You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


10. Rapping Talent

Harry's POV

We said our goodnights and she closed the door. i turned around and leaned against the door. Tonight was the most fun i had with a girl in ages. She didn't care what people thought of her, which was hard to find in a girl lately. She was beautiful, outgoing, funny. What was the catch though, there was always a catch. But i honestly couldn't find one. I sighed and got up to walk back to my car. She was a pretty good driver, didn't sit up on top of the wheel tomorrow. Lou always told me i sat far off the wheel but i didn't ever think about it until Maddie told me. I got in the car, left the seat the way it was, and started down the street. She reminded me of multiple people, Lou (of course), Cher Lloyd (Her voice has a tone to it like Cher's), and Demi Lovato. Demi sang these amazing songs with soul and emotion to them, Maddie sounded great when she sung them; with her demi/cher voice. 

I really liked her. I don't know how to tell her without sounding like i was going to fast. About forty minutes later i pulled into the hotel. There were girls surrounding the entrance. I quickly pulled up, and turned the car off. I grabbed a hoodie from the back seat, since Maddie kept the one i was wearing earlier. I wanted her to though, she looked cute in it. I jumped out of the car and pulled the hood over the hat. I ran inside with my hands in my pocket, the girls barely noticing me. I stopped by reception, "Have you seen any of the boys here," i asked the receptionist. She was pretty but nothing compared to Mads.

"Yes, I saw the blond one go up to your room with a girl earlier," i loved that she didn't even try to flirt with me. "Thanks," i replied with a smile and walked to the elevator. About 2 minutes later i walked into my hotel room, i shared it with Louis usually but Eleanor was visiting with us; so i was sharing a room with Niall. Great. At least there was a living room that separated the two bedrooms. I walked into the kitchen to grab a water, and went to take a shower. After my long shower, i dressed in my underwear and layed down in my large bed, turning on the telly as i went. I wasn't tired very much, but there was nothing else to do but go to Lou's room and hang with him and El. No, i'm sure they wouldn't appreciate that.

This telly had internet on it so i decided to go to youtube and watch some more of Maddie and Analisa's videos. I hadn't watched all of the videos yet so i searched through them there were multiple covers i wanted to see. 'Beautiful' Christina Aguilera, 'I'm Yours' Jason Mraz, 'Torn' Natalie Imbruglia, 'Take a Bow' Rihanna, 'Swagger Jagger' Cher Lloyd, and 'Cough Syrup' Young the Giant. Those were a few of the ones i could find that Mads sang by herself. I started with 'Beautiful'. She could make herself sound like any artist, which is hard to find in a singer. Using all of Christina's techniques, Mads sounded amazing. The next song she sang while playing guitar, left handed may i say. It was amazing how she sounded so beautiful, pun not intended. Next was 'Torn'. She defenitly sang it better than our cover. If you mixed both of the versions, it'd sound pretty good. She sang 'Take a Bow' with soul in her voice. Next was 'Swagger Jagger', It was more of a music video than a cover. She sounded so much like Cher it was creepy. They looked nothing alike but could be sisters. They both had a rapping talent.

Last one i listened to was 'Cough Syrup' i dozed off to Mads voice, with a small smile on my face.  


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