Just by Chance

Callie is just your average 18 year old. She is from London and works in a cafe. Her 15 year old sister is in love with One Direction and Callie is just a little annoyed by that fact, but she has nothing against them. What happens when during her normal day, one unexpected event leads to another?


2. The start of a normal day

"CALLIE!! WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!" I groaned and just rolled over with my pillow over my head as my 10 year old brother, Stevie, kept yelling at me. "CALLIE CALLIE CALLIE CAL---"

"what!?" I finally asked him just so he would be quiet.

"mom's already left for work, Jenna is in the bathroom still and I'm hungry!!" Stevie said

"okay fine, go get dressed and I'll be down in a minute to fix you breakfast." I told him

As he went running down the hall to his room I slowly got up and went into the bathroom. Our house wasn't small, but it wasn't big as most people around. It was a one story house with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and an office. I was not complaining, I loved my house!! It had a great backyard and was located near trails which I could go running on. As I was washing my face I could hear my 15 year old sister, Jenna, taking a shower in her bathroom next to mine and blasting One Direction from her speakers. Jenna and I both had our own bedrooms and a bathroom connected to it. Stevie had his own bedroom but shared a bathroom with my mom.

I rolled my eyes as my sister turned the water off and could hear her singing: It's gotta be youuuu, only youuuu.... and so on and so on. It's not that I don't like One Direction, they are very talented and, I'm not going to lie, quite attractive as well. However, when your little sister runs them into the ground, you start to show a little annoyance towards them.

"Callie hurry up! Sandy! NO! Get out of the trash!" Stevie yelled down the hall.

I sighed. Sandy was our new puppy who is frisky and loves to get into everything! My dad was allergic to dogs, but since he is no longer around we don't have to worry about that! I started to choke up thinking about him, but quickly held back the tears as I heard Stevie banging pots and pans around. That is not a part of my life I want to reflect on at the moment....

I quickly threw on a pair of blue jean shorts and my work t-shirt as I heard Jenna get out of the bathroom. When I got into the kitchen, I quickly made some breakfast for Stevie and Jenna and grabbed a cereal bar before grabbing my purse and jacket to leave. 

"Jenna, I'm heading to work! If you decide to go anywhere, make sure you bring Stevie by the cafe!" I yelled to my sister while leaving. I stepped outside and put my jacket on. It was unusually chilly for this time of August in London, and it looked like it was about to rain. As I got in my car and drove to work I was thinking this would just be another normal day. Little did I know.......

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