love at first sight

Elle 17 and her friends lizz 17 ,jessie 18,
and Anne 16. Elle and her friends are dancers not professional ones but they are dancers , and tey sing they have won many awards for singing and dancing. One day when they are practicing theyre dancing they bump into one direction, but what happens when all her friends move , and one direction forgets about her atleast thats what she thinks after her friends leave and so does one direction she becomes weaker and weaker she gets bullied at school and cuts her skin alot . what happens when she bumps in to the people in her past what will happen, will she she be lonely or not ? read to find out.


4. getting along

Elles POV

After we all introduced each other and stuff like that , Anne said " umm ............ if you dont mind........can you please excuse us hehehe " she ended talking fast and a little giggle, " well... sure of course why not " said liam smiling, we stood there for like another minute when jess nudged Anne and Anne said " oh yeah sorry thanks " she was staring at niall wow somebody has a crush, i thought but the liam answerd us with a " well..... sure of course why not " it was so , so perfect , thier face , their body , their voice , ughh why did they have to be soooo perfect. As we were heading are way to the corner far from the boys , * cough one cough direction* there was a bench there so i didnt bother myself , i sat down. All of us turned around to see if the boys were looking or listening , or stuff like that but they werent , it looked like to me that they were deep in conversation , they did take little glances almost every 2 seconds. Once we all looked back at eachother , Anne started " so um ........ just in case ike anything happens or we become friends , ......... I CALL DIBS ON NIALL" we all looked confusedly at each other and laughed " ok ok mu turn now shh sh okay so you know how Anne gets um...... niall well I CALL DIBS ON LOUIS" Jess screamed louder than the others , we looked back to see the boys , they were looking back at us they all had a smile on they re faces , except louis didnt smile he giggled then they went back to their conversation. We all waited for Liz , she ceared her throat and said " umm i think ill pick zayn" i smiled happy for her , liz is not shy around her friends you gotta trust me when i say that like some times she pranks and not that we dont prank eachother , because she is the prankster of the group , and the shy one of the group. Now it was my answer i was silent i couldnt pick , when Liz said " hurry elle we dont jave all day " she giggled , as i opened my mouth to say something , the boys came over " yeah elle who do you call dibs on " said louis giving me a cheeky smile " well actually " i began " i dont think its that nice to have dibs on boys or girls" i said smiling , zayn was smiling and nodding his head up and down " ya know shes right ... LOUIS" saying louis name long. "So what are you beautifull ladies doing today " Harry said winking at me , i hate to admit it bit i am kind of a flirt too , so i winked back and he smiled , i could nt help but smile back. " actually we are heading to the beach close this park right there" jess said while pointing to the beach " we are walking there cuz it isnt that far away" jess finished smiling " well so are we" said liam " how about we walk together there" finished liam " yeah but we are just gonna go get are swimming suits , drop are things of and we will come back " said Liz smiling "ok" all the boys cheered happily together. As we we all were heading to the car niall stopped us saying " wait but dont forget te food i am starving" he said in his irish accent Anne shrugged her shoulders than said " ok" . we got in the car we dropped our stuff on the car , and looked for our bathing suits but ot wasnt there " huh that funny i cant find my bikini " i said while still searching for it. i stopped and pulled my shirt up not remembering that i was alreading wearing my other bathing suits , same goes for the other girls they were wearing theres too , i grabbed the picnic basket , we all got out of the car , and we were heading our way to meet the boys!
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