You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


3. Meeting Harry xx

I looked in the mirror. My long red-blond curly hair cascading down my back with a slouchy beanie hovering over it, a black scoop neck t- shirt that fit my long torso well and a tribal print cardigan over that considering it was January and it was quite cold outside even in Florida, light wash skinny jeans from american eagle, gray UGG's, and light makeup with a highlighter over my eyelids to make my blue eyes look even bluer. i had to admit i looked pretty good (although i would never say that out loud). but i felt like there was something missing... Oh Yeah! i forgot to put in my earrings, it may sound strange but i love to wear dangly earrings that are silver and shiny i feel like they frame my face and add a little flame to my outfits. i walked out of the bathroom and found Ana sprawled across my bed. i picked up a throw pillow and threw it at her head, "what are you doing? if your so tired why don't you drag your lazy ass across the hall and jump in your own bed?' i chuckled lightly knowing that this conversation was useless, this girl wasn't moving anytime soon. "your bed is so comfy! i wish i had a memory foam mattress AND a memory foam pillow! i'm just to lazy to get a job and pay for it myself so this is good for now." She sounded satisfied with her answer and to be honest she described herself perfectly, i never had a problem with being the one in the house with a job, i never said i liked my job, i like the good money that comes from the job. But as long as i wasn't alone in this large apartment, i didn't care what Analisa did with her time, whether it was playing with our 2 kittens Fluffy and Lily, or sleeping until noon everyday. She made up for it by cooking me dinner every night, she was an amazing cook seeing as she took cooking classes in high school, and i took drama classes. i walked downstairs and poured myself a cup of sweet tea, my favorite. i turned on the TV and flipped it to my favorite show... Spongebob Squarepants. you're never to old for that little yellow guy. i once again heard loud noises above me and Analisa jumped over the railing on the stairs and landed in the spot next to my  feet on the long couch. She loved this show so it didn't suprise me that she got off her lazy butt to run down the stairs and watch it with me. It was around 5:20 and i realized i forgot to text Harry my address. i pulled out my phone and texted him the Apartment number and of course the street, he texted back quickly almost as if he was waiting for me to text him, ' Thanks love see you in 30 i'm excited! i hope your as excited as me!'. it was such a sweet and innocent text i had a feeling i already liked Harry. about half an hour later there was a light knock on the door, my stomach got butterfly's twisted in all directions and Analisa looked up at me with a grin on her face that read 'this is it, this is the moment my best friend in the world has been waiting for since she was 14, i'm so proud of you!' it made me relax a little but i was still so nervous. i got up off my seat on the couch and walked to the door it felt like and eternity before i finally reached it i took a deep breath and reached my hand out to the door knob, i turned it and opened the door. There in front of me stood the amazing Harry Styles. He smiled at me his dimples immediatly drawing me in to him, his baby green eyes staring at me with a little glittering in them that i've never seen before, his big curly hair swept to the side in its signature messy effortless style that was probably not effortless, and his lips looking so... pink. he was even more beautiful in person then i could ever imagine and he was standing in front of my apartment holding his hand out. i took it in mine and felt an instant spark our hands seemed to fit together perfectly and it brought a large smile to my face. "hi! i'm Maddie or Mads if you prefer a shorter name whatever you want to call me i'm fine with," i smiled and looked into his eyes he seemed to be so comfortable holding my hand i certainly did. I felt a presence behind me and Analisa introduced herself to the beautiful boy standing in front of me still holding my hand which he didn't seem to notice. "Hello! i'm Analisa but you can call me Ana, really whatever you like," she sounded totally fearless and i envied her for it but i was happy for her that she didn't seem to fangirl over one of the most famous british boys standing in front of her, i smiled at my best friend when Harry started talking, " Hey girls, I'm Harry i'm sure you already know that though but i would like to formaly introduce myself to you two beautiful ladies because i have a feeling we are going to be good friends." He smiled at both of us, my knees felt kind of weak so i decided to just leave the house that i had been stuck in all day and go on my first date with Harry freaking Styles. i said my good bye to Ana and walked down the sidewalk next to him. he walked a little in front of me and this is the first time i had noticed what he was wearing.he was dressed in his purple jack wills hoodie that i had a strange desire to wear, dark jeans, and white converse, and the most adorable hat that i had ever seen, with a monkey face on it and ear muffs traveling down past his neck, it showed his goofy side and i liked it, i had a feeling i was gonna smile a lot tonight.

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