Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


9. Chapter 9


Sitting across from him made me feel uncomfortable; feeling Harry’s stare on me the entire time. Which, I must say, kind of made the whole ‘eating’ part of this dinner harder for me. Every few moments I would pick up something from my plate, chew on it for as long as I could; before swallowing. Harry’s mom, whose name was Anne, kept on encouraging me to eat some more, asking me if I wanted to have something else, telling me to just wait for the dessert she’d prepared. I thought it was nice of her and kept on thanking her, telling her I was not very hungry, but enjoyed the food she’d prepared thoroughly.

Giving me a warm smile, she continued with the flowing conversation; talking about them moving here and even some childhood stories. Everyone just laughed along, Harry blushing and shaking his head in embarrassment; then continued to stare me down. I tried ignoring him, flashing him an unconvincing smile every now and again. I hated being in this situation, especially since it was the first time I met his parents; Harry’s father Robin turning out to be his stepdad, which surprised me. But then I remembered Harry had already told me and just nodded and smiled.

Gemma and Anne brought out the dessert which turned out to be some English cake, an old recipe that had been passed on by their families. Seeing as it was chocolate, I was very excited; but the fact it tasted like absolute crap, made this whole thing much worse. Being an expert in faking smiles, I sucked it up and finished my piece; telling them I was stuffed and couldn’t possibly eat anything more.

I offered to help Harry’s sister clean the table; cursing internally as I had to get Harry’s plate. Feeling his hand on my arm as I grabbed it, I looked at him; his expression somehow questioning, but in some ways apologizing. Faking yet another smile, I shook it off; hurrying after Gemma as she lead the way into the kitchen. Placing the tables and glasses in the dishwasher, I leant against the countertop, sighing.

This situation or whatever it was Harry and I were now in, was nothing but awkward. The tension between us was like a huge, pink elephant in the room; undeniable.
Closing my eyes and loosely crossing my arms in front of my chest, I frowned; the kiss that had almost happened over at my house had now literally fucked everything up. I had known before that I was interested in Harry, and pretty sure that he felt the same way; but being interrupted by his sister ringing the doorbell as our lips were just about to lock, kind of messed it all up. And now, here we were left. Awkward, uncomfortable, weird.

I still got the goosebumps when I thought back to the close proximity we’d been in, his scent that had filled my nostrils; the light smile that had graced his face, along with the pre-kiss tension that had lingered in the air. And then, boom, it was all destroyed. 
Of course I didn’t blame Gemma for interrupting us and screwing it all up, but I had to admit that she really had the worst timing.
The goosebumps, though, turned into shivering as I remembered how we’d jumped at the sound of the doorbell; the expression on Harry’s face.

You alright there?” Gemma’s voice shot me back to reality; opening my eyes, I saw her glancing at me amused. Sighing, I smiled and nodded, “Yeah, yeah, sorry.
Returning the smile, she turned around and headed back into the kitchen; me just shaking my head in jealousy at how pretty she was, just like her mother. And obviously, that’s where Harry had gotten his looks from. Both women had beautiful, long, brown hair and immaculate figures; stunning faces, their personalities just as warm. Robin, Harry’s stepfather, was just as lovely; cracking jokes every few seconds, his love for his stepkids obvious as ever.

I didn’t know why, but I found myself getting jealous at their family. The way they all seemed to love one another unconditionally made me feel somewhat sad when I thought of my family. My fucked up family.
Mother and father seperated; mother always busy or drunk; father almost non-existent in my daily life; grandparents only phoning in every once in a while.

Walking back into the dining room, I continued helping to clear the table; eventually everything was done.
Good, I think I’m gonna go now. Thanks for inviting me to dinner, though, it was amazing.”, I said, walking over to Harry’s mom; her pulling me in for a hug. “You’re more than welcome, my love. Are you sure you don’t want to stay a little longer?”, she asked as I shook Robin’s hand and gave Gemma a friendly hug.

No, it’s okay, really.” Reaching Harry, I was unsure of what to do; hug him, shake his hand or just give him a wave?
It was obvious he didn’t know how to act, giving me a quick and light sideways hug. The goosebumps arrived again at his sudden touch, my brain telling my body to quit with these ridiculous reactions to Harry.

Are you really sure, though?”, she asked once again as I slipped back into my Vans, furrowing her eyebrows together. “You can stay here and watch a movie with us and if it’s too late you can stay the night as well.” Quickly adding a, “I mean if your mother won’t mind.” I frowned at her and something in my head clicked; feeling somewhat naked in front of the Styles’ family all of a sudden. “No, really, it’s okay. My mum’s probably waiting for me anyways. Thanks again though.” Waving, I opened the front door; only to be interrupted by Anne once again. She was sweet and I liked her; but now she just started to annoy me.

Harry, can you go with Lyla?”, she shouted into the living room; the mop of curls peeking out round the corner. “N-no, that’s okay.”, I quickly said, “I just live next door.”
Shaking her head, she ushered him to come over here; his face showing that he was just as pleased as I was. “But still, you never know what can happen at this time of night.
Sighing, I just nodded; thanking her yet again for inviting me over, then disappearing through the door after Harry had quickly slipped in his Toms.

Closing the door behind him, he strutted his feet along the pavement; the one minute walk over to my house filled with silence. I hated feeling like this; knowing that both of us were fully aware of what would have happened if his sister hadn’t shown up, but both of us choosing to ignore it.
Fishing my key out of the pocket of my dark blue skinny jeans, I unlocked the door.

Peeking over my shoulder, I saw Harry giving me a nod, then turned round to head back home. Clenching my eyes and fists, I said, “Wait.” His head whipped straight round to me, expectation clearly written across his face. What did he think I would be saying?
I uh.. I just wanted to ask you something.” Raising his eyebrows, he took a few steps closer to me. “I just.. okay, this may be stupid, but.. have you told your family about me?

His eyebrows knitted together. “Yeah, sure I have..otherwise Gemma wouldn’t have wanted to invite you over.” Smiling, I shook my head, “No, I mean yeah.. but..like, have you told them about the whole thing with my parents and stuff? You know, the stuff I told you in private?” Arching my eyebrows, I glanced at him; the sudden change of expression in his face almost proving my assumptions.

Well, I..uh.”, he muttered, avoiding my glance. Arching my eyebrows, I placed my hands on my hips; agitated. “It, uh..it may have slipped out?” Finally looking at me, he brought his shoulders up to his ears, screwing his face up in fear of my reaction. My eyes twitched as I looked at him, turning around, I stormed into my house. Hearing Harry’s footsteps behind me, I inhaled sharply; anger building inside me. “What exactly did you tell them?”, I asked him with my back still facing him; trying to remain calm, my voice shaking. “Just…some..well, basically..everything.” His voice was just above a whisper; my eyes almost bawling out of my head as I turned around to face him.

I didn’t mean to!”, he defended himself as I started walking towards him, the anger inside me visible with each step I took. “I told you that stuff in private, Harry!”, I shouted, pushing him backwards by his shoulders. Tumbling, he looked at me apologizingly, yet surprised at my actions. “I’m sorry! I..it..I’m sorry..”, he mumbled; not even knowing how to defend himself.
I knew it!”, I continued yelling, “I just knew it! Fuck, Harry, you embarrassed me in front of your entire family!” 

Digging my fingers into my scalp, I groaned in frustration, “Do you have any idea how it feels like to have people you don’t know knowing your background?” His face was hurt as he listened to my voice; tumbling backwards as I pushed him again. 
And I was feeling bad for not eating more when your mum kept on asking me to.” Grinding my teeth together, I crossed my arms in front of my chest. “And then when she asked me to stay over…”, I said, shaking my head, closing my eyes. Only to open them as I heard Harry chuckle.

My jaw dropped as I watched him giggle right in front of me while I shouted at him, angry at what he’d done; but now seemingly oblivious as to how wrong his actions were. “What could you possibly be laughing at?!”, I shouted, pushing him once again. 
You’re even cuter when you’re angry.”, he said; his words actually seeming sincere; his smile warm and making my insides melt, the anger all of a sudden vanished. His smile demolished as well, only to be replaced by a serious look on his face as he took one step closer to me; only a mere few inches seperating us. I felt my breathing getting heavier and faster, a lump in my throat as I still glanced at him; half shocked, half surprised, half flattered.

But before I could give anything even another thought, Harry’s hands suddenly found their way to my face, cupping it. He had a frown on his face as he subtly licked his lips; my chest rising and falling uncontrollably fast. I didn’t know what was happening to me, everything seemed to have stopped; only to be exploding inside me as his lips came crushing down on mine. I was gobsmacked, unsure of what to do.

Harry lingered his lips on mine, before suddenly pulling away; frown still present, hands still cupping my face. My eyes darted from his, to his lips as they glistened in the soft light of my foyer. His mouth opened to say something, but I shut him up; placing my lips on his once again. I didn’t care if I’d be regretting this later on, I didn’t care if it was wrong or not supposed to be; I just wanted to appreciate this moment that destiny had given me, I wanted to savour it.

Now Harry seemed to be the surprised one; but in just a matter of seconds he moved his lips in rythm with mine. Digging my fingers into his sides, I pushed him backwards, until finally, he was leaning against a wall. His hands brushed through my hair, until one of it rested on the back of my neck, the other making its way down my back, until resting on the small of it.
His breath hit my face as our lips parted for a second, only to touch again; fireworks being ignited inside me, my mind buzzing. 

Harry’s mouth made its way from my lips to my cheek, placing feather light kisses on his way to my ear; his breath making the tingles stream through my entire body. His lips had such a softness to them, it was all too good to be true; his minty taste making me smile subconsciously. 
His lips trailed to my neck, his kisses still soft; inhaling deeply as he reached my throat, he placed one single kisses just underneath my chin. My head was now tilted back, my hands clenching onto his waist; somehow feeling drunk, my surroundings blurred.

Eventually, and far too soon for my liking, his lips left my skin. My eyes had fluttered shut and as I reluctantly opened them, I was instantly met by the pools of the colours of the sea of Harry’s beautiful orbs staring right at me; feeling as if his glance burned right into me. Our hands were still clinging onto one another’s bodies, refusing to let go.

Opening his mouth to break the heavy silence, the vibrating of Harry’s phone in the pocket of his jeans beat him to it. Closing his eyes, he shook his head, before giving me an apologetic look. Smiling softly, I finally let go of him as he reached into his pocket. Looking at the screen just before he was about to pick up, he froze. Frowning, I subconsciously followed his gaze; hurting as I saw the name ‘Emma’flash. And the small glimpse of happiness was gone.

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