You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


22. Engagment

I opened the door to Panara and sat next to the girls, who were already eating. "Where'd you go?" Rachel asked with her mouth full. "I saw Harry and Niall down the street, decided to mess with them." I said as i dug in.

"Ohhh, frisky business on 86th street. I see." Eleanor said with a high voice. I laughed and playfully hit her on the arm. "So, Ana. How are you and Niall doing?" I asked, we haven't talked as much as we used to, even though we are in a band together.

"Oh, I would say well." She said as she slowly raised her left hand and wiggled her fingers. I screamed and ran to jump on her. The rest of the girls were just as shocked. "Ana, why didn't you tell us?!" Jenn screamed at her. "I'm so happy for you!" Perrie shouted. "When did this happen?!" Rachel asked, screaming like Jenn and I. "What the hell are you guys screaming about?!" El asked, the most confused.

"El, she's engaged to Nialler!" I screamed at her. "Oh, omg! Ana!"

"Woah! I can't answer any questions if you guys scream at me and give me no time to answer them!" We silenced and I went back to my chair, "Continue."

"It was last night so i wasn't really keeping anything from you. He took me out to dinner, Candle 79 and after that he took me to a vacant apartment in this area. He said he rented the apartment for the both of us and he didn't it want it to be the only one. He then got on one knee and pulled the box out of his pocket, he said will you buy more property's with me? It was really cute, i said yes and we went back to the hotel."

We all cooed and looked at each other. Eleanor looked kind of sad, "Everybody's getting engaged." She said in a pouty voice, we all laughed and tried to comfort her. "El, i promise you Lou will get there soon." I said to her, she nodded and we all finished eating.

"So where to next? Who hasn't gotten anything for their person yet?" Perrie asked. El raised her hand. "El you know what you're getting for your person." I said as i pulled her arm down, "Oh, yea!" We all laughed and got ready to go back to the hotel, Harry and I had a room there but we were staying in the apartment.

We called for a taxi and seperated. Perrie, Rachel and I in one, Jenn, Eleanor and Ana in the other. I was tired for some reason so i put my head on Perrie's shoulder. She stroked my hair, "It'll be an hour before we get to the hotel so you can take a little nap."

About an hour later Rachel lightly hit me in the face and giggled, "Mads, were here." I sat up and stretched, "Nice Nap. Thanks Pers."

"No prob Madders." The taxi came to stop, i looked up. There were girls standing all the way around the hotel. Rachel payed the driver and we jumped out at the same time. I put my hands in the pocket of my heavy coat. I walked up and the girls started screaming, shoving papers at me to sign. I decided to do it since the boys didn't usually stop to do it. "Hello, Hi, Hey, How are you?" I said over and over.

I liked to sign my name so i liked doing this, it made the fans happy to and it was Christmas time to so i loved to make them smile. After about half and hour later i reached the doors of the 'New York Palace Hotel'. I waved good bye to the fans, "Have a great Christmas!" I said as i ran in the hotel shivering. I took the elevator up the stairs and stuck the key in the door.

It was the hotel room we all shared, Paul usually got one so we wouldn't all be squished in one of the small residential rooms. I opened the door, everybody was there. The girls had gotten comfortable, Lou and Liam were playing a video game on the flat screen, yelling things at each other. Jenn was sitting on Liams' lap and El was sitting on Louis' lap.

Harry and Zayn were on a laptop talking to it; probably twitcam. They were on the couch, with Perrie sitting on the floor between Zayn's legs. Rachel was sprawled across Harry and Zayn laughing at Lou and Liam playing video games with each other.

Niall and Ana were in the kitchen, Ana was sitting on the counter and Niall was standing between her legs. They also had a twitcam going. I walked in and threw my stuff on the table next to the door. Harry looked up, "Ayy! My beautiful fiancee is here! Mads come here!" Everyone yelled as Harry had. I smiled and jumped Rachels legs which were on Harry's lap.

I turned my head and kissed him on the lips. He smiled in the kiss. I turned back towards the laptop, "Hello! How is everyone?" Comments popped up on the side. "Glad to hear my manly men are making you smile Gabriella Green. I hope you have a great christmas!" Zayn stuck up his arms and kissed his muscle. I playfully pushed him and he dramatically fell over.

"As you can see its always crazy at the One Direction house!" i laughed. "And their girlfriends!" Louis shouted. "Hey, no eavesdropping Lou! We've talked about this!" Niall yelled at Louis. "Would you guys shut up! We're trying to do a twitcam over here!" Zayn yelled at them.

Harry and I chuckled, "Told you!" I said to the camera. I told Harry i was going to go back to the apartment soon, he followed and said goodbye to the fans. "We're going out tonight. so be ready at 9!" Liam shouted. My eyebrows furrowed, i didn't know why were going out on Christmas eve, but oh well. "K!" i shouted back. I grabbed the keys off the table as Harry put on his coat.

We walked out together and got in the SUV. He drove back to the apartment talking about random things. I jumped out and ran in, Harry on my heels. I giggled when he trapped me in the elevator. "Caught you." He stated. "Really, i didn't notice." i replied sarcastically. He grinned, "Sarcastic now are ya?" i laughed and the elevator doors opened.

I opened the door and ran in, Fluffy and Lily greeting us at the door. It was around seven now, so i had to start getting ready. I hopped in the shower, Harry interuppting me half way through. My hair usually dries fast, so i didn't blow dry it. Harry stayed in after me, as i proceeded to do my make-up. I did a smokey eye with red lipstick. My hair was dry by the time i finished so i put it into fishtail braid.

It went all the way down to the middle of my stomach. During the tour i got bleach blond highlights, they made my hair look pretty in a beachy way. I walked into the closet where Harry was. "You look amazing as always." He said. "You look dapper as always." i replied. We both laughed, i continued to pick out a dress. I chose one that was bright teal like my eyes, there was black lace around the bodice area.

It was tight around the chest and pouffed out at the waist; it was strapless. I bought it the other day with my mother. We went shopping together because we wouldn't be spending Christmas together. She was flying to California to spend it with my dad and siblings. My parents were happily married but they had high paying jobs in different places so they lived apart.

I slipped the dress on and asked Harry to zip it up in the back. I shivered when his cold hands touched my back, "There you go, Love." He kissed my neck. I turned and gave him a hug so my lipstick wouldn't leave a mark on his face. He wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me back. It was now 9, the boys would be here any minute.

I slipped on my black high heels, "What are you two lovebirds doing in here?" Louis asked leaning in the doorway. "Um, getting dressed." I replied. "Well get your dressed ass to the limo it's time to go!" He yelled. I lightly slapped him the face, "I know Lou Lou." He laughed. I grabbed Harry's hand and walked out to the limo. 

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