love at first sight

Elle 17 and her friends lizz 17 ,jessie 18,
and Anne 16. Elle and her friends are dancers not professional ones but they are dancers , and tey sing they have won many awards for singing and dancing. One day when they are practicing theyre dancing they bump into one direction, but what happens when all her friends move , and one direction forgets about her atleast thats what she thinks after her friends leave and so does one direction she becomes weaker and weaker she gets bullied at school and cuts her skin alot . what happens when she bumps in to the people in her past what will happen, will she she be lonely or not ? read to find out.


1. wake up its morning!

Elle's P.O.V

I woke up hearing the sound of liz saying, " hey Elle Ellie wake up!" " im up im up"
i said groaning. As i sat up on the bed "What" i said
staring at Liz , " nothing i just wanted to wake you up
early today" an excited Liz said. I checked the clock it was 7:00, Liz
is a morning girl she always wakes me up early even on weekends like
today, its saturday but anyways i still love her she was my closest
friend in beetween Anne and Jessie(jess) , because i have known
her longer and she knows about my past , my...... ugly past. Lost in my thoughts about my past Liz was waving her hand in front of me " yoo hoo hey elle are you there HEY ELLE" screaming as loud as. she was aloud to yell in my house making me wake up, paying attention to what she said it made me giggle a little bit, " sorry but hey i am paying attention now" i said ,Lizz stared at me for a minute shook her and then said " ok now are you coming down stairs or not you're mom made breakfeast" " ok ok i am coming let me just do my quick morning routine and i will be down" i said smiling, "ok" said Liz in a high pitch, girly voice. Happily she went down stairs skipping . Liz will never change.

I got of the bed and i was heading to the washroom, i really dont have a morning routine i just get up, brush my teeth , get new clothes on , brush my hair , stule my hair if i feel like it , put a little bit of light make up on and head down stairs thats all . When I got in the washroom and I started brushing my teeth , once i finished i washed my face and stopped to look at my face in the mirror and smiled . I trotted to my vanity brushed it put it up high in a messy bun, put a bit of light make up on though i did not really need to my mom said i already had fair skin. Once i finished still in my PJ's i headed to my closet to find a purple frilly tank top , my favourite color PURPLE!! , i also picked out white denim shorts , and of course the stuff i wear under my clothes AKA bra and under wear . When i finally picked out my clothes i started changing into them and for a little finishing touch i ended it with some purple toms . It took me 10 minutes to get ready wow new record yay i am usually very slow so yay , as i headed down stairs i was practicing some of my dance moves while walking , when i got down stairs and every one was cleaning up the table i think they finished breakfeast mom was on the couch watching the news after she cleaned up the table , Liz was still on the table waiting for me i guess. As i went to the table i saw bacon and eggs no one ate so o guessed it was mine , as i sat down to eat Liz looked up at me and said " i will be back i just need to give my mom a call and tell her that i was at your house and might come late ... okay" she said half standing and half sitting "kay" i mumbled.

Lizz's P.O.V

As i got up to go call my mom , i went upstairs to Elles room as i dialled her number , it began ringing she picked it up " hi mom um... i am at Elles house just incase you're wondering" i said " well i got worried at first but then i figured that you were at her house some how but thanks for telling me sweetie bye i am busy so i gotta go bye " said my mom " bye " i mumbled i ended the call * phew* that went well . As i was about to leave , Elles iphone got a text ichecked to see who it was it was jess but apparently anne was there too it said jess1995: hey Elle meet us up at 11:12 at the park ok if Liz is there to tell her k bye :)
after i read the text i looked at the clock it was already 10:45 wow time flies fast after a few minutes i got a text saying the same thing from jess i knew what that meant , it meant " we are practicing dance in the park " yay this time it was Elles turn to bring the stereo i went down stairs to tell Elle.
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