Super Nova

People with super powers live among us. One of them works in a comic book shop...


3. Chapter Three

After taking my frustration out on a punching bag I went to work. I was a sales assistant at a comic book shop called Kapow! Comics. You’re probably thinking that a comic book shop is an odd place for someone with super-powers to work. Well seeing as the country was in the middle of a recession, Kapow! Comics had been the only place advertising a job. The pay wasn’t great but the owner, Peter, was alright. He had installed a coffee machine when I had suggested it. I was working on getting him to sell cakes too but he didn’t think that food and comics were a good mix. Peter had thought that about the coffee at first too but I had changed his mind.

The comic shop was a popular place for my fellow super-humans to hang out in. It was actually pretty rare for someone normal to visit the shop.

The first customer of the day was Ant, a guy from the meetings. The door opened by itself and I smiled.

“Good morning, Ant,” I said.

Seconds later he became visible. “Mornin’, Nova. Any new comics?”

Ant was in his thirties and had a hook nose. He worked at a garage.

“The next batch is coming Wednesday. Do you want a coffee?”



It was mid-afternoon when the twins entered the shop. It was the first time they had been there. One of them was dressed in a blue shirt and the other was in a green shirt. The one in the green shirt was gazing around in boredom but Blue Shirt was looking at me. Smiling I gave him a friendly wave.

“Do you guys want a coffee?” I called, laying my hands on the counter.

The twins exchanged a glance and Green Shirt wandered over to the comics while Blue Shirt headed towards me.

“Hi umm two coffees please,” said Blue Shirt, his black hair flopping over his eyes.

Grabbing two mugs I got to work.

“I recognise you from the meetings.” He sounded nervous. Maybe he wasn’t sure if he should talk about the meetings in a public place. “My name is Dylan and my brother is Jordan.”

“I’m Nova. Here’s your coffee.”

Dylan handed me some money and wrapped his hands around one of the mugs. “So when did you start going to the meetings?”

“About two years ago,” I said quietly. I didn’t really like talking about that time of my life.

Dylan’s grey eyes were fixed intently on me. “It looks like a lot of people from the meetings come here.”

At that moment there were four other supers in the shop not including me or Dylan and Jordan.

Nodding I said, “It’s hidden away so they feel safe here.”

“It’s a bit of a weird place to hang out in, isn’t it?”

“Surely this is the place that we would all feel most at home in, the most normal? You should drink your coffee before it goes cold.”

Dylan looked at his coffee as if it was a talking lobster. “Oh I totally forgot . . . I better go . . .” With a bewildered expression Dylan picked up the coffee mugs and walked over to where Jordan was sat.

The bell above the door rang and I grinned at the new customer.

“Hey, Colt, I didn’t ever expect to see you here.” Moving out from behind the counter I drew Colt into a hug and kissed his head. “Where’s your brother?”

“He’s outside.”

Seth was stood by the window staring in. His eyes were fixed on Colt. It appeared that my words had gotten through his thick skull.

Colt went to browse the comics and I cleared away the empty coffee mugs.

“Do you go to college?”

The voice made me jump but it was only Dylan. He was sat nearby. Jordan scowled at me from over his coffee.

Answering Dylan’s question I said, “No, I work here full time.”

A deep woof boomed around the shop.

“Mark!” I cried in exasperation. “I’ve told you before!”

A huge Doberman was stood on one of the tables, the very same table that Mark was sitting at. His sketchbook was open in front of him and the pages were blank, which was because the dog he had just drawn had come to life.

“Sorry,” said Mark smiling sheepishly.

The Doberman jumped off the table and shoved his head into Mark’s hand.

“It was my fault.” Frank, a young boy a year or two younger than Colt, was sat opposite Mark. “I asked him to draw it. I’m sorry, Nova.”

Sighing I took the mugs through to the small kitchen. When I returned to the shop I ran a hand through my hair, my eyes on the door in case any non-supers appeared.

“Nova?” Colt was stood by the counter with a Batman comic in his hand.

“Hey, Colt,” I said, distracted by the Doberman which was heading towards the door. “You found one that you don’t have then?”

He handed me a banknote. “Yes.”

“Well make sure that you finish your homework before you read it.”

Colt hugged me again. “He still loves you,” he whispered.

The muscles in my body tensed and I turned to find Seth watching me. My mouth became dry and I tried to speak but was suddenly unable to.

“Bye, Nova. Have a good weekend.”

Colt left the shop and strode down the street with Seth.


The Doberman had cocked his leg but fortunately he disappeared with a pop. Mark’s drawings only came to life for a short amount of time.

“Nova, we’re going now.” Dylan was stood nearby, Jordan beside him. “The coffee was great.”

I was still baffled by Colt’s comment but managed to say, “Oh, thanks. I’ll see you next week.”

Dylan smiled at me timidly and followed his brother out of the shop. Glancing at the Wonder Woman clock on the wall I saw that I still had a few hours left at work. I couldn’t wait to get back to the flat and throw myself on the sofa and stuff my face with chocolate. It would take a lot of endorphins to lighten my mood.

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