Just by Chance

Callie is just your average 18 year old. She is from London and works in a cafe. Her 15 year old sister is in love with One Direction and Callie is just a little annoyed by that fact, but she has nothing against them. What happens when during her normal day, one unexpected event leads to another?


7. Nandos part two

*Niall's point of view*

As I watched her walk away I could not help but feel a longing to go after her. There was something about her. It was like something I had never felt before, but I liked the feeling. It did confuse me though. Why am I getting these feelings? I do not even really know her, and from the way she acted towards me, she obviously has no interest in getting to know me either. But I just couldn't shake the feeling that there was something special about her....

"You okay mate?" I looked to Liam who was sitting to the left of me and nodded my head

"Are you sure? You looked like you were on a completely different planet for a second" Zayn pointed out to me and then Louis had to put in his input "so what's her name??" Harry then added "who was that girl you were just talking to??" and then it went back to Zayn when he said "do you like her??"

I don't know was the question I could give for all three....but they all left me thinking about her and wanting to see her again.

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