Just by Chance

Callie is just your average 18 year old. She is from London and works in a cafe. Her 15 year old sister is in love with One Direction and Callie is just a little annoyed by that fact, but she has nothing against them. What happens when during her normal day, one unexpected event leads to another?


10. Hi, I'm Callie and I think I might be falling for you.

"hey, hey, can you hear me?" I heard Niall ask me over and over again. I laid there in a daze not really sure what just happened. I quickly snapped out of my thinking as I was brought back into focus and tried to sit down. "Maybe you should just stay down for a minute, just to make sure your head is okay." Niall told me. I agreed although I am pretty sure my head is fine.

"That was a pretty nasty fall you took there, what happened?" I hadn't realized someone else was here until I heard him talk, and looked over to see a green-eyed curly haired boy smiling at me. "I'm Harry by the way." Okay, now I have to sit up.

I sat up and as I did I rubbed my head, it did not hurt that bad. What really hurt the most was my ankle. I started to rub it and winced at the pain noticing how swollen it is getting. Well that's not good I was thinking to myself until Niall interrupted me.

He placed his warm hands on my ankle and started to feel it "Is this where it hurts?" He asked me as I nodded and winced at the same time. I just realized I have not said a word to them this whole time, they probably think I am dumb or something. I decided to say something..."I am so sorry about this. I don't know what I tripped over."

"It's fine! Don't worry about it! It's funny how we keep bumping into each other, and yet I still don't know your name?" Niall told me. I started to freak out a little on the inside. He actually remembered me.

"My name's Callie."

"Callie, that's a pretty name" I started to blush when Niall told me this, and when he noticed he started to smile shyly at me.

"Haha well aren't you two cute" Harry laughed and teased us about what just happened

"I'm not--we're not--Niall and I aren't--"

"It's okay," Harry interrupted me, "it was just a joke. But we should go get your ankle checked out, plus that guy on the hill who is staring at us is really creeping me out."

We all looked to who he was talking about and when I did I wished I hadn't. He looked me straight in the eyes, smiled, and walked away. That one smile though was enough to make me go cold and want to pass out. I wanted to run away and hide. Hide away from everyone and be alone.

"Are you okay?" Niall interrupted my thoughts. When I looked into his eyes, I got that sense of comfort and safety again. It was something I liked, and a feeling I felt I could trust. Looking at his face, that was full of concern for me, I was able to get past the mini-panic episode I had and answer him that I was okay.

"Let's go take care of your ankle." And with that we left the park and walked, well they walked and Niall carried me, back to their car to leave. All I could think about was my feelings I was having for Niall. And how I was falling for him: hard.

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