You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


14. Football and Truth and Dare


Please give feedback, i felt like i was going to slow with the story so i sped up the relationship but i kind of feel like it's going to fast now. I know, my brain is complicating. Anyways if you reading this far i guess i did something right, but i want to get some ideas/feedback so feel free to leave comments! (:

Harry's POV

I felt sparks with Maddie that i had never felt with any other girl before. Everytime we touched i saw fireworks, i wanted her to mine forever. We all walked back to the beach. Mads kept stealing glances at Niall and Ana, obviously trying to see if anything was going to happen between them. I knew Niall, he was one of my best mates, he would make a move soon, he really like her.

We turned the corner to the beach and Mads took off, Lou and Zayn right behind her. I started to run after them and eventually everyone was running. Mads was in the front when she came to a halt and stuck her hands out blocking anybody else from going further than her. I followed her gaze looking for what she had came to an abrupt stop for, the others were as well.

She slowly took off her shoes and grabbed the football, "Alright boys! and girl, time to pick teams! Harry's on my side, along with Lou. Niall, Ana, Liam, Zayn that side." The lads took off their shoes and Liam his shirt since he put it on to be polite. We ran about forty feet, "Ready?!" Lou screamed to the others. "Hell yea! Kick the ball, losers!" Niall shouted back.

Mads kicked the ball pretty hard to Niall and he reflexivly covered with his arms. "That's what you get for calling us losers!" We all laughed. It bounced off and Zayn started kicking it towards the goal. I ran towards him and got it away from him running towards our goal. Liam got me in a hole, "Harry!" Mads yelled and pointed to the goal who had nobody covering, Lou caught on and helped me block the others long enough for me to kick it far enough for Mads to kick it into the goal.

The game went on for about forty-five minutes, laughing when somebody tripped over the ball, ran into somebody, or kicked the ball too hard. Once again it was tied. Mads, Lou and I looked at each other. The others looked like they weren't gonna budge, but we had a plan. "Kay, boys we got this!" She shouted as Lou kicked it from behind us.

Mads hit it with her foot blocking it from going to the other side, it came toward me. I kicked it in front of me until i reached Ana, then i kicked it hard to Lou. He bounced it off his head and Mads jumped in the air kicking it into the goalie with a good hard side kick, making Zayn flinch, shout in fear and duck for cover. "YEA! Who's the loser now, little leprechaun?!" She shouted as she started her victory dance again.

We all laughed and ran into the water, it was a warmer winter day so we were sweating a bit. After about an hour of sitting around talking it started to get dark.

"Oh! i have an idea! lets start a bonfire and make s'mores, i love s'mores." Ana shouted, we all agreed and got it ready, Niall had brought stuff for s'mores, cause you know Niall. Always gotta have food on him. We got comfortable around the fire, Mads next to me, Lou on her other side and Zayn next to him. Niall sat on Zayn's other side, Ana on his other side and Liam in between Ana and I. We started the s'mores with "Mmmms!" coming from everyone.

When we finished Lou offered we play a game. "Yea! Sure" came from around the fire. "What'da planning Lou?" I asked him knowing he would say truth or dare. "Truth or Dare, Curly. Duh."

"I love that game, I'm the queen," Mads replied with a smile. "Well, we'll just have to see about that won't we," Niall said.

"Everybody remember Niall said he was the QUEEN of truth and dare, just keep that in mind," Mads said to the circle. We started cracking up when Niall tried to think of a comeback but he just put his foot in his mouth.

"Ok, who's first?" I asked everybody. "I'll go first." It was Mads. "Ok, who to pick. Ummmm, Louis. Truth or Dare?"

"Hmm, I'm going to have to go with Dare."

"Good choice. I had a good truth question. Ok, i dare you...... to... kiss Zayn full on the lips for at least ten seconds." "Ohhhhh!" Everybody shouted. "I don't remember saying spin the bottle, but okay. But this does not count as cheatin' on Eleanor!" He said as he took Zayn's shocked face in his hands and kissing him.

"Oh, god i can't look!" Liam shouted from beside me. We all laughed and five seconds later Louis released Zayn. "You're a good kisser Zayn, i'll be watching you," Lou said wiping spit off his face. Mads fell backwards laughing. Her laugh was so cute!

"Ok, Nialler truth or dare?" "Uh, Dare." Niall replied smiling. Bad choice Niall you know how crazy Lou's dares are, I thought to myself. "Nialler, i dare you to lick Hazza's abs."

"What?!" Why bring my abs into this? "Alright, shirt up sexy." Niall said as he got up and moved around the circle to me. "Oh my god. Look at Hazza's face!" Louis shouted.

Mads was to the point where she wasn't even breathing, she was laughing so hard. She leaned on Lou's leg because she couldn't hold herself up. Zayn and Ana lifted my shirt over my head and ran to throw it into the van. At this point everybody was on the floor laughing. Niall pushed me over and locked my arms down. "This won't be awkward at all mate." And then he did it, he licked my abs.

Everyone quieted down for when Niall did it, but when he was finished and got up everyone burst out laughing, harder than before. "So, how did that feel Harry?" Ana asked in between breaths. "It felt sexy." I smiled, giving Niall a seducing look. "See! I told you it wouldn't be Awkward!"

I wasn't wearing a shirt, i prefered to not wear a shirt but obviously i had to. "Okay, how about Hazza. Truth or dare?" Niall asked after everyone had calmed down a bit. "Uh, dare, Duh!" We all laughed, "I dare you to go switch clothes with Mads, every bit. Do it in the van so Mads will have a shirt to wear." Mads laughed and jumped up grabbing my hand and dragging me to the van, waving goodbye with strange smile on her face.

"Ok, Styles. This is how it's gonna work. We're both gonna turn around and get undressed. No peeking! And when we change into each other's clothes we will both turn around and  take a picture. I like you, but not enough to let you see me naked yet," she said before she pushed me up on the van and kissed me passionatly. Fireworks! We both smiled and i pulled her inside the van. We switched clothes and i threw the shirt at her.

It hit her in the head and she laughed, "Sorry!" "Yeah, whatever." She said as she threw her bikini top at me. I took a teeny peek. Her back was completely smooth and she was wearing my shorts. They were way to big on her and her's were way to small on me.

I took a picture and turned around to finish getting dressed. "Are you done?" She asked me from behind. I turned around and she still looked stunning even wearing my huge clothes. "Sexy!" She laughed at the tight clothes i was wearing.

"I know right," and i laughed with her. We posed for a picture, Mads acting like me and Me acting like her, i had my arm around her waist pulling her closer to me. It was a cute couple picture. I made it my twitter icon and tweeted it, not officially saying she was my girlfriend because i didn't want her to get any hate, although she probably was. "Wait take off the lace shirt it'll be funnier with just the bikini top!" and she pulled top over my head throwing it back into the van. "Even sexier now," She laughed and we kissed.

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