Super Nova

People with super powers live among us. One of them works in a comic book shop...


11. Chapter Eleven

Seven missed calls and five texts later and it was only midday.

“Do you get a lunch break?” asked Dylan.

Glancing up from my phone I nodded. “Yeah, I was just about to leave.”

“Fancy eating together?”

“Sure, let me just grab my things.”

We went to a new café only a few streets away from the comic shop. It was themed like an American diner. Dylan and I slid into a red leather booth and read over the glossy menus. The smell of coffee and chips was overwhelming.

“So,” I said struggling to decide whether to have a bagel or a burger. “Where’s your bodyguard?”

Laughing, he asked, “You mean Jordan? He’s fed up of comics.”

“Well I was surprised that you managed to get an A on your coursework seeing as you spend most of your time in the shop.”

A waitress dressed in a tacky uniform approached us and took our orders. I decided on a bagel as they were generally less messy than burgers. Dylan asked for the same.

“Do you study at the college here?”

“Yes I do. I take Maths, Physics and Music,” replied Dylan.

I smiled. “You play an instrument?”

“The guitar,” he answered.

Thanking the waitress as she placed my drink in front of me, I said, “Are you any good?”

Dylan stirred his drink with a straw. “It depends who you ask.” He smiled.

I chuckled. “I take it Jordan isn’t a fan?”

“Jordan actually plays the drums. It’s our dad that doesn’t like me playing, probably because I usually do it late at night.”

Sipping some lemonade I asked, “Do you live with your parents?”

“Just Dad; our mum died a few years ago.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I said, moving my arm so the waitress could put my plate down. I swallowed a bite of my bagel. “I’d like to hear you play sometime.”

Dylan was surprised. “Really? That would be great. You should come over to my house for dinner one night.”

“I would like that. So what do you want to do after college?”

“I have no idea.” He laughed picking at his salad. “Dad wants me to go to university but I don’t know what I’d study. Enough about me, do you play any musical instruments?”

I snorted in a very unladylike manner. “Uh no, I don’t.”

“Do you have any hobbies?” He tore a chunk out of his bagel.

“I don’t really have time to do anything.”

“What about on Sundays? You have the day off then, don’t you?”

“Kel sometimes drags me out to a park, or we watch a DVD.”

Dylan frowned. “You don’t read or collect anything?”

“Nope,” I answered, realising just how pathetic I was. Not wanting Dylan to think I was a complete waste of space I said, “I like running. I sometimes run for hundreds of miles just to get away.”

“Away from what?” asked Dylan, tilting his head and making his black hair flop over his eyes.

“Life,” I replied, giving him a sad smile.



“I did it!” I cried bounding into Seth’s apartment. “I got the job!”

Pulling me into his arms, Seth whirled me around. “That’s great news, Nova. Congratulations.”

Once Seth had put me down and I had overcome my dizziness, I said, “It means that Kel and I can get that flat we saw yesterday.”

“When do you start?” Seth’s expression showed me that this news wasn’t as welcome as the news about my new job.

“Monday,” I replied, placing my hands on his shoulders. “I’m so grateful to you for letting me stay here for so long, but it’s been four weeks and I don’t expect you to look after me forever. You must be fed up of sleeping on the sofa.”

Seth’s hazel eyes were hard to read. “You can stay here for as long as you want, Nova. Please don’t feel like you have to find somewhere else to live. Colt enjoys having you here and so do I.” Seth cupped my cheek. “I would gladly look after you forever.”

“Seth,” I whispered, my breath catching in my throat. His touch sent my heart into overdrive and my mouth was suddenly dry. This was why I had to leave, this attraction between the two of us.

Resting his forehead on mine, Seth said, “Don’t go.”

The front door opened and we jumped apart. It was Colt returning from school.

“Hi, Colt,” I said feeling flustered. “How was school?”

He shrugged and shuffled through to his bedroom.

Concerned, I glanced at Seth. “I’ll go and see what the matter is.” As I passed Seth our hands brushed and a shiver of pleasure ran up my spine.



“We should do this again sometime,” said Dylan as we entered to Kapow! Comics.

“It made a nice change.”

“Nova,” said Seth, walking over from where he had been stood browsing comics.

Biting back a swearword I excused myself and dropped my jacket and handbag off in the staffroom, before taking Peter’s place at the counter. He disappeared down the road for lunch and probably wouldn’t be back until closing time at five.

“We need to talk,” Seth reminded me.

Glancing up at him, I said, “Not now, I’m working.”

“When then?” he asked in annoyance. “You can’t keep putting it off.”

“Putting what off? I don’t have anything to say to you.”

Seth huffed angrily. “It wasn’t a mistake, Nova.”

“What wasn’t?”

“The kiss,” he growled.

Sighing I said, “Not that again. Look, we’ve already talked about that and I only came over last night because Colt wanted me to. I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

Reaching out, Seth grabbed my hand. “You must still feel it, this attraction between us.”

I gazed around to see if anyone was watching or listening. There were only three customers in the shop and one of them was Dylan. All were busy flicking through comics.

“Seth, what do you want me to say?”

His hazel eyes burned into mine. “I want the truth, Nova.”

I hesitated. How could I admit to Seth that I still had feelings for him when I couldn’t admit it to myself? Because staring at Seth I knew that I still cared for him and that deep down I still loved him but I was afraid of letting him back in, of being hurt again.

“Can I pay for this?” Dylan asked, waving a Spiderman comic at me.

Yanking my hand from Seth’s I managed a weak smile. “No problem.” As soon as Dylan was out the door I returned my attention to Seth. “I’ll meet you for a drink later. Can you please leave now?”

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