Just by Chance

Callie is just your average 18 year old. She is from London and works in a cafe. Her 15 year old sister is in love with One Direction and Callie is just a little annoyed by that fact, but she has nothing against them. What happens when during her normal day, one unexpected event leads to another?


8. Just my luck

*Callie's point of view*

I came home to a messy house, a muddy dog running around chewing on shoes, a little brother with food all over his mouth running around the house making an even bigger mess, and a younger sister on her computer completely ignorant of the whole thing because One Direction was blaring through the whole house. I ran over turned off the music and immediately everything came to a stand still.

"FOOOOOOD" Stevie yelled as he ran up to me to grab it.

"Not yet" I said keeping the food out of reach from him "First you need to go get that food off your face"

"Woah who let the party pooper in the house" my sister told me. Sometimes I can be a bit motherly towards them but its only cause I care about them and since it's like my mom is never home, someone has to be.

"Honestly Jenna, how is it you managed to turn this place into a complete disaster in less than 12 hours? You're cleaning this place up after you eat" I said as I walked into the kitchen to put the food down on the table. I groaned to myself as I looked at the mess and yelled to my sister "I mean honestly there is not even an available space to put the food down on the table!!" Then Sandy comes running around the corner, of course spreading more mud. "Sorry Sandy but in the backyard you go" I said to her as I put her outside. I walked through the messy living room and back into the hallway only to be met with an even bigger mess of clothes. I sighed as I thought to myself this was going to be a long night.

When I got into my room to change I checked my phone and noticed a text from Madelyn:

From: Madelyn: Hey babe so will you be able to go dress shopping tomorrow?

To: Madelyn: Hey! umm, I can try to go tomorrow? but it all depends on whether or not my mom needs me to work tomorrow or now.

I clicked send and sat on my bed for a few minutes thinking about what happened today...I need to stop rethinking this day and get it out of my mind!!! I then went on with having a mental war with myself with thinking whether or not I should go and ask my sister the guys name. In the end I decided to do it, I mean knowing his name won't hurt right?

"Jenna so you know that band One Direction?" I knew I was teasing her because she definitely does not make her love for One Direction a secret!

"Are you freakin kidding me?!?! Like is that a stupid question where have you been?!?!" I laughed as she yelled that back to me and decided to walk out into the living room and actually talk instead of yell

"Who's the blonde Irish one??" I asked and before I even could finish my sentence she was already saying "Niall Horan"

That's not a bad name...I started to go off into day dream land but was snapped back into reality when Stevie started screaming again...and good timing to.

"Jenna I am going for a run" I needed to clear my head... "Start cleaning up this house and if you need anything I will have my cellphone but please don't wreck the house any more than it already is"

I quickly changed into running shorts and a t-shirt, threw on my tennis shoes and went outside. One of the things I loved about my house is it is right near running trails. There are three separate trails nearby which all lead to different places. I decided to take the one which led to the park because it was the longest and I needed time to think and clear my head. For some reason I could not get the blonde Irish boy, I guess I could call him Niall now, out of my mind. I kept running and running pushing myself faster and faster, you would think I was training for the Olympics or something, and with each step I got closer to the park. When you first enter the park from the trails, on the left there is a hill. When I got into the park I started to slow down to take quick breath before running back. However, I wish I hadn't.  "Hello Callie" a man's voice said to me. I froze and kept myself from turning around and facing the man who single handedly ruined my life. To be honest I was terrified of him. I could hear him walking towards me so I quickly started running again, however I ended up tripping over a rock and falling down the hill, which led to me landing in someone's lap...someone who I also did not want to see again...

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