love at first sight

Elle 17 and her friends lizz 17 ,jessie 18,
and Anne 16. Elle and her friends are dancers not professional ones but they are dancers , and tey sing they have won many awards for singing and dancing. One day when they are practicing theyre dancing they bump into one direction, but what happens when all her friends move , and one direction forgets about her atleast thats what she thinks after her friends leave and so does one direction she becomes weaker and weaker she gets bullied at school and cuts her skin alot . what happens when she bumps in to the people in her past what will happen, will she she be lonely or not ? read to find out.


5. whats wrong with you

Elles POV

As we got back , they were all laughing and playing or doing something on their cell phones " hii we're back" all the girls said at the same time including me ,we had an silence for about 3 minutes then " race you to the beach " shouted louis while running " oh no you dont " i mumbled loud enough so every body could hear me , soon i was right behind louis , then just like that i passed louis being 3 meters infront of him " heyyy! " said louis in his accent. I stopped running and everyone fell on me and bumped me everyone fell down " you okay ... elle" said harry reaching for my hand " yeah thanks" i said as i agreed to take his hand as he pulled me up everyone "awwed " and " ohhed " harry and i blushed a bit then louis shouted " why did you stop running" " well ........ umm look for your self cant you see how many freaking girls there are there " i said " shes right " said zayn " thanks zayn" i said back giving him a smile " but how do we get passed
them" said niall , we all stopped to think for a second " i know " shouted liz " there is a private part that nobody knows about we can ......... go this way come on" she said excitedly looking into zayn chocolate brown eyes, blushed a little and looked back to the ground . Liz started leading the way , we followed her , it took like 5 minutes to get there , as soon as we got there louis colided on the sand groaning and saying " finally " , the girls set up the "picnic" as niall said and the the boys jumped in to the water . As soon as we finished unpacking the food , we all took our shirt and shorts off.
I was the first one to go in the water but i bumped into some one , Harry " oh godd im sorry " i said standing up giving him a hand he accepted it , he stood up wiped the sand of his body and said " no no it wasnt your fault i was the one to bump into you" " noo it was my faul....." i tried to finish but harry cut me off
by jumping on top of me , wierd i know . I raced harry to the water and made it before he did , he was right behind me , but he didnt come back to chase me he went back with the boys .
i was glas he went back to the the boys i wanted to have some alone time . I started swimming until i bumped to some one " uhh again" i groaned " oh sorry " a pretty high pitched girl said " oh no its alright its my fault
i wasnt watching where I was going " i said while noticing liam looking at us talk "yeah Know what your right it is your fault" said the girl " well EXCUSE ME " i screamed and everyone was looking
" YEAH WELL ATLEAST IM NOT STEALINING ANYONES BOYFRIEND " the mean girl said " what i dont understand " i whisperd " Oh so your PLAYING THIS GAME " and with that she pushed my head under the water and the next thing i heard was harry screaming " GLORIA STOPP " ..........and that was the last thing i heard.
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