dear diary

this is a story about hope. all she is looking for is love...



dear diary,

If there was one thing averyone should know about is that i love 1D!!!! hary styles<3 is my fav. He legit has the freaken best hair ever. i mean they dont call him harry for know reason ;) They are my fav boy band of ALLTIME! i couldent live with out them there music is great and there so cute:) Well today was the first day of school and it was TERRIBLE i got lost in that hug ass building, and i barlier know anyone in my classes this year is gonna suck. i mean hard ass teacher and so much freaking homework holy crap i need a break already. there are some cute guys in my class one boy named justin hes perfect and has the best ass i have ever seen ;) well thats it for today






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