dear diary

this is a story about hope. all she is looking for is love...


3. a horrible day

dear diary,

i had the worst day ever! first in french justin my crush was talking to me but i dident relize it was him so i was being mean cuz i thought it was some loser and now he hate me:( and in gym the teacher says partner up but i had know friends in that cass so i just awkardly ust look around like "what the hell is going on" and also i am the only virgin in school and you would think thats not a big deal right? people acctually made fun of me and it was awful. so now i plan to get layed by justin after i apoligize for being mean. damnet why am i such an idiot. anyways i got sooooooo much hw to do to see yea except your not going anywhere being im tell my feeling to a freaking diary :( my lif sucks



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