love at first sight

Elle 17 and her friends lizz 17 ,jessie 18,
and Anne 16. Elle and her friends are dancers not professional ones but they are dancers , and tey sing they have won many awards for singing and dancing. One day when they are practicing theyre dancing they bump into one direction, but what happens when all her friends move , and one direction forgets about her atleast thats what she thinks after her friends leave and so does one direction she becomes weaker and weaker she gets bullied at school and cuts her skin alot . what happens when she bumps in to the people in her past what will happen, will she she be lonely or not ? read to find out.


6. meeting you again

Elles POV

I woke up to the sound of computers and machines of all sorts beeping wildly , what happend allof a sudden " shes awake " i heard i think a nurse say i turned to the direction of where the voice was coming from , yupp i was right it was a nurse. The nurse left the room after printimg something on the paper in her hand. suddenly I remembered what happened soo, I met one direction , we went to the beach together with my besties , i went in the water and bumped into a mean girl , and then she drowned me after that blackness was all i saw. I got off the hospital bed and beaded to the door and stopped in my tracks to see if anyone was there ( as in the staff of the hospital ) luckily no one was there. Where was everyone, well i understand that one direction barely even know me so thats all right , but where are the girls Liz,Jess,and Anne, did they even care about me. I was just wandering down the hospital walls when i bumped into someone, I looked up to see who it was , but wait no it couldnt be , is it really , i couldnt believe it it was cameron the guy that raped last month. the memories started flooding back i couldnt take it anymore i slapped my self infront of everyone feeling kind of stupid. " oh hey look who we found here if it isnt Elle"said cam " hi Cameron" i snarled back at him.

Harrys POV

I think im in love with ..... Elle i think her name is . Shes at the hospital i need to go check on her if i could . I dont know what happend me the boys and the girls were going to check up on Elle when we blacked out, the next thing you see is when we wake up we figure we are in someones house. As soon as i got back up to my feet i beaded to the door to see that it was locked me and the boys tried everything we could do but the metal door wouldnt open.

Liam POV

" its all my fault that Elles in the hospital" i blurted out feeling guilty " what do you mean mate " said harry trying to sound calm " well..... i saw gloria talking to Elle and i knew she was goona do something bad but no...i just didnt help " i slowly said making my voice get louder everytime , feeling a tear streaming down my face " no its not mate stop blaming yourself for something that you did not do" a calm zayn said.

Elles POV

He reached for my body so he ould catch me but , i wouldnt let that happen i jumped up in the air sending a kick in his stomach, he tried to punch me but i slid to the side, this time he tried to kick me and he suceeded damn did it hurt but i still had the energy to punch or kick him but instead i improvised and handspringed to the other side , stealing the poket knife in cams pocket . I slashed the knife at his throat 5 times and his eyes 13 times and he got uncouncouis and fell to the floor oh yeah.
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