You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


24. Christmas Day

It was about eleven now. My parents had left around ten and informed me everybody would be spending Christmas at the family house in northern New York. My brother and sister walked me upstairs with a blindfold on, "AJ is this really necessary?" I had been blindfolded so many times since I met Harry.

"Yes Mads. We don't want you to know what's waiting for you." He said.

"Ugh, fine."

"Last step," my sister, Victoria, said. I had three other siblings, but way to young to be in a club. Alex (AJ) is 21 the oldest , Victoria is 20 the oldest girl, then there was me 17, Lydia is 13; I guess okay for a club but my parents didnt want her to be in one, then the twins; Mason and Melody. They're 7 months, my mom found out he was pregnant right when I left for tour.

"Okay baby sis, you can take the blindfold off." AJ said. I ripped it off and threw it at him, "That's what you get!" He chuckled.

I turned around and looked in front of me. It was another car, what is with these people and getting me expensive cars?!

"Is this for me?"

"Yes, Nikki." My siblings called me Nikki because Nicole is my middle name and Victoria couldn't say Maddie when I was born, so now they all call me Nikki.

"Alexander why would you do this?! Where did you get the money for this your supposed to pay for college!"

"Calm down, Nikki. Alex didnt pay for it, Mom and Dad did. You were outside when they left so they left it here for you to find." Victoria explained to me.

"Oh, well why the hell would they put up here. How the hell did they put it up here?!"

"Neither of us know the answer to that question..." She said again, looking at AJ.

"Well I love it! The boys got me a Mercedes SUV, but I will need a car to get around. I'll just tell Harry to ship it to London and he can use it until I get back." I thought of how I would do this.

"Well I gotta get going. I'm driving up tonight and I still have to pick up Casey. Happy Birthday! Love you." AJ said giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek. He walked down the stairs, leaving me and Victoria alone.

"So... Do you really love Harry?"

"Yes, I really do."

"I'm so happy for you Nikks. You've already pursued the one dream you ever thought of and your engaged to the love of your life."

"Thanks, Vic."

"Anytime. Well I gotta go to, I'm driving down early tomorrow. Have a great party." She smiled warmly an gave me a hug. I walked downstairs with her.

*3 hours later*

"Okay Harry. There you go." He wasn't drunk, Liam assured it was a non- alcoholic party, but Harry fell asleep in the car on the ride here. "Thanks, sexy." I patted his chest and smiled. He pulled off his shirt and pulled the covers over him, dozing off. "I love you." He whispered. I kissed his forehead, " I love you to, beautiful." He smiled at the name.

I walked into the closet and changed into a pair of booty shorts and a sports bra. Due to my weight loss during the tour, my stomach was flat and I loved every minute of it. I still had curves, my waist was small and my hips went out a little. Harry loves to touch my hip bones, no idea why, he says it turns him on. I laughed at the thought and went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water.

I turned the corner and a body was curled up on the carpet. "What the hell..." I whispered. All of the boys had a key as well as the girls, one of them probably forgot what the address to the hotel was and handed the taxi driver the apartment address. Whatever, I thought as I stepped over the body and opened the fridge.

The body moaned and I jumped, "Mumma where's my mirror..." I laughed it was Zayn, he was always worried about his appearance. I lightly kicked him, he jumped and sat up rubbing his eyes. "Go in the bedroom, there's a bed in there." I whispered, crouching down.

"I can't Perrie, Lou, El, and Niall are in there."

"What the hell are you all doing here?"

"I don't know."

"Okay, Zaynners just go back to sleep." I patted his head and he fell back to the floor and I walked off to the bedroom. I jumped in the bed and fell asleep.

*Six hours later*

I woke up at eight to my phone ringing. "Hello?" I whispered in my morning voice, Harry was asleep next to me. Snoring very loudly may I say.

"Hey babe. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! Just wanted to tell you everybody's here and waiting."

"Hey mom, thanks, you to. The Christmas thing not the birthday thing. What do you mean everybody?"

"The boys, the girls, your siblings."

"No, the boys are dead asleep in the living room, and even one in the kitchen..."

"They wanted to let you and Harry drive up here by yourselves."

"Oh, well that was nice. I'll wake him up and call you when we're on the road. Thanks mom."

"Bye babe." I threw my phone on the bed and turned over. Harry was facing me with his mouth wide open and drool coming out. I laughed and closed it, he moaned and opened his eyes. "What?" We asked an irritated tone in his voice. "Cranky, okay. Well get up we have to leave in the next ten minutes." He moaned again.

"It's only eight!"

"Get up curly, everybody's already there."

"Ugh, fine." I got out of the bed and walked to the kitchen to make him something to wake him up. Our new puppy barked happily, "Hey baby boy! We gotta take you with us don't we? I think we do."

I put some bread in the toaster and put the puppy in his carrier.

"Harry, food!"

"Coming, love!" We switched places, i ran into the closet he ran into the kitchen. We both stopped to give each other a quick kiss on the way.

I looked on the bed and one bag was there, "Already packed your stuff, Mads!" Harry shouted.

"We're sharing a bag?" I yelled back.

"Yes." I shrugged and went to change. I threw on a pair of jeans and one of Harry's white shirts. My furry boots were next to the door, so i walked back out to the bedroom. Harry had set out my beanie and my new blue scarf, i loved how well he knew me. I brushed over my curls and pulled the beanie on.

"Babe, you ready?"

Harry appeared in the doorway, i nodded. He seemed more awake now, i liked him better when he was happy. He walked in the bedroom to get the bag, as i walked out to get the puppy; who we still haven't named.

I checked the second bedroom, it was as clean as it was before everybody showed up and passed out. I closed the door and said bye to the kitty's. Harry and I ran down to the garage, thats when we stopped. I looked at him when he looked at me.

"What car?" I asked.

"I don't know, who's driving?" He asked.

We both laughed.

"I'll drive since i know where it is. We'll take your car, just because i like driving it."

"Okay then," he said. He handed over the keys and opened the trunk. I placed the puppy in the backseat. I felt Harry's strong arms wrap around my waist, "Happy Birthday, beautiful." I turned and kissed him passionatly. "Thanks, handsome." He chuckled and opened my door.

I curtseyed, "Thank you, my kind sir." I said exactly as i had our first date with a british accent.

He closed my door as i started the ignition, Harry had a range rover. He jumped in beside me. I reversed the car and got on the road, we didn't get on the interstate for an hour since we lived right in the middle of the city. "So we never named the puppy," i said, glancing at Harry.

"I sorta did last night, but he is yours, so it's up to you."

"Love, he's ours. We share just about everything, we should be able to have a puppy together. Practice for a baby. What did you name him?"


"I love it!"

"Great, we have a puppy named Smokey!" He kissed my cheek.

I smiled, "I'm thirsty!"

I pulled off at the next exit and parked at a gas station.

"You want anything?"

"I'll go with you," He unbuckled his seatbelt and i turned off the car.

"Stay here, Smokey." Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hug.

I burried my head in his shoulder, "I love you, babe."

"Love you to, love." I laughed, it sounded weird. He opened the door for me and i ran to the fountain drinks.

"Cherry Explosion!"

"Yes!" He made the drinks, while i got some snacks for the road, and a pack of gum. We met at the register, i was surprised they were open on christmas.

"Hello." The dude looked about as old as Harry. "Hi." He was looking at me while he rang up the products, i hid my face in Harry's shoulder while he wrapped his arm around my waist protectivly. "There you go, Merry Christmas." He was still staring at me, i shrugged it off. "You to."

We got in the car and looked at each other. "That was so weird." He nodded. He turned on the radio when we got back on the interstate. The biebs, Justin was actually at the party last night. Nialler introduced us during one of the California concerts. He's really cool, we hit it off right away. He's going to move in to the apartment when i start college. It was Harry's idea, so i wouldn't be alone while he was in London.

He started a twitcam, "Merry Christmas everyone! I'm spending my christmas with my beautiful fiancee and best friends at her parents house. As you can see we're driving right now. Oh! We got a puppy! His name is Smokey, he's a 2 week old husky, so adorable! Mads is driving, say hello Mads!" 

"What's up guys." We drove for about two hours. He kept that twitcam going for most of the time. Soon the day was over and our car was filled with boxes to take back to the apartment, which was already full of birthday presents. 

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