Super Nova

People with super powers live among us. One of them works in a comic book shop...


6. Chapter Six

Several hours later and things had become kind of chaotic. Mad Mel was having a conversation with the wall. Frank had camouflaged himself so that he looked like the wallpaper. Static Stu had made nearly everyone’s hair stand on end many times. Gary had stretched his arms so that they were three foot long. Oliver had made a chair out of cutlery. Ant kept scaring people by turning invisible and then reappearing. Chip was talking to a ghost. Dot was chatting to a spider. Slim kept changing from thin to fat. Troy was summoning random objects, which unfortunately for Kel, meant things like her bra. Dylan was flying Colt around the room.  Kel was dancing with Mark, apparently not bothered that she was no longer wearing a bra. Jordan was texting someone on his phone while looking bored. I got up from my chair and stumbled.

“Whoa there,” said Seth catching me. “Are you alright?”

“I’ve had too much to drink.” I rested a hand on his chest to steady myself and peered up at him.

My current state of drunkenness was due to the many drinks that both Seth and Dylan had bought me over the evening.

Seth cupped my cheek gently. “Colt looks like he’s having fun.”

“There aren’t any normal people here are there?” I said suddenly very aware of my surroundings.

“Nova, everything’s fine. The waiters left a while ago and the bar is closed.”

Groaning I rubbed my eyes. “That’s probably a good thing.”

“Do you want to dance?”Seth’s voice was full of hope.

My gaze moved to where Kel and Mark were ‘dancing’. Seth seemed to take that as a yes because he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me after him.

“I’ve missed you, Nova,” said Seth drawing me close.

Closing my eyes I rested my head on his chest. I was so sleepy and Seth smelled like home. He had been the first other super-human I had met and he had been my only proper boyfriend so he would always have a special place in my heart. “I hate fighting with you.” The music suddenly ended and I looked up.

“You’re half asleep.” Seth chuckled.

“Why’d the music stop?”

“It’s time to go. Do you . . .”

Dylan appeared with Colt and interrupted Seth. “Hi Nova, do you want me to fly you home?”

“Not tonight, thanks Dylan. I don’t think my stomach could handle it.”

“Oh okay.” Dylan was obviously disappointed but he smiled saying, “Goodnight, Nova.”

Dylan and Jordan left with some of the others.

“Would you mind giving Kel and me a lift home?” I asked Seth. “I would just run us home but I don’t think it would end well.” Reaching out a hand I snatched Kel from Mark.

“Hey!” she cried in outrage. “I was having fun.”

Lowering my mouth to her ear I said, “Kel, Mark is like forty.”

“Yeah, well you were dancing with Seth, Nova!” Kel crossed her arms and narrowed her brown eyes.

“Kel, don’t start that again. Seth is going to take us home, so be nice.”

Kel huffed.

“Ready to go?” asked Seth. He was carrying Colt who was fast asleep.

Nodding I placed my hand on Seth’s arm and grabbed Kel’s hand. In the blink of an eye we were in my and Kel’s flat.

“Thanks, Seth.” I smiled.

Kel wandered off to the bathroom without a word.

“What time shall I pick you up?” Seth asked.

I ran a hand through my hair. “Umm, I was thinking of going pretty early, like around eight or nine so that we can make the most of the day. Is that okay?”

“Yeah sure, I’ll pick you up around then.” Leaning down, Seth pressed his lips to my cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Nova.”

Seth and Colt teleported away and Kel emerged from the bathroom.

“Is Seth going with you to Disneyland?”

“Yes,” I replied warily.

“Nova, you better not be thinking of getting back together with him.”

Sighing I said, “Don’t start this again.”

“He hit you!” Kel cried furiously.

“I know. I haven’t forgotten.”

Kel scowled and stomped into the bedroom. “Good because there’s nothing to stop him from breaking your heart all over again.”



As Seth led me to his flat it occurred to me that he could be intending to rape, or murder me. I realised that he wasn’t though when he introduced me to his little brother, Colt.

“Is she one of us?” asked Colt, glancing up at Seth.

“What do you mean?” I dropped my bag to the carpeted floor confused.

Colt grinned and then suddenly he was a huge bear.

Crying out, I stumbled backwards into Seth who grabbed my arms to steady me. I gazed at Colt and then at Seth. “You have powers?” At Seth’s nod my shoulders slumped with relief. “I thought it was just me . . . This is fantastic! I’m not alone!” Flinging my arms around Seth I started crying. “I’m not alone.”

“Did you run away from home?”

I pressed my face to his chest. “I wish,” I said sadly. “My parents threw me out when I told them. They called me a freak and warned me that they will call the police if I ever go back to the house.”

“You’re not a freak, Nova. You can stay here. I’ll make sure you’re safe.”

“What’s your power?” asked Colt, back in human form.

Wiping my eyes I answered, “I have super-speed and . . .” I stopped myself and instead added, “Do you have two powers?”

Seth arched an eyebrow. “No we only have one power each. I don’t know anyone that has two powers. Why? Do you?”

“No,” I said perhaps too quickly. “So there are others?”

“We have meetings every Friday,” Colt said cheerily.

Peering down, Seth asked if I was hungry. When I said that I wasn’t he replied. “It’s late. You can sleep in my bed.”

“Thank you, that’s very kind.” I brushed my dark brown hair behind my ear and picked up my bag.

Once in Seth’s room, I closed the door and changed into some pyjamas. I hadn’t had much time to pack before I’d had to leave home, so I only had a few clothes and a meagre amount of money. I lay down on the bed, bitter tears stinging my eyes. Even among the supers I was a freak.

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