You never know what could happen if you just take a chance.


19. Airports

*3 days later*

I woke up around three a.m. with a bad leg pain. I've gotten them frequently since the incident, but nobody had ever known about them but myself. I started to cry and try not to scream which would wake Harry up. His arm was draped around me, and his legs were tangled in mine; not good. Usually when this pain happens i grab my leg and hold it to my stomach, but i couldn't do it this time; not without waking Harry up.

It hurt even more than any of the other ones i had ever had, either because i was back in the place where the incident happened or because i couldn't hold my leg. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Oh shit, I woke him up. "My leg. It really hurts," he sat up and lifted my leg. "Where does it hurt, love?" I pointed to the muscle, it had a deep scar on it. He looked at it, then back at me with worry in his beautiful eyes. "If you don't want to tell me i understand. Do you want me to help with the pain, if i can?" I nodded and tears fell out of my eyes, he reached over and wiped them off with his thumb.

"I hate to see you in pain," his voice broke, a tear fell out of his eye. He leaned back and started to massage the muscle. It took a bit of the pain away, not because of the technique, but because my amazing boyfriend was so sweet.

He deserved to know what was happening to me, "It happened about three years ago," he looked up and listened, "I was walking back to my mothers apartment, in midtown Manhattan; through an alley, which at the time i didn't know was a bad idea. I was only fourteen, i didn't have a car the only shortcut i knew was through the alley. I was about half way through when a guy saw me and came out, he said i looked to pretty to live in that part of town. I said thanks and tried to continue walking, he stopped me and said he wasn't finished. He said i was hot and he was looking for a new girl. He looked about early twenties so i knew something bad was about to happen. He pushed me up on the wall and started to kiss me violently. I pushed him off me and tried to run, he grabbed my leg and towered over me. The next thing i know he broke my leg, i screamed and then he stabbed me where he broke my leg. That's where the scar came from." I continued.

"He had his way with me and left me there. I used all the energy i had left to call my mother, who called the police and came looking for me. About ten minutes later i was rushed onto an ambulance, they said i had lost a lot of blood and needed to go into surgery. I blacked out and woke up three days later in the hospital. My brother was there and explained what had happened, he looked terrible. My sister walked in and said i flatlined and they were pretty sure i wasn't going to live. I was shocked, i didn't know it was that bad. My parents told me i was their miracle and they wouldn't lose me again. The guy was caught and sentenced to life in prison, seeing as i technically died. Ever since then i've gotten these leg pains in the middle of the night, for some reason i don't get nightmares of it. Must be because i moved on and i don't dwell on something that was my fault to begin with."

Harry listened the entire time, when i was done he pulled me into big hug. "I love you, so much, Mads." I was expecting this soon, he was the most amazing person in my life ever. "I love you too." We smiled at each other and he kissed me, it didn't hold any lust, just love. 

*The next day*

"I'm going to miss my baby!" My mother said, so embarrassing! My boyfriend was standing right there. "I'm going to miss you to mom." Harry smiled as i hugged my mother goodbye. "HEY! Forget to tell us you were leaving today?!" Jenn and Rachel came running. "I thought you guys had class today. We said goodbye yesterday, guys!" "We do, but how could we miss out on saying goodbye to our new superstar?" i laughed. They pulled me into a big hug, "Harold Styles you get your ass in this hug, now!" We all laughed when Harry jumped in between us and pretended to cry, "I'm going to miss my new best friends!"

"Final call for flight 23 to London, England!" A lady said over the intercom. We were going straight to London, Ana and Niall packed my stuff and sent it over. The boys helped pack up the apartment, and it was already rented out. "Ok, i want you to have fun! Don't worry about us here we'll be fine. Just sing you're heart out and be the amazing person i know you can!" My mom was balling, she made my eyes water. "I will, Mom," i said giving her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. I wiped her tears away, "Don't cry for me, Mom." She laughed a bit, "I'm sorry." I left my mom and walked over to my best friends.

I pulled Jenn and Ray into a big hug, "Don't worry about me guys, i want you to stay here and be the best at what you do! I love you guys!" They were now crying to, "We love you to, tell Ana she'll be amazing!" Jenn said. I gave her a huge hug, "I will, dance your ass off, Beautiful. I know you can." She laughed and went to stand next to my mom. They hugged each other and cried.

I stuck out my arms and lay them on Rachel's shoulder, "I want you to become a famous actress, and walk the red carpet. Don't ever give up on this Raych; you're amazing. Kick some ass, and i promise you! I'll be back just to see you get your big break." I smiled at her, she nodded, and I pulled her into a hug. "Love, we should get going." Harry placed his hand on the small of my back. I nodded and pulled away from Rachel.

I grabbed my bag and said my final 'I love you's' to my family. I walked on the plane, hand in hand with Harry. "That was hard." I said when we finally sat on the plane. "I know, it gets better, i promise." He kissed me and the plane took off.

*12 Hours Later*

The flight was quite long and boring, it consisted mostly of sleeping and eating. I was asleep in Harry's lap when i woke up to Harry stroking my hair. I turned so i was looking at him. "Hello, sexy." I said with a flirty smile on my face. "Why, hello there sleepyhead!" He laughed and i stretched. "It defenitly wasn't the best nap i've had." i said as i got up and sat on his lap. It was first class, Harry's manager bought the ticket. Obviously he couldn't let Harry go on a regular flight, he was to popular. It just wouldn't end well. We were the only ones in this cabin, since Paul scheduled us a flight so early; 5 a.m.

He put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer, "I love you, amazing." He whispered in my ear. I giggled, it kind of tickled. "Are you laughing at my love for you?!" i laughed and shook my head. He picked me up and placed me where he was sitting before. He started tickling me, i was extremely ticklish in my legs, always have been; Harry knew that.

He went to my legs, i squealed and started laughing even harder. I rolled over and both of us fell of the seat. We both started cracking up when the flight attendant came in and looked at us like we were crazy. We got up, holding our laughs, and sat back in our seats. We bowed our heads to her at the same time and she walked off muttering something. We both looked at each other and laughed.

"Attention Passengers. It is currently 4:20 p.m we will be landing in five minutes. Thank you for choosing United airlines and have a nice time in London." The pilot said over the intercom. Ten minutes later Harry and I ran off the plane. The boys and Analisa were there. Harry and I looked at each other and took off running for the boys.

I jumped into Niall's arms, "I missed you best friend!!" i shouted into his shoulder. He chuckled, "I missed you to! Oh My god! We have to get Nandos!" He got so excited. I laughed and jumped off, "OMG, yes!"

I jumped into Liam's arms, "Lee-yum!! Why didn't you text me?!" He smiled guiltily, "Sorry, i didn't want to ruin your trip!" "Aw, thanks love." I said with a british accent similar to his.

Next was Zayn, "ZAYNY!!" He laughed and opened his arms. I jumped into them and kissed his cheek, "Zayny i missed you and your hair products!" "I missed you to!!!" We were making such a scene but who cares? There would be pictures up tomorrow, about how i'm "cheating" on Harry. Bullshit.

Louis sat there waiting, his face had a huge grin pasted to it and his arms were wide open. "My little Carrot!!" This time he ran to me and jumped in my arms. "I missed you!" he shouted in my ear. "Lou, you're crushing my windpipe." i said trying to breath. He laughed and jumped off.

I saw Ana standing there with her arms wide open. I ran into them,not jumping since i knew she was way lighter than the boys. I put my hand to her ear and told her what Jenn said. She smiled knowing what Jenn said was completly honest. I wanted to make the boys laugh so i looked at Harry and he was standing there.

"HAZZA!" i yelled and jumped into his arms. He laughed and lifted me in the air, spinning me around. I kissed him on the lips. "Woah! Get off my Carrot!" Lou shouted and pulled me off Harry and into himself, stroking my head in a way that said 'It's alright, I'm here'. I laughed and patted his chest, "Missed you to Boobear." He gasped and looked at me. "How did you know about that?!"

"A little birdy told me," i smiled at him deviously. "Did this little birdy have green eyes and a big pile of brown curly hair on his head?"

"Nope. His curls were DARK brown."

"Aw, damn." We all laughed and walked out of the airport.

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