love at first sight

Elle 17 and her friends lizz 17 ,jessie 18,
and Anne 16. Elle and her friends are dancers not professional ones but they are dancers , and tey sing they have won many awards for singing and dancing. One day when they are practicing theyre dancing they bump into one direction, but what happens when all her friends move , and one direction forgets about her atleast thats what she thinks after her friends leave and so does one direction she becomes weaker and weaker she gets bullied at school and cuts her skin alot . what happens when she bumps in to the people in her past what will happen, will she she be lonely or not ? read to find out.


2. lets go practice DANCE!!!

Elles P.O.V

As Liz was coming down i wonder what happend i opend my mouth to say some thing when Liz interupted me " hey Elle um me you jess and anne we gotta meet at the park know Dancing!!" quitly shouted Liz , i loved dancing to much and i mean too much, i already finished my bacon and eggs so i ran upstairs remembering that it was my turn to bring the stereo even thou we all had one we just figured that taking turns was the best , when i got upstairs i grabbed my stereo and my purse , my purse is as big as my backpack there is every single thing i need in there, and lastly i grabbed a sweater and my iphone also some CD and my ipod dock. I was ready to go as i headed down stairs half way down the stairs i excitedly said " hey Liz are you ready get ready and get in my car okay " i think i heard her say " ok". when i got downstairs i said bye to my mum and headed out the door seeing Liz in the car , Liz was in the passenger seat and i was driving , i just realised i forgot the keys when Liz stopped me , it seemed like Liz already got the keys she gave me the keys and I started the engine. I was heading to jess house to pick her up , when i got there i honked the horn 2 times , jess and anne looked out the window of jess's bedroom and came running down the stairs , and into the car teu sat in the back once we all were here i said " got everything....... wait i forgot my bikini " i said worriedly once i checked my purse surprisingly it was there oh yeah we usually head to the beach after dance so yeah everyone of us looked at each other looked out the window for some reason and we all excitedly said " CHECK " at the same time . As i started the engine Liz turned on the radio and What Makes You Beautiful ny One Direction came on excitedly we all looked at each other and started singing along and started dancing in our seats , but sadly i had to concentrate on the road i was still a beginner at driving a got my drivers license last week. Once the song ended we all looked at each other and started laughing are heads off. we were there already i just had to find a parking spot , it wasnt that full so we were lucky , as i stopped the engine and took the keys out we all started getting all our stuff started getting out of the car and started looking for a place to practice including me. We finally found a good place to practice , the basketball field no one was playing so we thought why not , once we all got set up, i set the stereo and put on " There She Goes " by Taio Cruz ft. PitBull
once it started we all started to dance . i cant believe how good we were getting at this , alot people were staring at us ot feld kind of akward but we didnt care , and we also sang a little to at the part where it was like " La La La La La La ay e ay " we sang that to all of us . once the song finished the song jess was like " i cant believe how good we were getting at this" smiling and then we heard what sounded like a males voice saying " yes very good indeed " ot was british we looked up and guess who we saw.
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