You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


11. Morning Surprise

Maddie's POV

"Wake up sleepyhead!" I woke up to Analisa screaming in my ear, ok it probably wasn't that loud but i was tired. I moaned and rolled over on my stomach clutching the pillow to my ears. She jumped on me and started tickling me. I was extremely ticklish in my legs and she knew that very well. "I'M UP, I'M UP!" i yelled between laughs."Good! Hurry up breakfast is on the table," and with that she jumped off me and left the room.

I got up and trudged to my closet. I had a huge closet at least for an apartment, the story behind it is the builders didn't realize it was only a two bedroom apartment and started to make a third. About three quarters through it the manager told them they screwed up and they put a wall on stopping it there. That's why a bathroom stands between the closet and my bedroom.

I chose a pair of short shorts, a lacy crop top, and a black bikini with a hollister logo on it. i pulled my hair out of the high bun, and it flowed down my back. It was very wavy, but it looked really pretty. I didn't put any make-up on, because i still had waterproof mascara on from last night, and from experience of wearing make-up to the beach, it doesn't work.

I ran downstairs grabbing my pink flip flops as i went. "Mmmm! It smells good Ana!" I yelled as i ran into the kitchen and without looking went straight to the fridge. "Where's the apple juice?" I said confused, i just bought apple juice two days ago its not possible for it to be gone already, Analisa doesn't drink apple juice. "Why don't you turn around and pay attention to the room when you walk in," she chuckled as i did what she said.

There sitting at the table were Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam. What? How had i missed out on looking at the clock? "Oh... um... ok... um... good morning?" they all laughed. "You got yourself a keeper there Hazza," Louis said. I furrowed my eyebrows and crossed my arms. They all stopped laughing. That's when i started laughing, "I'm sorry i don't always look at my surroundings when i walk into a room." I took the open seat next to Niall. The only other one was next to Louis and i was trying to act mad at him.

"Mmmm! Is that french toast?!" I practically yelled at Analisa. "Yes it is and you can't eat it all because we have guests if you didn't notice before, oh wait you didn't," the boys started laughing. "Ha! you should see Niall eat, that boy can eat a freakin' buffet and still be hungry!" That comment came from Louis once again, i laughed. "Lou, give the other guys a chance to talk to Mads!" Harry shouted at Louis. They had a relationship similar to Ana and I's.

Louis shut his mouth and Zayn opened his, "So did you sleep well? You've been asleep for quite a while." What? I thought it was only ten, at least  that's when Harry said he was coming to pick us up. "Yes Zayn i sleep very well thank you! May i ask what time is it?"

"Noon" He answered simply. "WHAT?! I have not been asleep that long! Harry you said you were coming over at 10."

"Haha he's just messing with you! Relax Mads it's only ten." Niall said. Oh thank god i didn't want them to think i slept fourteen hours a day. I sighed in relief and they all started laughing. "What? I can tell you guys just like to laugh at my morning personality," I said to the group of boys sitting around the table. Liam was the next one to talk, "It's not that, love. Its that you seem so gulable and lost, since you just woke up. But we all do it, may i say especially Louis over there." I laughed and pointed at Louis.

He whimpered and started to laugh with us. "Ok, kids breakfast is ready! Get it while you can," Analisa said sitting with a full plate next to Louis, while the rest of us got up shoving one another to get to the food first. I had heard these boys were gentlemen, way off on that note but i liked them better this way they were more fun to hang out with. I grabbed my plate and felt a pair of arms around my waist. Okay either i'm hallucinating or one of these boys is trying to kiss me. Nope, not hallucinating.

I heard Harry's husky voice in my ear, "Morning, love. Hope your ready for the excitement of the beach with us manly men," and he kissed me on the cheek. I laughed at that comment and started to pile food on my plate.

I sat back down at the table, Liam and Harry had switched seats. I looked at Liam with a questioning look on my face, he smiled and wiggled his eyebrows making kissy faces. These boys were sure easy to get along with.

I heard a loud noise next to me, i turned slowly and there Niall sat eating like there was no tomorrow. "Damn Niall! Could you eat any louder? You sound like a freaking pig!" And with that everybody burst out laughing. "Finally a word to decribe his eating habits perfectly!" Zayn said.

"Ha! Niall you should see your face right now!" Lou yelled. Niall looked a bit guilty but shrugged it off, "Whatever i'm hungry!" and continued to eat like before. "Mate, you are ALWAYS hungry!" Harry said. "I sure is, BEYOTCH!" Niall said while spitting food out of his mouth.

I wiped my face off exageratingly, with a disgusted look on my face. Everybody fell to the floor with laughter "Ohmygod! I'm sorry" Niall shouted with a surprised look on his face. "It's okay, Nialler. I'll get you back," i replied with a devious smile on my face. Everybody resumed to eating and laughing.  

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