Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


6. Chapter 6

Harry’s P.O.V.

Lyla’s voice had a sound of confusion in it as she squinted her eyes, glancing at Emma in my driveway; the girl I’d met at the beach today. The girl that was probably one of the hottest I’d ever seen before in my life; along with Lyla, but the difference between these two could not be more significant.

Emma with her blonde, sparkling hair, her deep blue, cat-like eyes, her flawless slim body and immaculate, tanned skin; Lyla with the mix of blonde and brown in the long waves of her hair, the twinkling dark green of her big eyes, her curvy, yet slim body, her baby-like, almost pale skin, her pink cheeks.
Emma’s cheerful personality, a grin always plastered on her face, her movements and gestures effortlessly supple; Lyla’s somewhat mysterious aura she had around her, her forward, but simultaneously secretive personality, the slight sad expression she always wore, her face seeming even more beautiful, though, when she replaced it with the unmistakable smile of hers, as well as the almost childish laugh.

Frankly, they were complete opposites; but opposites I was both openly attracted to.

You know her?”, I asked, glancing from her, to my driveway. “She’s my best..she’s my friend.” Raising her eyebrows in even more confusion, she sniffed her nose;
“How do you know her?
I met her at the beach today…I didn’t know you-” My words were suddenly interrupted, Emma’s jovial voice echoing through the darkness; “Hi you guys! I didn’t know you were neighbours?!” Hopping over to us, she squeezed Lyla tightly, before giving me a subtle kiss on my cheek; my hands intentionally resting on her, very, lower back as I gave her a light squeeze.

So you actually know each other?”, I asked yet again; glancing at Lyla, she seemed somewhat annoyed as she looked at mine and Emma’s bodies, still arm in arm. “Yeah, we’ve known each other for ages; and we were actually out together tonight; before she had to go… do other things.” As she gave Lyla an obvious wink, she only rolled her eyes, loosely crossing her arms in front of her chest.

Shall we go then?” I heard Emma ask casually; Lyla’s facial expression changing into a frown. “Go where?
Almost ignoring her question, Emma gave her another squeeze; before coming back over to me, grabbing my hand as she tugged at it, gesturing for me that she wanted to finally go back to mine; as we’d originally planned. Yes, the original plan was for her to come over to mine; both of us completely aware of the fact we only wanted to enjoy our bodies’ attraction to one another to its fullest.

Giving Lyla an apologetic smile, I followed Emma; unlocking my door as we stepped inside; me peeking my head out the door once again, wanting to see Lyla one more time: but she was already gone.

Just as I closed the door behind me, I was ready to follow Emma, who was already making her way up the stairs. Suddenly stopping mid-track, she turned around; me having to look up because she was a few steps further up already. She rested her hands on her hips as she swung her hair to one side; revealing more of her neck part, the top she was wearing already not leaving much to the imagination. “I’m really glad you invited me over.” Her full lips curled up to a smile. “My pleasure.”, I replied cheekily, grinning at her.

Biting her bottom lip softly, she suddenly brought her hands to the hem of her shirt; pulling it off her slowly, revealing her equally as deep red lace bra she was wearing underneath. With no other word being said, she turned back round; swaying her slim hips as she took the next few steps. I felt the ever so familiar tingling in my manhood as I glanced at her; she was really.. something.

Not wasting another second, I took two steps with one step, bending down, grabbing her by her thighs and throwing her over my shoulders; kicking the door to my room open as she giggled loudly. Throwing her onto my bed, I quickly hovered over her.

Bringing her hands to the back of my neck, she played with a few curls that hung there loosely; before pulling me close, pressing her lips on mine, moving smoothly against each other.
The skin of our bodies writhed against one another as one item of clothing was discarded after another; our kisses deepening immenseley, the lust we both felt at that moment in time incredible.

When eventually we were both left in nothing, both our exctements evident as ever, I brushed my lips over hers one last time, before getting ready to satisfy our needs.Maybe moving here wasn’t that bad.

Lyla’s P.O.V.

Drawing the duvet over my head, I groaned in frustration; the image of Harry and Emma together, not too far away from me, made this weird feeling in the pit of my stomache emerge. Jealousy? No way. Maybe. Could it?

Whatever it was, it didn’t feel good; I felt betrayed in some ways, humiliated that, once again, Emma was the one who got everything first. In some ways, though, it was my own fault; I was the one who didn’t come along to the beach when Harry asked me to.
But actually I shouldn’t even mind; I didn’t want Harry, I wanted Niall.. right?

Clenching my eyes together tightly, I let my mind wander off to images of Niall; the way his hair seemed to shine in whatever illumination, the sky blue of his eyes, his rosy cheeks; the way he’d managed to satisfy me like no one else had before.
Subconsciously, my mind started wandering off to different images; images of Harry. His soft, coffee brown locks, his aquatic eyes, his unmistakable smile, the English accent to his deep, husky voice, his big and rough, but equally as soft, hands. The thought of Harry seemed to outwin the thought of Niall; then why was I so sure that I liked him when I saw him earlier? And why the hell did I think so much about Harry; I’d only known him for a couple of days?

After hours of just lying there and battling with my own mind, I peeked out at the time from under the covers; 3:32 am. Grunting annoyed, I slipped out of my bed, grabbing my cigarettes and a lighter on the way to my balcony. The cool breeze made goosebumps rise up on my arms; the hot smoke I inhaled in just a few short moments after seemed to keep me warm.

Giving in to my willpower, I sideways glanced over at Harry’s house; the lights in the house off. Probably still at it, I thought to myself; only to jump slightly as I suddenly heard his balcony door open; me getting ready to rush back inside, almost succeeding, before the ever so familiar raw voice stopped me. “Lyla.”

Weighing my options, I stood there freezed in my doorway; go in and act as if I hadn’t heard him, or, stop acting like a pussy and answer him. “Yes?”, I replied innocently; inhaling the smoke deeply after answering him. “You’re not..mad or anything, right?” Waving it off, I rolled my eyes dramatically, letting out an over sarcastic puff “Pfsht, why would I be mad?

Shrugging his shoulders, he leant against the railing facing me; his curls sparkling in the moonlight. “No idea..you just seemed a little bit.. annoyed earlier.
Annoyed? Why would I be annoyed?” Furrowing my eyebrows closer together, I finished the remainders of my cigarette. “That’s what I don’t understand.. maybe because of Emma coming over?
The sound of him saying her name in his beautiful accent made me twitch; but it shouldn’t have. She was my, so to say, best friend.

Nope.” Shaking my head, I raised my eyebrows, smacking my lips together; trying to act as casual as ever. Squinting his eyes, he seemed to examine my features, trying to find out if I was lying or not; but when his signature grin arose on his face, I knew I’d managed to trick him. Sighing, I walked back over to the door, “I’m gonna go back inside now…night, Harry.” Giving him a slight wave, I stepped back inside.

Wait!” His rushed, somewhat whispered call stopped me yet again from closing the door. “Yes?” Peering my head out, I looked at him questioningly. “I can’t sleep..do you maybe want to.. hang out?
It’s almost 4 in the morning, Harry.” 
Is that a yes?” Grinning cheekily at me, I couldn’t maintain the serious look on my face; a giggle escaping my lips. “Why would you want to hang out with me; what about Emma?

After that sentence left my mouth, I instantly regretted it; Harry’s face dropping into a frown. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Frowning as well, I crossed my arms in front of my chest. “Nothing. Just a question.
She went home a while ago…” Tilting his head up to look into the sky, the features of his face got brighter; his accentuated jawline, his nose, his cheeks, a hint of a dimple in them, even when he didn’t smile; things I shouldn’t have noticed.

Tired, was she?” Letting out a quiet, sarcastic laugh, I sighed heavily; taking my gaze off him and also staring out into the night. “What do you mean, tired?” I now felt his eyes boring into me from my right; me refusing for them to meet mine. “I’m not stupid, I know Emma; and I know I can’t be that wrong about you.
Running his fingers through the front of his hair, he kept his gaze on me. “We just had fun..no big deal.”
You don’t have to explain anything to me, Harry.

Really?” Now reluctantly turning to face him aswell, I put my hair up into a messy up-do, the occasional stray falling out. I noticed Harry’s lips curling up into his grin; rolling my eyes, I said, “Don’t be too impressed by how irresistable I look right now; I’m tired.”, gaze wandering back to the sky.
I am impressed though.” His words made my head shoot straight back to him, my cheeks blushing yet again. Taking my bottom lip in between my teeth, I rose my eyebrows, “So what do you wanna do?

Grinning even wider, he shrugged his shoulders, “You could come over to mine; my parents and sister aren’t home ‘til tomorrow.” 
You sure?”, I asked. “Yeah, yeah, come over.” With those last words, he disappeared back inside; my insides knotting up in…excitement? 

Not in the state or mood to bother about my appearance, I walked to his house in the same clothes I called my pyjamas; my cheer-shorts and a tanktop. Just as I was about to ring the doorbell, the front door swung open, revealing Harry in some joggers and a v-neck shirt. 
Letting his glance run up and down my body, he smirked, “Still impressed.
Rolling my eyes, I playfully nudged his stomache; stepping past him into his house; only now realizing I hadn’t been in here yet.

There were still a few boxes scattered around, the rest of the rooms, though, seeming fully decorated; his family seemed to have good taste. “I like your house..it’s comfy.” Smiling, he just shrugged his shoulders, “It’s not bad, I guess.

Flinging ourselves onto his sofa, he switched the TV on, a re-run of O.C. California on. “Oh my god, yes! Leave that.” Bringing my knees up to my chest, I rested my chin on it, wrapping my arms round my shins. “Why, what’s that?”, he asked casually, resting his feet on the coffee table in front of him, his arms spread across the rest of the sofa; his right arm lingering further near my shoulders.
You don’t know what that is? That, my friend, is O.C. California; only the best show ever.” Shaking my head in dismay, I ignored his confused expression, focusing on the happenings on the TV.

After a while, though, I felt him stare at me; unashamedly keeping his eyes on me for what felt like forever. Soon, it started making me a tad uncomfortable; “What are you staring at?”, I asked.
Nothing..you have a nice face.” Smiling lopsidedly, he caught my eyes; the twinkling in his making me almost get lost in them. I felt his body shift closer to me, or maybe it was mine that did it; nevertheless, our bodies and faces seemed to have neared a few inches, his arm now hanging loosely over my shoulders; his fingers softly brushing over the skin of my upperarm; instant goosebumps arising.
Gulping, I felt my breathing get faster as his face got closer; my mind telling me to back away, my gut telling me otherwise.
Subconsciously licking my lips, I suddenly thought about how incredibly weird this all was; only a few hours earlier I’d felt the exact same when Niall was over; and now with Harry?

His face was now so temptingly close to mine; his chest visibly rising and falling heavier as well. 
The inner battle I so often fought, came to an end; my mind winning; this time.
I should go home now..”, I whispered, my breath obviously hitting his face. “Why?” His voice was deeper than usual, the huskiness mixed with his accent, driving me insane.
Because..”, I started, not finding a real reason myself. Squinting his eyes, his gaze fell down to my lips, before back up to my eyes; before he slowly leant backwards a bit again. “Why don’t you stay the night?”, he asked, looking back at the TV.

I can’t Harry..I..” Looking at me unbelievingly, he shook his head, “Yes, you can. Would you rather stay alone in your house or here with me?
I frowned, “How did you know I’d be alone?
His expression turned to sympathetic again, as his eyes found mine again, “I saw your mum leaving earlier.” 

Not finding any other words, I, actually, didn’t have to even think about it. Leaning my head back, I fixed my eyes back onto the TV, “Thanks.”, I mumbled, almost inaudible. “You’re welcome.

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