Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


8. Chapter 8

A few days passed and I managed to avoid Harry and Emma the best I could; ignoring, though, was more like it. After the few moments I thought I’d shared with Harry and the text from Emma that ruined it all, I tried to focus on the one person that seemed to get my mind off things; Niall.

We hung out a lot, had a lot of sex and a lot of fun; it was all pretty much the way it used to be, before we talked about the teeny tiny feelings I or even we now had for one another. But like discussed, we’d be keeping it casual; and I was okay with it. At least that’s what I thought.

Slipping my Yale hoodie over my head, I grabbed some money and my keys, before stepping out of the house; heading to the nearby shop to get some cigarettes. I was well aware that they weren’t good for me; the amount of which I consumed lately not just hurting my lungs, but also making my skin get worse.

Spot after spot were scattered across my face, no make-up, my hair put up into a messy updo, my legs only covered with my cheer-shorts, flip-flops on my feet; basically, I looked like complete and utter shit.

Just as I turned the corner, I suddenly bumped into someone. Cursing under my breath, I glanced at the idiot of a person; my eyes widening as I saw a familiar brown haired girl. Giving me a smile, dimples dotted her cheek; instantly making me recognize her. Harry’s sister.

Smiling back at her, I was just about to carry on walking, when suddenly I heard a somewhat melodic voice behind me. “You’re Lyla, right?
Turning around, I noticed it was still her; her glance at me curios and warm. “Urm, that’s right. And you’re Harry’s sister?” Taking a few steps in her direction so we were standing closer together, she notted; smiling that ever so dazzling smile; something that must run in their family. “Yes, I’m Gemma.

Reaching her hand out to me, I took it willingly; smiling and nodding at her, before turning around and once again, wanting to head towards the shop. “Harry’s told me a lot about you.” Gemma’s voice stopped me in my tracks again; my eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. “A lot, huh?”, I said, turning around; smiling awkwardly. This was awkward; wasn’t it?

Yes.” She smiled yet again, her auburn hair flowing in the soft wind; she was actually beautiful, quite intimidating to be honest. “Oh..”, I replied, unsure of what to say; how exactly was I supposed to react to something like this?

Gemma only kept her glance on me, as if she was trying to find something in my face; other than the spots and unevenness, which were obviously jumping out to anyone who had an unimpaired eyesight.

Okay, I don’t want to keep you… see you soon.”, Gemma said, giving me her sweet smile; me reciprocating her actions, before waving and turning around, finally really heading to the shop. This encounter now made me literally crave those cigarettes.


Flicking through the channels, I stuffed some of the left-over fries form the other night in my mouth, washing them down with some coke. Settling on an earlier episode of Scrubs, I turned my head at the faint curses coming from the stairs.

Mum?”, I shouted. Stretching my body to peek round the corner, my eyes widened as I saw her in an acceptably sexy outfit, as she struggled to slip her pumps on.
You going out?”, I asked, shoving another fry in my mouth. “In fact I am… this guy asked me out.

The second the words ‘this guy’ reached my ears, I furrowed my eyebrows together. “This guy?”, I asked again, the dismay in my voice more than obvious. “Yes, I met him at work.” Rolling her eyes at me, she blew a stray of loose hair out of her face as she finally managed to put on both her black heels.

I thought you got fired..” My voice trailed off to a mumble as I turned my head back to the screen, taking the straw of my drink in between my teeth, nibbling on it. “I didn’t get fired, Lyla; what made you think that?”, my mum said, now taking a seat beside me; her sweet scent filling my nostrils, subconsciously making me smile.

It’s just that you haven’t been there lately..” Shrugging my shoulders, I glanced at her; the accuracy of her make-up astonishing me. Every eyelash was the same length and covered in black mascara, a thin, black line of eyeliner on her upper-eyelid, her lips covered with a dark red lipsick. She looked good; as good as he hadn’t in a pretty long time.

I took some time off, but I’m back now.” Smiling widely, she leant forward, placing an intentionally fat kiss on my cheek. “Ew, your lipstick!”, I squeaked as she finally leant back again, a twinkling grin on her face. “Oh, you’ll survive. Anyways, I’m outty.”, she said jokingly, getting up from where she was seated.

Brushing her hands over her black blouse and dark jeans, she looked at me, eyebrows raised, “How do I look?
Smiling somewhat proud, I gave her a wink, “Amazing.
I thought I saw her blush as she gave me the thumbs up, turning around, grabbing her clutch, she shouted one last “Bye hon.”, before disappearing out of the door.

Giggling at her almost childishness, I turned back to watching TV; only to be interrupted again by the loud ringing of the doorbell. Grunting, I got up; rubbing the palm of my hand over my mouth in an attempt to get rid of any stains or crumbles, with the other I held my cup.
Grabbing the doorhandle, I flung the door open; only to be met by a gently smiling Gemma and a somewhat annoyed looking Harry.

Almost choking on the sip I’d just taken, I looked at them in schock; what the fuck were they doing here?!
Urm..yes?”, I said, my voice quiet and an octave higher as I quickly dusted my Nirvana shirt free of crumbles. “Hi, Lyla, hope we’re not disturbing you.”, Gemma said, her strong English accent and melodic voice making me want to break out into fits of laughter. But instead, I just shook my head, trying to smile.

Good, ‘cause we wanted to ask you if you and your mother wanted to come over for dinner?
Glancing at her with pure sarcasm on my face, I shook my head, chuckling under my breath as I replied in a whisper, “Good one.” A frown graced her face as she looked at me, obviously unaware of how on earth I could find something like this funny; nobody I knew ever invited me or my mother over to their house.

Wait..you’re serious?” Glancing from her to Harry, I noticed how his upper teeth dug into his bottom lips as he seemed to hold back laughter; the dimples now deeper than ever. “Of course I am.. w-why wouldn’t I be?
It’s just that.. nevermind.”, I said, running my fingers along my ponytail that hung from the back of my head. “Uh.. my mum’s not here right now, but I guess I could.. join you guys for dinner.

Nodding happily, Gemma said, “Good, follow me.”, before she turned around and headed for their own house; Harry still in the doorway.
This wasn’t my idea, y’know.”, he said; the huskiness along with his accent making me feel as though I’d missed hearing his voice. “Okay.”
I know you’ve been ignoring me these past few days, so I wouldn’t just invite you to dinner.” I couldn’t help but notice how his chocolate curls twinkled in the darkness; his white teeth sparkling as he spoke, along with his emerald eyes.

I said okay, Harry.” I sounded annoyed, which technically I was, but actually didn’t want him to see. “What I don’t know is, though, why you’ve been ignoring me.” Without of asking, he stepped into the house, his body brushing past mine as he did . “Sure, come in.”, I muttered as he continued speaking, me kicking the door shut with my foot.

And what I also don’t get is why it’s been bothering you so much that I’m hanging out with Emma.” Squinting my eyes at his statement, I loosely crossed my arms in front of my chest.
Did I ever say that it’s bothering me?” Raising my eyebrows, I looked at him questioningly; a hint of aggressiveness and annoyance hidden in my expression as well.

Technically you haven’t, but that wasn’t too hard to figure out.”, Harry said, resting his tall frame against a wall; his shoulders seeming more broad than usual. “Oh, was it?”, I asked; somehow I must’ve subconsciously taken steps towards him as I found myself nearer and nearer towards his body.
No, it wasn’t. And I don’t really undesrtand why.”, he said, now shoving his hands into the front pockets of his chinos. “It’s not like I’m complaining about you hanging out and doing god knows what with that blonde guy.

Arching an eyebrow, I replied, “His name’s Niall.
Whatever, doesn’t matter.
No, you’re right, it doesn’t matter.”, I said; now even closer to Harry, feeling his bodyheat radiating onto me. “What does matter though, is that it seems to be bothering you.”

Screwing his face up in shock, he shook his head frevently, “No, it doesn’t.
Really? It doesn’t bother you at all that I’m sleeping with Niall?” Suddenly I found myself standing right in front of Harry, my face tilted uphis down as our eyes were fixed on one another. “Just as much as it’s bothering you that I’m sleeping with Emma.

Feeling my breath hitch, I quickly closed my eyes for a second or two, before bringing them back; feeling myself getting lost in the pools of green and blue of Harry’s.
Which it doesn’t, right?” Somehow I felt his breath fan my face, one of his hands no resting on my elbow. “No, it doesn’t.”, I whispered.

Subconsciously rolling myself onto my tiptoes, I tried to even the height difference between us; Harry doing the same as he bent down a tad. “Then I don’t see the problem.”, he whispered back at me; the tip of his tongue brushing over his full, deep pink lips. “Me neither.

His hand now found its way to my hip, the other to my upper back; mine reaching up to his chest. Our heads both slightly tilted into the opposite direction as our faces seemed to somehow getting drawn together by some unhumanly force; strong and unstoppable.

Feeling Harry’s nose brush against mine, I couldn’t help but see a lopsided smile arise on his face; feeling his hot breath against my now parted lips.
This is it, I thought to myself.

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