You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


18. Amazing Surprise

Maddie's POV

I pulled away from Harry, and looked up. He was smiling like he was proud of himself, my eyes were twinkling, i knew that voice better than anybody else's. "Harry, are we in New York?" "I don't know, love. Why don't you turn around and see." He was still smiling, my smile grew huge and i gave him a huge hug.

I turned toward the yelling. I saw Rachel  running towards me, very fast may i add. I smiled and opened my arms, she ran and jumped into them pushing me into Harry a little bit. "Oh my god! Mads!" She sounded so happy. "I missed you to, Rachel." I laughed and she jumped off me, she looked at Harry with a knowing smile. "Ray, this is my boyfriend Harry Styles," she looked at me with an icredilous look on her face.

"Hello," Harry smiled and stuck out his hand. "It's not like we haven't talked on the phone before or anything," we all laughed and then i heard a faint yelling again. Harry and Rachel stepped back and i was confused. What was happening right now? They looked at each other and smiled, then back at me. "What the hell was that? Why are you two exchanging looks?"

They stayed silent and i heard the yelling again, it was much closer now. I turned around, but couldn't see anything other then crowds of people waiting at their gates. I heard the yelling again and then i could make out a person. "MADS!!!!!" I knew that voice, "JENN!!!" She came running and jumped on me. "OH MY GOD!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!" I laughed, she was yelling in an airport, people were staring but we didn't care.

After she calmed down she started asking questions, like really fast. "How did you find the time to do this? How did you get here? Did Harry bring you here? Where's Ana?" I laughed and motioned for her to slow down. "Jenn, this is Harry. Yes he brought me here, because he's just that amazing," i looked up and gave Harry a quick kiss, "I have some important stuff to tell you, and i'm STARVING, so lets go get something to eat before i die!" Everyone laughed, knowing how honest i was being.

I had lived in New York during the summers with my mom for years, so i knew my way around. I grabbed Harry's hand and started walking to the nearest Taco Bell. Harry saw the fans coming towards us but didn't stop. We walked into the resturaunt and ordered. "Okay, so Ana and I were asked to be an opening act for Harry's band, One Direction. Apparently Simon heard the covers and wanted us to go on tour with them, so we are and- oh shit!"

"What? What happened?" Jenn asked. "I had to work this week."

"Love, i called them earlier. Phil said to enjoy yourself and become a big superstar like he knows you can." Harry said to calm me down. I sighed in relief and laughed. Phil was my best guy friend, he was nineteen we had been friends for years since the beginning of high school, we both graduated about the same time. I graduated early, as did Rachel, Jenn, and Ana. "Thanks, baby." i said giving him a kiss. "No problem, beautiful." He smiled and kissed my nose.

Jenn and Ray cooed, "Aww! You guys are so cute together!" Harry and I smiled at each other. "Anyways, back to the story. Ana and I leave in four days, this morning i was talking about how you two were our roommates before you went to college and how much i missed you guys. Harry told me to pack a bag and made some calls i guess, then he brought me here. Blindfolded, may i say. The entire flight. I must've looked like an idiot!" They all laughed.

After eating we walked out of the resturaunt. Harry and I held hands and walked out with our bags, Jenn and Rachel behind us. I saw paparazzi standing outside taking pictures, i waved and smiled, as did Harry. Jenn and Rachel said goodbye and walked in seperate directions, Harry and I rented a car, and he drove me to the nicest hotel in New York City. "Babe, you really didn't have to do this!" I exclaimed, he spent quite a bit of money for me.

"Yes i did! You're my amazing girl, and i'm going to spoil you every chance i get," he said wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me in for a kiss. I heard camera's flashing, but i didn't care. We pulled apart and smiled, getting our bags out of the trunk. I grabbed his hand and ran dragged him (literally) into the hotel. "Hello, Styles please," he said to the receptionist, she smiled and handed us each a key.

"Thanks," we both smiled at her. She was pretty, blond hair and amazingly bright blue eyes. We walked hand in hand to the elevator. Our room was on the top floor so it would take a while to get up there. When we got in the elevator, it was just the two of us. I dropped my bag and pushed Harry up on the wall. I kissed him passionatly. It was around midnight, so not  very many people were out. He kissed me back, with lust and surprise. The elevator dinged and Harry picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist and grabbing the bags.

He didn't stop kissing me, he was pretty good at multitasking like this. I smiled, he was walking towards the room fast. I pulled my keys out and unlocked the door. He kicked it open and walked in, dropping the bags at the door. He gently threw me on the bed and towered over me with a grin on his face. He pulled off his shirt and resumed kissing me. I rolled over, so i was on top of him. He ripped my shirt off, literally. I gasped, and he laughed.

He pulled my jeans down and threw them onto the floor. I grinned and he rolled over again so he was on top. I pulled his pants off, and he tried to unhook my bra. "Need some help there?" I mocked him from the night before. "Got it!" He threw it across the room into the kitchen, the tiny kitchen.

I laughed and pulled the covers over us. "Sorry, love." He jumped up and ran for his bag. I laughed knowing what he was looking for. He came running back and jumped on the bed. I rolled my eyes and smiled. We resumed and you should be able to predict what happened after that. (Wiggling eyebrows.) 

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