripped. "Ok lads. You have to go across the whole beach, and if the police come flee the mission! 1, 2, 3 Go!" Lou shouted making us laugh before Li and Zayners took off. They started to run, and i pulled out my phone to take a picture.

"So Niallers, who did you have to streak with?" The question had been on my mind since he said it. "Harry. It was soooo awkward. Their were girls all around us, Hazza nearly freaked when one of them pointed and he took off in the other direction. It was hilarious!" I laughed and looked at Harry, who looked like he was embracing the fact that he went streaking with Nialler.

He gave me a cheeky smile and i burst out laughing. About a minute later we were all laughing, to be honest i had a funny laugh so that's probably why the rest of them were laughing. We calmed down and an idea popped into my mind, "Hey you guys want to play a prank on Zayn and Liam?"

"Hell yes!" Lou shouted the others smiled and nodded in agreement. "We grab their clothes and put out the fire. We drive the van out of sight and hide, so that when they come back they'll be totally freaked." They all laughed thinking of the boys faces when it was going to happen.

We started to set up for the prank, and drove the van out of sight. I saw the boys running back, and i looked away fast since their you know was showing. "Guys, their coming." We all crouched down lower and waited for the boys, when they arrived where the burnt out fire was. They looked around wondering if that was where they were supposed to be and were both out of breath from running back and forth across the beach.

We all laughed softly not wanting to give up our hiding spots. "Is this where we were?" Zayn said still looking around, clearly confused. "I think so, we weren't that far from the pier, so this was defeinitly where we were." Liam said pointing towards the pier then back to the general area of where they were.

I looked over at Harry, he smiled at Liam and Zayn, then turned to look at me. I smiled back and we shared a moment staring into each other's eyes, his beautiful eyes. He was perfect, I can't believe i hadn't seen it before. I looked back and Zayn and Liam, and Harry wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

The boys were now freaking out trying to cover their areas, and looking around to make sure nobody noticed them. I laughed and Lou gathered us all in a tight circle. "You guys think it's time to jump out and scare the hell out of them?"

"Yesssss!" We all whispered back. I signaled the numbers and we all jumped out, "Boo!" Liam and Zayn screamed and ended up hugging each other trying to protect themselves. They looked at each other realizing how close they were to each other and how awkward the way they were standing was. They screamed again and tryed to act manly about it.

The five of us who did the prank fell on the floor laughing. "Can we please get our clothes back?!" They shouted, once again looking around making sure nobody was looking at them. I signaled for Lou to give me the keys and i dragged Harry with me to the van. We switched clothes and i drove back to where the boys were.

Liam and Zayn jumped in to put their clothes back on. They were shivering, and Zayn's lips were a bit blue. I hadn't realized how cold it was outside. I grabbed Harry's hoodie and threw it on getting out of the van as i went. We all stood around waiting for the two boys to finish getting dressed. I started to drouse off, it was around ten at night, but with all the stuff that happened today i was exausted.

The boys finally finished and we all piled in the van. I sat inbetween Harry and Niall. Niall was abnormally warm, but i loved it. I warmed up and put my head on Harry's shoulder. He layed his head on mine and put his arm around my shoulder, holding my hand. I closed my eyes and dozed off.  

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