Super Nova

People with super powers live among us. One of them works in a comic book shop...


5. Chapter Five

“Is it true that there’s a party after the meeting tomorrow?”

Looking up I saw Dylan hovering nearby. I only knew that it was him because Jordan never spoke, at least not to me. I continued organising the comics and said, “We’re having a joint birthday party at a restaurant for Kel and Colt.”

“Kel? Is that the girl with aqua hair?” asked Dylan.

Laughing, she said, “Yeah, she’s my best friend.”

“Should I buy presents for them?”

“If you want to but you don’t have to,” I replied moving to the counter. “Would you and your brother like a coffee?”

Dylan glanced at Jordan who was sat at a table browsing a comic. “Uh yeah a coffee would be great thanks.”

Grabbing some mugs I started making the drinks. I made one for myself as well.

“Why don’t you sit with us?” Dylan asked smiling.

There were no other customers in the shop so I joined them. Jordan glanced up at me and frowned. I had the feeling that he didn’t like me.

“What are you reading?” I asked politely.

“What’s your power?”

Dylan gasped at his brother’s abruptness. “Don’t be so rude,” he said angrily.

“It’s okay.” I took a sip of my coffee before replying. “I have super-speed.” I didn’t mention my other power, my secret one. I was the only person I knew that had two powers. I hadn’t even told Kel. I couldn’t risk anyone finding out about it. I was a big enough of a freak already.

Jordan left the table without a word and went over to the comics.

“Your brother doesn’t like me, does he?”

Dylan’s grey eyes were anxious. “I’m sorry. Jordan doesn’t really like talking to anyone but me or our dad.”

“So did you discover your power recently?” I asked, licking coffee from my lips.

“It happened a few weeks ago. It was a bit of a surprise I can tell you.” Dylan gave a small chuckle. “One minute I’m sat at my desk doing my homework and the next I’m floating towards the ceiling.”

“You can fly?”

He smiled. “Yeah, fancy having a go?”

Glancing out of the shop windows I couldn’t see anyone in the street. “Okay but quickly.”

Dylan held out his hands and I grasped them in mine. His skin was hot and slightly sweaty.


Smiling nervously I nodded. Seconds later Dylan and I were hovering in the air, a few centimetres above our seats.

“This is so cool.”

The door opened making the bell ring and we dropped down into our chairs.

“Get back to work, Nova. I don’t pay you to hold hands with the customers,” said Peter angrily, striding through to his office.

Flushing bright red Dylan hurried to release my hands. I muttered an apology and picked up the empty coffee mugs before returning to work.



Zane didn’t come to the birthday party but everyone else did. Even the people that rarely attended the meetings like Slim and Dot.

“Nova, sit next to me!” called Colt from where he was sat at the massive table.

Smiling I kissed his head. “Happy birthday, sweetie,” I said, claiming the seat to Colt’s left. I placed an envelope in front of him.

Colt and I were the only ones sitting down. Everyone else was standing chatting at the bar.

“Do you want another drink?” I asked, smoothing down his curly hair.

Colt shook his head and picked up the envelope. “Can I open it now?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Sure you can.”

Colt carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the card, inside which was a two day park ticket for Disneyland Paris. He burst into a grin. Overwhelmed with joy Colt flung his arms around me and pressed his face into my hair.

“Thank you so much!” he yelled nearly deafening me. “Are you taking me? When are we going? Is Seth coming too?” Colt moved so that he was looking at me with his bright green eyes.

Seth had finished at the bar and he set a drink down in front of me.

I hesitated a moment. “If he wants to,” I said.

Seth’s hazel eyes widened in surprise and he looked pleased as he sat down opposite me. The rest of the super-humans started sitting down. Kel was opposite Colt, seeing as those seats were at the centre of the incredibly long table. Mark sat down beside Kel and smiled nervously. I jumped when Dylan suddenly appeared beside me.

“Hey, Nova.” He grinned. “I’m surprised that Zane isn’t here.”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s not really his scene. Zane thinks he’s better than the rest of us.”

Jordan silently sat down beside Dylan.

“I’m sorry for getting you in trouble with your boss,” said Dylan sheepishly.

Shrugging I brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. “It’s okay. Peter was just in a bad mood.” I sipped at my drink and caught Seth glaring at Dylan. I hid a sigh. Tonight was going to be interesting.

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