Super Nova

People with super powers live among us. One of them works in a comic book shop...


1. Chapter One

I was going to be late. Or at least I would have been if I was normal, but fortunately for me I wasn’t. Instead a journey that would have taken twenty minutes was shortened to around fifty seconds. Just to clarify, so that you don’t get confused, this is because I have super-speed. That’s not the weirdest thing that’s going to happen, believe me.

The rundown and abandoned church was a popular meeting place of ours because it was in a rough part of the city that normal everyday people avoided like the plague.

Walking up the crumbling steps I greeted Richard. He was dressed in his usual outfit of dark jeans and a fleece. After muttering a hello Richard pushed the heavy wooden door open for me. I thanked him and went inside. Richard was always on the doors as he could tell when you were lying, so he would know if someone was trying to blag their way inside. Not that anyone had ever tried to but it was better to be safe than sorry.

The only furniture in the church was the pulpit and the pews, which had been left for some unknown reason. It was good for us though because it meant that we didn’t have to stand up or sit on the cold stone floor. It wasn’t that much warmer than outside but at least there was a roof over our heads in case it started raining.

Nearly everyone had arrived but a glance at the faded pulpit showed me that our leader was yet to make an appearance. Searching the small crowd of people that had gathered for my best friend I eventually found her and started to make my way over to where she was seated. I passed Glam who was, as usual, dripping in gold. Mark was busy drawing in a notebook and Oliver gave me a timid smile. Gary and Troy whispered to each other as I strode by but I ignored them. Mad Mel surprised me by grabbing my arm.

Melanie’s eyes were wide behind her glasses as she said, “When the clock chimes ten the door will slam and the mirror will break, leaving pain and frustration in its wake.”

Prising Mad Mel’s hand off me I hurried away. She wasn’t dangerous or anything but sometimes Melanie did things when she was in a trance.

“You made it.” Kelly-Anne, or Kel as she preferred to be called, grinned as I sat down beside her.

Slouching in my seat I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, after a brief detour to the magical land of Mad Mel’s mind.” I gestured to the beanie Kel was wearing. “Do you really think that by wearing a hat your parents won’t notice your hair?”

A few days ago the two of us had dyed our hair; mine was now bright red and Kel’s was aqua.

Kel smiled sheepishly. “It might work.”

Kel was my best friend. We lived together and had first met at when I started going to these meetings. She had helped me come to terms with the changes I had gone through and was like a sister to me.

“You’re coming back Sunday right?” Kel sometimes spend the weekends at her parents’ house.

“Yes and while I’m gone it wouldn’t hurt you to do some cleaning.”

“You know I’m allergic to housework.” I pouted.

Sighing, Kel rearranged her brightly coloured floor-length skirt. “At least do the food shopping. I left a list on the fridge.”

The two newest members of the group, a pair of identical twins walked past. The only things I knew about them were their names; Dylan and Jordan. Though for the life of me I couldn’t say who was who.

“They’re hot. I wonder what their powers are,” said Kel, her gaze following the twins as they passed by.

“Let’s hope it’s not super-hearing,” I replied, crossing my arms.

Static Stu sat down in front of Kel and me causing our hair to stick up. I bit back a curse and tried to smooth my hair down. Stu mumbled an apology. It wasn’t really surprising that he shaved his head.

Everyone fell silent as our self-proclaimed leader, Zane, teleported onto the stage. Beside me Kel gave a dreamy sigh which probably had something to do with Zane’s muscular arms and piercing blue eyes. The nature of Zane’s power meant that he outranked the rest of us but he wasn’t the one that could teleport. That was Seth my ex. Seth led his little brother Colt down the steps and off the stage to the empty front row of pews. Colt twisted around and smiled when he saw me. Seth forced Colt to face the front, not even sparing me a glance.



The meeting didn’t last long as Zane didn’t have much to say.

People started leaving. Standing up I stretched and flattened my hair for the fifth time. I was about to say something to Kel when Zane’s voice appeared in my head.

Nova, have dinner with me. It wasn’t a request. It was an order.

“What is it?” asked Kel when she saw my expression.

My eyes went to the stage where Zane was waiting. Seth and Colt were nowhere to be seen.

“Zane wants me to have dinner with him,” I replied uncomfortably. Zane had never singled me out before. Why the sudden interest in me?

Kel’s brown eyes widened. “Well what are you waiting for?” She pushed me in the direction of the stage. “Go! Tell me all about it when I get back.”

Scowling, I caught one of the twins watching me. Then with a sigh I forced myself to march onto the stage. Zane grinned revealing a mouth of perfect white teeth.

“Good evening, Nova.” He bent down and kissed my hand.

It was at that moment that Seth teleported back onto the stage.

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