Just by Chance

Callie is just your average 18 year old. She is from London and works in a cafe. Her 15 year old sister is in love with One Direction and Callie is just a little annoyed by that fact, but she has nothing against them. What happens when during her normal day, one unexpected event leads to another?


9. For better or for worse

As I laid there in the lap of someone who was becoming all too familiar, I started to remember a time growing up. I remember how one night, I could hear the fighting going on in the distant, mixed with items being thrown and things being hit. I stayed in my room with Jenna and Stevie, and we all tried to not pay attention to what was going on. It was hard though. That night was unusually worse than others. Then, in one split second that night, one incident that was not meant to go the way it should, is what changed my life forever. I remember thinking to myself it is amazing how one moment can change your whole life. That is how I feel right now. This one moment, laying in the lap looking up at familiar blue eyes of the one and only Niall Horan (how I got here I do not remember)  I have a feeling it is going to turn my life around. The only question I keep asking myself is will it be for the better, or for worse?

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