Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


7. Chapter 7

I slowly drifted back to consciousness, taking in a deep breath as I felt myself waking up. Smacking my lips together, I gulped, ready to open my eyes and reluctantly get out of bed; but just as I lifted my head up, my body wanting to follow, I felt a hand on my underarm. My eyes shot open, only to see a big hand, with long fingers, softly wrapped round my wrist from behind; memories of last night flooding back to me. 
That’s when I realized who it was; Harry.

At first, all I wanted to do was jump up and silently disappear out of his house; but when I felt his slow and heavy breaths hit the back of my head, along with his body shifting even closer to me, I suddenly felt serene; pleasant, safe.

The faint smell of his cologne lingered in the air, my mind wandering back to the moment we’d experienced together on this very sofa. There had been a moment -right? I could still see his face so close to mine, his twinkling eyes burning into me; but only then I remembered the ‘fun’, as he called it, he’d had with Emma. Clenching my eyes shut once more, I tried to block this single thought out; hoping to savour this rare moment. The last time anybody had held me, was when Niall had slept over; but with Harry, it felt differently. 

Having his strong arms wrapped around my body, one of his legs slightly in between mine; it all felt too good to be destroyed by one little thing. Although, technically, it wasn’t little; it was actually a huge thing, that bugged me relentlessly. The reason why, I didn’t even know myself; was it jealousy? Or was it just the nagging thought in the back of my mind that he would like Emma more than me; that she’d get more of him
than I ever would. But then again; wasn’t that jealousy as well?

My train of thoughts was interrupted by Harry stirring behind me, the grip on my wrist tightening for a split second as his entire body seemed to tense up, before he loosened it again; he seemed to have woken up as well. I felt his breathing quickening, as well as gulping deeply.

I thought I felt him trying to withdraw his body from me; but then, he seemed to have changed his mind. Burrying his face back into the mass of my hair, he inhaled deeply; his fingertips brushing over my arm, instant goosebumps arising. That’s when he noticed I wasn’t asleep anymore. Twitching, he leant back, removing his hand from around me; tilting my head to face him, I saw his flushed face. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to..”, he whispered, his voice hoarsy and raw. “No, it’s okay..”, I replied silently, giving him a warm smile.

Reciprocating my smile, he turned to lay on his back, resting his hands behind his head; the hem of his shirt rising up a bit, revealing the waistline of his Calvin Kline boxers that peeked out from underneath his boxers. I saw the V on his abdomen, licking my lips subconsciously as I glanced at the little hairs that formed a straight line until under his boxers up to his navel; Harry’s voice warping me back to reality. Once again, I’d noticed things I shouldn’t have; things I tried not to.

I guess we fell asleep last night..” Yawning, he stretched; his shirt rising even further up. Clenching my eyes shut, I also lay on my back; “I guess, yeah..

I think I’m gonna go now.. thanks for letting me sleep here, though.” Propping myself up on my elbows, I swung my feet over the edge of the sofa. “Don’t you want to stay for breakfast?”, I heard Harry ask, turning my head back to him as I stopped in the doorway; an almost desperate smile on his face, rasing his eyebrows expectantly. “I couldn’t, Harry.. you already let me sleep here tonight.

Rolling his eyes, he waved it off, getting up from the sofa as well, he walked over to me; giving me a wink and a nudge in my arm. “Now come on, I want some pancakes.

Brushing past me, he walked towards what I thought probably was the kitchen. Sighing, I knew I couldn’t resist; pancakes and more time with Harry. I hated the banging in the back of my head that told me to just walk out and back home; but the feeling I had in the pit of my stomache and the undeniable attraction I had for him made me decide otherwise. Strutting to the kitchen, I saw Harry already mixing ingredients.

Experienced are we?”, I mocked, taking a seat on one of the kitchen stools. “Indeed I am; and not just in making pancakes.” Wiggling his eyebrows, I couldn’t hold back a laugh. We’ll see about that.
You have such a cute laugh.”, he said, shaking his head amused, his gaze not leaving the pan he now poured the mixture in. “I do not.”, I said, blushing and embarrassed. “You do. You laugh like a 6-year-old..it’s cute.

Digging my teeth into my bottom lip, I glanced at him. The way he seemed so completely concentrated as he flipped the pancake over, the way I saw the muscles flex in his back whenever he lifted the pan up. All I wanted to do was walk over to him and just touch him; each and every thing he did fascinating me. 

A wide grin spread across his face as he placed two plates on the kitchen counter; obviously happy with the positive outcome of his cooking. “Can I do anything?”, I asked, feeling bad for just sitting there and letting him do all the work. “You can get the orange juice out of the fridge.”, he replied, nodding in the direction of the tall, silver refrigerator on the other side of the kitchen. 

Grabbing it, I took 2 glasses out of the cupboard Harry pointed me to, pouring the juice. As we sat down, Harry was just about to stuff his mouth, when I stopped him. “Don’t tell me you’re just going to eat them like that?”, I asked, appalled. “I already put sugar on them.”
But that’s not how you eat them.. not here.” Rolling my eyes, I walked back over to the fridge; drumming my foot as I scanned the contents.

Grabbing the whipped cream, along with some fruits and chocolate sauce, I placed them all in front of him. Raising his eyebrows, I just shook him off; placing some raspberrys on his pancake, followed by some chocolate sauce and lastly, the whipped cream. Rolling it together, I handed it to him; a horrored look on his face. “You don’t really expect me to eat this? That’s like a million callories.

Giving him a light slap on the back of his head, I urged him to eat it; after exaggeratedly rubbing his head and moaning about how much that just hurt, he reluctantly took a bite; his expression turning to impressed as he swallowed. Nodding, I winked at him; fixing my pancake up as well.

Once we finished all the pancakes, Harry rested his head on the counter in front of him, his hands on his stomache. “You full?”, I asked amused, spraying some of the whipped cream into my mouth. “Yes?! How in the hell can you still eat?” Screwing his face up in disgust, I just shrugged my shoulders. “And manage to look like this?”, he continued.
Grimacing at his words, I grabbed the hem of my shirt, rising up, letting it rest just above my navel.

Taking some of it in between my hands, I squeezed it together, acting as if it were a mouth speaking. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself; I was just too funy.
It was just when I was about to glance back up at Harry, my stomache was suddenly full of whipped cream; an almost evil look in Harry’s face as he held the bottle in his hand.

What the f-?”, I spat at him, before suddenly, my face was also full of whipp cream. “Harry!”, I yelled, blinking a few times to be able to see again. All I heard were the loud and deep chuckles that left Harry’s mouth, his head thrown back as his mouth was wide open. 
Frowning, I glared at him; his expression turning to sympathetic as he noticed my devillish look. 

I’m sorry.”, he said, sticking his bottom lip out. “Here.”, he said as I brought my hands to my face to wipe the cream away. 
I felt my skin burn at Harry’s touch, his finger swiping over my cheek, before he licked the whipped cream off. I couldn’t help but to get dirty images emerging in my mind; only to be replaced by an evil plan.

Leaning forwards, I rested my hand on Harry’s thigh; freezing, he gulped. “That really wasn’t cool, Harry.”, I whispered at him as my face neared his. His heavy breath fanned my face as he licked his lips; his glance falling down to my lips. “I guess you’ll have to be punished.” His glance shot straight back up to my eyes, and winking, I suddenly smudged the whipped cream that was spread across my face, across Harry’s.

Jumping up from my seat, I quickly ran out of the kitchen back into the kitchen room; Harry following closely behind. “Oh no, you didn’t.”, he warned me, my loud chuckles filling the silent house. “I guess I did.” Sticking my tongue out at him playfully, I came to a stop at the opposite side of the coffee table, Harry standing vis-a-vis.

Looking over my shoulder, Harry’s face suddenly dropped in shock, his jaw dropping into an ‘o’ shape. Being the stupid and naive person I was, I followed his gaze; only for him to hop over to me and lift me off the floor. 

No!”, I giggled loudly, drumming my hands against his back, “Let me down!” 
I can’t hear you!”, Harry sang as he ran around the room, jumping up and down with me over his shoulder; tickling my sides.
After he seemed to have finished with his victory-rounds, he flung me back onto the sofa, dumping himself down right next to me.

Both of us were gasping as our heartbeats slowed down again; a lazy smile plastered on both our faces.
I like hanging out with you.”, Harry said, tilting his head to face me. Mimicking him, I nodded, still smiling, “Same.
His emerald eyes seemed to twinkle even more, his dark pink lips curling up to an even wider smile; the fact his entire face was smudged with whipped cream not even remotely hiding his undeniable beauty; and I must’ve looked like a complete dork as well.
I felt as good and happy as I hadn’t in a long time.

You know, the last time I laughed like this was when my parents were still together.”, I said, lost in my own thoughts. “Oh?
Yep.. he’s a real funny guy, I think you’d like him.” Grinning subconsciously, I glanced back at Harry; a warm smile on his face. “He was my mum’s first big love..and probably her last.” My face seemed to have dropped; feeling Harry’s fingers softly draw circles on the back of my hand. “She’s actually a really great person.. I love her a lot.
I’m sure..

I couldn’t help but to feel the tears prickle in my eyes, glancing up to the ceiling, I sighed heavily; my fingers now playing with Harry’s, the tingling feeling I felt as his skin touched mine sensational. Everything seemed fine at this moment, everything bad seemed to be forgotten; only to be destroyed by the buzzing sounds of Harry’s phone.

Leaning forward, I grabbed it; unintentionally glancing at the screen. 1 new message: Emma.
The same feeling I felt last night erupted inside me, my eyebrows instantly furrowing closer together. “I better go.”, I said quickly, getting up from my seat; my fingers leaving Harry’s, now feeling so indescribably alone.

What, why?” Harry sounded confused; but when I looked at him, he glanced at his phone; his face dropping in guilt. “Thanks for everything, Harry.. and it was nice hanging out with you.. you two have fun.”, I whispered; the disappointment clearly shining through my words although I tried my hardest for them not to. Not looking back anymore even though I heard him call after me, I walked out of his house; the burning sun hitting my face clearing my mind again. Harry was not for me, Niall was; at least that’s what I thought and wanted.
But not even Niall wanted to really be with me and the following thought felt ever so familiar as it made my chest hurt; would anyone?

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