You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


13. McDonald's

We walked for about ten minutes. Niall started running when he turned the corner and saw the McDonald's. We caught up with him when he already had a tab open. I laughed and ordered a grilled chicken ceaser salad with a medium drink. I walked over to the fountain and filled my cup with ice.

"What'da say, same drink as last night?" Harry's voice rang in my ear. "Hell yes!" We both laughed. "Wait, what do we call it?" "Um, the cherry explosion!"

"Good choice!" We filled our drinks laughing when the other one dripped some or put the wrong drink in. We turned around and there the boys stood with disgusted looks on their face. Louis walked up and looked in my drink his head moving closer to it, "Ew! What is that?!"

"Ha! That's the same thing Harry said last night. Ana why don't you tell him."

"Glad to! A few years ago, Mads was dared to mix a bunch of sodas together and drink the entire cup. She claimed it tasted delicious and it's the only soda she drinks to date," Louis didn't look as disgusted anymore. "I wanna try it!" He said loudly. "Alright, here," i said because i didn't feel like making him one.

"Good Golly! It's good! Men you gotta make one!"  He exclaimed to the boys in a solider voice. Me and Harry laughed and went to get the food before the boys trampled us. We got into the biggest booth and sat next to each other in the middle. "So, do you like the boys?" He asked me while smiling. "Yea! Their a lot of fun to be around, your life must be a lot of fun. Pursuing your dream with your four best friends and girls drooling over you all the time."I laughed and started to sort out the food.

"Not perfect, i don't have a girl to call mine," He said while looking at me with twinkling eyes. I blushed and continued sorting out the food. About a minute later all the boys came running to the booth, "I wanna sit next to Mad's!" "No i'm going in!" "Everyone shut up and get in the damn booth before i eat somebody's head off!"

Louis and Liam jumped in the booth trying to get to the open spot next to me. I was still laughing from Niall's last comment, he looked like he was going to eat somebody's head off. Liam succeded in acheiving the seat next to me. Louis furrowed his eyebrows and squinted his eyes then smiled a devious smile that indicated he had a plan to get Liam back. "Hello m'lady," Liam said to me.

"Hey, hands off Liam she's mine!" Harry said while wrapping his arms around my waist protectivly. Liam and I laughed and everyone started eating, except Niall who was almost done. I swear that boy could eat a grocery store! Analisa was looking at Niall with an incredilous look on her face.

"Hey little carrot! Yea you! Let me have a fry! Never mind i'll just get it myself," Louis said reaching over Liam's food before realizing i didn't have fries. "Ah! You have carrots!!!! GIMME ONE!" He screamed in Liam's ear. I winced for Liam, but laughed because i realized what Lou was doing. He was going to annoy the crap out of Liam so Liam would realize why he should've handed the seat over to him.

"Here take em all, i don't like carrots in my salad."

"Whaaaaaattt?! How can you not like carrots?!"

"Lou not everyone has a strange obsession with carrots," Harry laughed while stuffing a fry in his mouth. "I see how it is Styles! Not everyone has a big tree on their head that they call sex hair!" I burst out laughing my drink almost coming out of my mouth.

"Jerk! i can't control my hair like you can, or so you think you can!"

"Woah! Styles has some pretty good comebacks. The score? Tomlinson: one. Styles: two. We'll just have to see who wins this match," Zayn said with a fake spanish accent. I was still laughing, these boys were hilarious.

I looked at Niall, he wasn't there probably going to get some more food. My assumption was proved correct when Niall came around the corner with three more cheeseburgers. "Well, sex hair, not everyone has four nipples!" I looked between the two boys. Harry paused thinking of a comeback. I whispered in his ear, "Well at least i don't dress like i own a boat and drive as slow as a grandpa."He laughed.

"Well at least i don't dress like i own a boat and drive as slow as a grandpa!" "Ohhhh!! Styles wins! With 4 points and a girl on his side!" Zayn shouted. "Aww, Louis it's okay, We all know you have a girlfriend and Harry doesn't!" I said to Louis. "Ohh! Looks like Curly's girl isn't Curly's girl!" Liam said to add dramatic effect.

"Burn!" I laughed and resumed to eating. We were walking out when Harry pulled me to the side. "Hey, beautiful. So i was thinking about what Liam said earlier and i know we haven't known each other longer than about 24 hours but i feel like i've known you forever and there's still more to know. Will you be my girl?" i stood in shock, but i saw this coming with the way we've been getting closer.

"Well, Styles. I'm gonna have to take you up on that offer." He smiled and gave me a huge bear hug. "Yesss!" He shouted when walked out of the building. I giggled and entertwined our fingers.

"Aww! You guys are so cute together!" It was Niall, i needed to talk to him about Ana. "Hey babe i need to talk to Niall for a second," He smiled and i gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey can i talk to you?" I asked Niall. "Sure, what's up?" "Well, i need to play a little game with you. Ok i'm going to ask some random questions and you answer without thinking. Got it?" He nodded and i shot off with questions.

"Do you like food?"


"Do you like any girls right now?"


"Have you dated anyone else recently?"

"No." He said sadly.

"Is the girl Analisa?"

"Yes, Oh shit!"

"Ok that's what i needed to know, calm down Blondie! She like's you to, a lot. So make a move!" "Really? Are you messing with me?"

"Niall i wouldn't do that to my favorite leprechaun," He laughed and i gave him a big hug. "Okay, go make your move!" And i shoved him towards Analisa. My best friend would be as happy as i was soon. It made me smile. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and turn me around, "What was that about?"

"They both liked each other but wouldn't do anything about it. So i did it for them," I smiled. "That was sweet, love. So what'da say, a game of football with me and the boys?"

"And miss another chance to kick your ass? Wouldn't miss it!" We started off back towards the beach holding hands.

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