Just by Chance

Callie is just your average 18 year old. She is from London and works in a cafe. Her 15 year old sister is in love with One Direction and Callie is just a little annoyed by that fact, but she has nothing against them. What happens when during her normal day, one unexpected event leads to another?


3. At the cafe

As I got to the cafe my mom was just now opening. A little background story:  my mom and dad started it 15 years ago. After my dad left (another story I don't want to go into) about a year ago, my mom did not want to continue running the bakery. However I told her I would help her out and convinced her to continue running it. She hired a few more workers to help us out, and the cafe is still a huge success here in London.

As I was walking into the cafe and putting my apron on, my mom comes up to me and says "Thank goodness you're here! I was worried you were going to be late. I unfortunately will not be able to work today because I have so many meetings today in Slough. I won't be back until late tonight so I am going to need you to close and then go home and get dinner for everyone." 

"Mom I can't do that I was going to go help Madelyn go dress shopping today for her aunts wedding." I told my mom. Madelyn was my best friend. Not like where you just meet someone and you are friends for a few months and go oh ya we're best friends. No, she was my BEST friend, practically sisters. She is the only one who knows everything about my life and all that I have been through. She stays by me through everything, and vice versa. 

My mom glared at me, wow she was not happy with what I just said.

"Okay," I said "I will call her and tell her we will just have to go another time."

"Thank you so much Callie, now Jeffrey is in the back cooking today so you handle everything out here, okay? I love you and I will see you tonight!" She blew me a kiss as she put her jacket on and ran outside. 

"Hey Jeffrey! How's it going?" Jeffrey was one of the few workers my mom hired. He loves to cook and barely talks so whenever he works he has to be the cook in the back, nothing else. It works out though because I hate cooking in the back, it is wayyy to lonely back there. 

He smiled and nodded hello to me as he gave me fresh muffins to put in the display case. Well this is going to be fun, hopefully since it is raining everyone will be in a cafe mood today and come in. 


I looked at the clock as the last customer in the cafe left. 3:55, well our cafe closes at 4 so its close enough I thought to myself. Jeffrey had left 25 minutes okay because he was not needed to cook anything else so it was just me. I groaned to myself as I thought of having to clean up. I love my job and all, but lets be honest, there is not one person in this world I guarantee that enjoys cleaning up after the day is over. I walked around the counter and looked at the window as I noticed a big crowd growing outside across the street."That's weird" I mumbled to myself, it's raining why is everyone outside? 

I sighed and shook my head and mumbled "crazy people" as I walked to the back of the shop to hang up my apron. I stayed back there for a few more minute organizing things when I heard the familiar bell go off indicating someone had come inside the cafe. I groaned and face-palmed myself for getting distracting and not locking the door. Great now I am going to be late getting dinner home to Jenna and Stevie and I am going to have to hear about it the the whole night. I put my apron back on, washed my hands and walked out behind the counter. As I looked up to see who had come in, I had to do a double take to see for sure but what I saw was something never in my life had I expected...

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