Super Nova

People with super powers live among us. One of them works in a comic book shop...


2. Chapter Two

Seth was glaring at me. It didn’t mean anything though; he looked at everyone that way.

Looping his arm through mine, Zane said, “Take us to the White Orchid.”

Seth placed his hand on Zane’s shoulder and suddenly we were somewhere else.

“I will call you when we have finished,” Zane told Seth, basically saying that he should go now.

Seth gritted his teeth, a sign that he was struggling to control his anger, and disappeared.

The White Orchid was a posh restaurant with glass walls and oriental decorations. I felt severely underdressed in my jeans and fake leather jacket. Zane seemed to know the owner because we were taken to a private room. Zane ordered champagne and I gazed at the menu, trying to hide my uneasiness.

Not much was known about Zane but it appeared that the rumour about him being rich was true. Kel had once told me that Zane’s mysteriousness was part of what made him so sexy. Her words not mine. His blue eyes and straight shoulder length blonde hair probably helped too. Not forgetting the six-pack that Kel claimed Zane had. I was probably the only girl in the world that didn’t swoon when he smiled at me.



After listening to Zane blab on about himself for over an hour I finally found out why he had invited me to dinner.

“Come back to mine.” The way Zane’s eyes were moving over my body told me that there was only one reason Zane wanted me to go to his place.

I hadn’t slept with anyone since Seth and I had broken up but there was no way I was going to have a one night stand with Zane. Clenching my hands I declined and stood up.

Zane must have called Seth because he had teleported into the room.

“Take Nova home,” said Zane obviously annoyed at being rejected by me.

Seth’s hazel eyes were filled relief. He must have known that Zane had planned to warm his bed with me. Seth reached out a hand to touch my shoulder but I moved away.

“I can make my own way. Thank you for dinner.”

Then I was running through the streets so fast that no one even saw me.



Wanting nothing more than to curl up in bed and fall asleep I changed into my pyjamas and brushed my teeth. I switched the light off and got into my bed. The flat I shared with Kel was small with only one bedroom which had two single beds and a wardrobe in it. Rolling onto my side I heaved a sigh. There was the sound of the cat flap opening in the hallway and moments later something furry brushed against my hand.

“Oh Colt,” I whispered. “Does Seth know that you’re here?”

Colt, in cat form, lay down beside me.

“How’s school?”

He shook his head. He didn’t want to talk.

Stroking his soft fur I said goodnight and closed my eyes.



“Do you want the usual for breakfast?” I asked, popping my head around the bedroom door.

Colt was still in bed but I had showered and dressed. Now back in human form, Colt nodded and yawned. Returning to the kitchen I grabbed ingredients from the fridge and cupboards. Arms wrapped around my stomach as Colt hugged me.

“How was school?” I asked, making the pancake batter.

Colt rested his head on my back. “It’s okay.”

“Do you still sit with Danny?”

“No,” said Colt quietly.

Stopping what I was doing I turned around. Colt was thirteen but his head only reached my chest. Smoothing down his messy, curly hair, I asked, “Why don’t you sit together anymore?”

Colt’s green eyes were sad. “Danny doesn’t want to be friends with me. He and the others make fun of me. They call me a freak.”

“Oh sweetheart . . .” Pulling him close I kissed his head saying, “Don’t listen to them. Children can be so cruel.”

Colt was like a little brother to me and I couldn’t stand the thought of him being upset.

“I want to live here with you and Kel,” said Colt lifting his head up to look into my eyes. “Please, Nova.”

I hid a groan. This wasn’t the first time Colt had told me that.

“We’ve talked about this before,” I said. “Seth is your brother. You have to live with him.”

“But he’s never at home and when he is he doesn’t speak to me.”

Pushing the hair from Colt’s eyes I replied, “I know. Go and get dressed. You’ve got some clothes at the bottom of the wardrobe.”

Colt’s shoulders dropped but he did as I asked. When he returned to the kitchen the first batch of pancakes was ready.

“Here you go.” I put the plate in front of him on the breakfast bar. The flat didn’t have a dining room so the only place to eat was here or on the sofa. “Help yourself to the golden syrup. I know it’s your favourite.”

“Colt, what the hell do you think you’re doing here?”

Seth had teleported into the room, his face a picture of fury. Colt flinched and stared down at his pancakes.

“He’s having breakfast,” I said crossing my arms. “What do you want?”

Seth glowered at me before saying to Colt, “Come here. We’re going home.”

Colt stayed where he was.

“Colt, can you please finish your pancakes in the bedroom? Seth and I need to talk.”

“How dare you just teleport in here as if you own the place!” I cried the moment Colt had left the room. “I’ve told you before that you’re not welcome.”

Gritting his teeth Seth snarled, “Then stop letting Colt spend the night.”

“He only does it because he’s lonely. Maybe if you stopped being Zane’s lapdog and actually behaved like a brother and looked after Colt then he wouldn’t keep asking if he could live here with me!”

Seth glared at me. “If I find him here again. . .”

“Then you’ll what?” I demanded hotly. “Hit me?”

It was a low blow but I couldn’t say that Seth didn’t deserve it after what he had done to me.

Flushing red he said, “Just don’t let him stay over again.”

Seth disappeared and I walked into the bedroom to find that Colt had gone too. The pancakes on his plate had barely been touched.

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