You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


1. Dreams

I sat in my bedroom with my best friend analisa. We met each other in Florida when we were in pre school and have been friends ever since we just have a bond about everything, even a certain boy band named "One Direction" ;). Analisa was beautiful (although she'd never admit it) with mid-back, black hair, tan skin, dark brown eyes, and standing at 5'7 just about an inch shorter than myself. i myself stood at about 5'8 and a half, i got my height from my mother who had always been taller than the other girls. i had always been told i had one of the rarest natural hair colors but nobody could ever tell who i got it from. i had long strawberry blond curly hair (about as long as analisa's maybe a bit longer) with bright blue-green eyes, freckles, and pink bow-tie lips. Both of us were fairly skinny but curvy, because honestly who wants to be stick thin? its uncomfortable. anyways, we sat on my bed with a computer in front of us recording a cover video of "for the love of a daughter", by Demi Lovato. i had a guitar in my hand playing a little low since i had a soft voice. i had always dreamed of standing on a stage in front of thousands of people singing my original songs that held so much emotion in one sentence, but as i said a dream, it would never happen... or so i thought. we sang the last line together and brought the song to a close. we had practiced for about 2 hours before actually filming the video since we both got a bit emotional while singing this song, i had always thought it was depressing but Demi had a beautiful voice so i tended to listen to "Unbroken" on loop. we watched it over and agreed it was fit for a publish, i then posted it to my youtube channel and instantly got around 200 views. it suprised me how often my subscribers checked to see if i had posted anything yet, but it also made me feel warm inside that i had people who liked to listen to me sing. I decided to go downstairs and get something to eat since i was STARVING. Analisa followed, grabbed an apple and sat at the kitchen table. "you know maybe one day Simon Cowell will sign us to his label..." she trailed off at the end indicating i was expected to reply. i replied instantly not even thinking about it, "pshh, yea right. two 17 year old girls from Tampa, Florida are going to get signed to a major record label from small covers that we do to goof around." i replied laughing although secretly i wished that would happen. she shot back, "im serious i could talk to my uncle and we could record a track and send it Simon!". it was a choice i had never thought of. i began to get excited, although i probably shouldn't. "OMG! are you serious?! i mean i know it could never happen but we have to try Ana!!" She chuckles out loud and says, "ok i'll go get my phone!" She jumps out of her chair and runs up the stairs two at a time showing her excitement was as large as mine. About a minute later i hear loud noises above me and instantly Analisa is standing in front of me with a smile across her face from ear to ear. "woah, Jason, whats with the pedophile look?" i ask smirking at my cleverness which doesn't show up very often. she pushes her phone at me. it turns out to be my phone which i left upstairs when i came down to find some food. i look at the screen, its on my twitter and is in my direct messages. i look up before i even see who DM'd me. "why do have my phone?" i ask cautiously, honestly wondering why, since i don't have her uncles phone number on my phone... i mean why would i? "because it beeped when i ran into your room, and it scared the crap out of me so i looked to see what it was and just READ THE MESSAGE OK?!", she literally screams at me after blurting out the beginning so fast i only caught beeped. "ok!" i looked back at my phone, i read over it slowly confused as to who it was coming from, i scrolled up and i was completly shocked as to what i saw.

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