dear diary

this is a story about hope. all she is looking for is love...


1. hi im hope

dear diary,

My name is hope. i love dogs, hang out with frinds, and have and great time. I am also looking for that special guy<3 school starts tommorrow :( i HATE school. school is like being stuck in a freaking prison with people you just wanna punch in the face. Anyway, i still have to go but i am not happy about it. the only thiing i like about school is the hot guys. Another thing you should know about me is im OBESSED with boys. all my friends have bf besides me it gets me so mad but whatever there whores anyway. Also i loveeee chocolate!!!!! well this year is really gonna suck especially because im a FRESHMAN whats worse than that? oh i no not haveing a boyfriend. well at least this weekend im going to the beach with the girls<3 sally, jessie, olivia, and sam. who are bringing there bf OF COURCE *cough dumbwhores cough* anyway thats pretty much all i gotta say





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