You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


20. Opening Concert

*5 months later*

We've been working our asses off to get ready for this tour. With workouts and rehersals and recordings it's a lot of work. Harry and I are still going strong. I'm still good friends with the boys, especially Nialler. It's crazy how alike we are, it might not be good that we both eat a lot. We both hate it when people take our food, but take food off each others plate all the time. I can go to the adorable leperchaun for anything, even girl stuff which is crazy to find in a guy friend. I'm also great friends with Louis, i met Elenour when i first got to London, she is amazingly gorgeous and sweet. I can see why Louis loves her so much.

Ana and I have been living in a flat together, it's quite big; about as big as the one in Florida. Harry practically lives with me, he has about half of his clothes in my closet, his own toothbrush and hair products stuffed in my bathroom, and sleeps in my bed just about every night. Nialler and Ana are in love, it's so obvious. They started dating that night at the beach five months ago. Niall has a sparkle in his dazzling icy blue eyes and Ana is the same. They look really adorable together, they went on the red carpet together a few weeks ago. There was a picture where Niall had his arm around her waist, they were looking at each other and you could tell they loved each other. 


"Morning beautiful," Harry woke up to me looking in his eyes. Lord, his morning voice was unbelievably sexy! I loved this boy, so much. "Morning lovely," i replied as he pulled me closer to him. "I love you," he whispered in my ear. "I love you to," he kissed me passionatly. I smiled in between kisses. Our lips fit together perfectly, and moved in sync together everytime we kissed. Most of the time his hands were on my face or on my waist, sometimes even messing with my long hair. I usually had my hands in his curly hair, or on his neck; when i was trying to tease him i placed them closer to his butt.

This time the kiss filled with lust. It wasn't actually morning, Harry and I took the afternoon off so we came home and watched movies. Not long after we both fell asleep intertwined with each other. I looked at the clock, 12:37 a.m. Harry rolled over so he was on top of me, he kept the kiss going but made it deeper. His tongue swiped my bottom lip asking for entrance, I gladly accepted the offer. His tongue entered my mouth and i could somehow the feel the happiness traveling within him.

I switched places with him and sat on his lower stomach, i flipped my hair so it was only on one side of my head. "Sexy," he laughed cheekily. I pushed him all the back on the bed, he grabbed my ass with one hand and pulled at my shirt with other. I felt him harden beneath me, i smiled. He was such an easy person to turn on! I pulled off my sweatpants just as he pulled my tank top over my head. He grinned at me, proud of himself for some reason. I rolled my eyes and continued to kiss him. He wasn't wearing a shirt or pants, typical Harry. He only wore boxers because Ana lived here, and the boys had their own key so they came and went as they pleased.

He was struggling to get my panties down, "Rip them off me," i whispered in his ear seductivly. I heard a rip and caught a glimpse of clothing being thrown across the room. "Nice job," i said as i slid his boxers down his legs. He unclipped my bra. "Hey, you want to take a bath?" "Now, really?" i asked surprised. "Yea, we can do this afterwards." He didn't give me time to answer before he fell out of the bed and pulled his boxers up his legs, he ran off. A minute later later he came in and told me to cover my eyes, i chuckled and did as he said. He ran into the bathroom. I opened my twitter and saw my followers had rose once again, the fans still said cruel things but not so much now that they knew it wasn't going to break Harry and I up.

About five minutes later Harry came running out and picked me up bridal style, i pulled his adorable face down and kissed him, he kissed back as he walked slowly to the bath tub. It smelled amazing in here, i don't know what he did but it smelled like fresh flowers with a mix of his minty aftershave. I'd been in love with that scent since he first started using it. We both got in the bathtub, he sat beneath me. The water was warm and Harry was massaging my shoulders. He kissed my neck a few times. I finally looked at what he did to the bathroom, there were rose petals everywhere, bubbles in the jacuzzi bathtub, and music playing softly.

I gaped in amazement, what was all this about? "You like it?" He said in my ear. I turned slightly towards him, and took his face in my hands. "I love you more than anything," i whispered my lips brushing his as i spoke. He lightly kissed me and turned me around so i was leaning on his chest. He sang to me in my ear, we sat like that for about fifteen minutes until i got up and pulled him out of the bathtub. "Enough bathtub time, that was really sweet baby, but leaving me wanting more was NOT cool," i pushed him on the bed and pulled the covers over us.

He chuckled and rolled over so he was towering over me. He looked unbelievably sexy grinning as his crashed his lips onto mine. He moved to my nose, then neck, then my chest, until he made it to the bottom of stomach. His eyes got dark as he grinned at me, he moved even lower as he lightly kissed my thighs. He did what i thought he was going to do and pulled my legs apart. He came up about ten minutes later, he heard my moaning the whole time but laughed because he thought it was entertaining.

He came up and kissed my lips. I switched places with him and grinned as darkly as he did. I kissed him, going lower, as he did me. I got to his lower stomach and skipped to his legs. For some strange reason i loved how tan and manly Harry's legs were. I kissed them and jumped back up, scaring the crap out of Harry may i say. He jumped and looked at me like i was crazy.

He laughed with me and rolled over once again so he was on top. He entered me and moved with good pace. "Faster, Harry," i said in between kisses. He bit his lip and did as i said. He released within me, and kissed me one last time. He fell to the side of me and turned to look. I smiled at him, and gave him a cheeky thumbs up. He laughed and pulled me closer, we fell asleep shortly after.

*4 days later*

"Ok girls you're on in twenty." the stage manager said to Ana and I. We looked at each other nervously. "My beautiful girlfriend will be amazing up there!" Harry came walking in with Nialler at his side. "So will mine!" They looked at each other and pretended to wrestle. Ana and I laughed, Harry knew just what to do to calm my nerves. He sat next to me, "Hey sexy man!" he laughed and bowed. "I'm am known for my adorable looks!"

"Woah, um i don't know who you think you are but i defenitly got the best," i circled to myself, "sexiness over here!" He snickered and pulled me in for a big hug. "I love you, babe." he said to me. "I love you more," i replied back. "Not possible." "Totally possible." He wrestled me onto the couch, "I love you more than you love me. End of story." He said his voice rising thearetically. I giggled, "Nope." i said popping the p. I wiggled out and ran away from him. "Admit it's not true!"

"Never!!" i said he ran faster and tackled me to the ground. "Hazza, let me go." i said with a slight smile on my face. "Not until you admit i love you more." He stated simply. "Nope, i will never say that." "Then you're not going anywhere anytime soon." He said as he slightly sat on my lower stomach; his legs on either side of me. "Fine, you love me more that i love you. There, happy?" He kissed my nose and got up pulling me with him. I wiped myself off, "I love you more," i murmmered. "What?!" he said running after me again.

I heard the woman call on stage in three minutes. I grabbed a mic and kept running around Harry on my heels. I came to a halt as he ran into me. I turned around and kissed him, "Good luck, beautiful." "Thanks," i whispered back as the announcer started to introduce Ana and I. "Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome your opening act for the night, 'Secret'!" Thats what we chose to be our stage name, it actually photographed pretty well.

I ran out onto the stage holding hands tightly with my best friend. "Whats up, London?!" The crowd screamed. "Tonight we're going to stop off with a well known song, 'Fix a Heart' by Demi Lovato. Then we're gonna move to some faster songs like 'Don't wake me up' by Chris Brown and 'Dark Side' by Kelly Clarkson. They'll be other songs squished in there, but most importantly we'll be ending with 'Live while were young' by a certain boy band backstage!" The crowd went crazy, girls were screaming very loudly. I laughed and said "Lets get this started!"

After we finished the last song the crowd whistled and hollered our names. It was amazing up there, people sang along with you, they didn't make fun of you like i had always pictured in my mind. "Thank you, London! For such an amazing opening to the 'Take me home' tour! See ya guys later!" Ana said as we both ran off the stage. The guys went out and performed, stealing glances at us as they sang. Harry winked a few times as well as Niall actually sang directly at Ana. Like i said, adorable!

They finished and all the boys came and lifted their girlfriends or gave them a kiss. We all piled into the bus and took off for the next concert. 

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