Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


5. Chapter 5

I was awoken by sunrays shining through the window, tingling my skin; slowly opening my eyes, I blinked a few times. Sighing deeply, I stretched my arms over my head; turning to my right, only to see my mother curled up beside me, her hair hanging in her face. Bringing my fingers to her face, I brushed the few strays of hair away, frowning sadly as I noticed the smudged make-up on her face, her body still covered in last night’s clothes.

Last night; letting my mind to trail back to the memories of the moments I’d shared with Harry, a smile graced my face. He was unlike any other boy I’d ever met; yes, he was cheeky, even somewhat forward, but simultaneously shy and polite; his good looks a huge plus.
Basically, he was perfect boyfriend material; but a boyfriend was just not in the cards for me, not now or ever. Thinking about it, though, maybe he’d be the one to change it; to change me. But then there was Niall; the guy I thought I had a huge crush on.
A grin I couldn’t hold back appeared on my face as I got up from the bed; my eyes widening as I looked at the time: 2:32 pm.

Stretching once again when I finally got up on my feet, I grabbed the bowl on the bedside table; grimacing in disgust at the stench that streamed up my nostrils. Strolling down the stairs, I carefully rinsed it out, loading it into the dishwasher.
Opening the door to our garden, I stepped outside; deeply inhaling the smell of summer I loved so much; brushing my fingers through my hair, then shaking it from side to side as a smile arose on my face due to the particular loveliness of his day; moments like these were the ones I’d always cherished, moments where life around you just stopped.
The newly familiar deep voice interrupting my daydream suddenly, my eyes shooting to its origin; only to be met by a smirking Harry, in nothing but his dark blue swimtrunks. My eyes widened unconsciously, his smirk only growing as he noticed; “Morning.

Morning.”, I replied, now smiling as well; his glance running up and down me. Mimicking his actions, I glanced down my body; a pair of hotpants and a tight tank top covering my body. Arching an eyebrows as I glanced back at him; “Nice outfit.” Chuckling, he nodded, “I could say the same… but I’d rather you wore nothing.”, then winked. He was good; I had to give him that. “You going somewhere?”, I asked, making my way over to the fence seperating our gardens; the sight of his lightly toned, naturally softly tanned torso getting clearer. Taking my bottom lip in between my teeth, I grinned. “I was actually off to go swimming; care to join me?

Furrowing my eyebrows closer together, I sighed; remembering my hungover mother lying in her bed. “I can’t…” My voice went quieter, as I looked down at my feet; suddenly embarrassed as I remembered that he saw my mother in that state.
“Oh..”, he muttered, “How is she?” Glancing back up at him, I saw the sympathetic look on his face; “Just fine.
I’m so sorry about last night..”, he mumbled, the same look still plastered on his face; my insides boiling up with anger; having him think I was a charity case or anything like that was the last thing I wantd.
I don’t need you to be sorry about my life.”, I shot at him; his eyes widening, his eyebrows raising in disbelief. “I-I didn’t mean..”, he started, but I cut him off; “I know what you meant; you’re sorry I have to live like this. But guess what, I actually like my life, even if it sucks. So, whatever, have fun swimming.”

Turning around, I stormed back inside, throwing the door shut as I did so; breathing sharply as I flung myself onto the sofa.

Why had I given Harry such a deep insight of my life, even though I had only met him? Why had I let it get to the point where he saw my almost unconscious mother, pumped full with alcohol and god knows what else? I didn’t even know him; and he didn’t know me; and that’s how it would stay.

Boyfriend material or not; I didn’t care. The furthest I would let myself go with Harry, were a few hours of fun; no strings attached. I didn’t need anybody to be sorry for me, to feel bad about the way I had to live my life; about the way I felt.

Grabbing a water bottle out of the fridge, I walked back upstairs into the room my mother was in; sitting down on the edge of the bed beside her, I grabbed a few make-up removers and cleaned up her face; smiling as the familiar, natural beauty of her face emerged back again. Sophie Roberts in all her former glory.
I felt her stirr beside me, until, after a few indistinct mutters, her eyes unsealed; confusion as to where she was kicking in.

It’s okay mum, you’re home.”, I cooed; getting up from where I was seated to open the window. “And I got here how?” Her voice was husky; opening the bottle of water, she downed it in one fellow swoop. “I had to carry you.”
Frowning, I glanced back at her over my shoulder; a grimace plastered on her face, as she slowly got up, removing the dress she was in from her body, before changing into something comfortable.

I’m..I’m sorry, honey.”, she said silently, slowly walking over to me. “I guess I got a little out of control yesterday.”
Feeling the same feeling I always felt when she acted as if this was all okay, I turned around to face her, glaring at her in rage; already tense because of what happened with Harry. “A little out of control? You were practically unconscious when I found you lying on our doorstep! You kept on throwing up and crying; I got so scared, mum!

Her eyes widened as she took a step back, tumbling a bit; not used to me blowing up like this. “I-I said I was sorry…I didn’t think..”
That’s just it; you never think! Why do I always have to be the one thinking in this family? You’re the mother, not me!
Shaking her head, she brought her hands up to her face; inhaling deeply. “I can’t deal with this right now..”; and with that, she turned around, heading downstairs.

Letting out a frustrated grunt, I pressed my eyes together; feeling lost and unwanted, alone and sad. Like always.
Running in my room, I grabbed my phone; dialing Emma’s number. Finally, after a few rings, she picked up.
Hey babe. How’s it going?”, she asked, sounding rather chirpy.
I wanna go out tonight.”, I replied monotonously.
Woah, what’s wrong?
Nothing..”, I replied, deciding against pouring my heart out to her, “Do you know if there’s any parties tonight?
I’ll find out if you want… meet me at 9 at the usual spot?

Agreeing, I hung up; feeling somewhat relieved that I’d be able to let it all out tonight; to let the alcohol wash away my problems and worries.
I spent the rest of the day doing practically nothing; listening to music, watching a movie or two, before I started getting ready. Sending a text to Emma, I asked her what she’d be wearing; her reply being ‘just some jeans and a shirt’, I went over to my wardrobe, helplessly standing in front of it with a thoughtful frown on my face as my toes wiggled to the sounds of The Killers, echoing through my room.

Gradually, I decided on my black, skinny jeans; along with a dark grey, satin, babydoll shirt; its neckline awfully inviting - which was exactly what I wanted. Slipping into my equally dark grey pumps, I finished my make-up with some lipbalm, spraying perfume on my neck; and I was ready. Grabbing my phone and putting it into my clutch, I yelled a simple “I’m out” to my mum, before leaving the house.

As I passed Harry’s house, I saw the lights turned on in his room; snatching my eyes away, I continued the walk to the spot I’d meet Emma; gaining winks and various whistles from all around. 
With a smug smile on my face, I leant against the wall as I waited for her; the smile demolishing instantly as I spotted her walking over to me. The ‘just some jeans and a shirt’-combo I’d expected, looked rather different; her grey skinny jeans making her legs look endless, the dark red top she was wearing suiting her perfectly; her hair and make-up thoroughly done.

Hi babe.”, she almost squealed as she pulled me into a hug. “You’re breaking my ribs.”, I managed to choke out; she only letting out an amused laugh as she shook her head, rolling her eyes. “Now come on.” Grabbing my hand, she pulled me with her into the opposite direction. “We’ve got parties to attend.
Parties?”, I asked, emphasizing the s. “Yes, parties. You said you wanted to go out and have fun, so that’s what we’re gonna do. First stop is John’s Bar.

The next hour was spent downing drink after drink; occasionally getting ones from various men that were scattered across the whole bar. Even though they were mainly for Emma; pretty much all of them.
Shoving the doubts and the embarrassment aside, I hooked my arm with hers; ready for our next destinations. 

Hours passed and I enjoyed life thouroughly; drinking, dancing and chatting to all types of people all night long. Once we’d hit our fourth destination, I finally felt my phone vibrate in my clutch; grabbing it, I let out a sarcastic noise at the caller ID.
Yes Niall?
Urm, hey…where are you? It’s kinda loud?” His deep voice made my heart throb harder underneath my chest; clenching my eyes shut, I shook my head. 
I’m out with friends.”, I replied monotonously.
I..I thought we were gonna hang out tonight?” He actually seemed disappointed that I’d made different plans; or maybe he was just horny.
We still can.. my house in 20?
You sure?
Just come, okay?” 

And with that, I hung up. Leaning over the table, I shouted in Emma’s ear. “I’m off to meet Niall.” A grin spread across her face, a loud laugh escaping her lips. “Okay, have fun.. I’m meeting someone later on as it is.” Giving her a kiss on the cheek, I made my way out of the club; the warm, fresh breeze hitting my face making my head spin. 

When I arrived at my house, it was empty; no surprise there. Jogging up the stairs, I checked my appearance in the mirror; running my fingers along the underside of my eyes, then brushing my fingers through the natural waves of my hair; I was done, just then I heard the doorbell ring. Taking in a deep, soothing breath, I went downstairs; opening the door, I revealed a fucking good-looking Niall. 
He was in his dark blue jeans and a white dress shirt, his blonde hair with its darker roots sparkling in the moonlight, his unmistakable scent instantly flowing up my nostrils.

Wow, you look good.”, he said, a lopsided smile on his face as he looked me up and down. I blushed; something I didn’t do often. “Thanks, so do you..I like that shirt, is it new?”, I asked, giving him a nod, gesturing for him to step inside.
Yeah, it is actually..” Smiling at me, he shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants. “So, what do you wanna do?”, he asked. “No idea..you wanna watch a move?” Furrowing my eyebrows together in confusion, I giggled loudly, covering my mouth with my hand; “I mean movie.

Are you drunk?” He chuckled as we made our way into the living room. “No, just had a few drinks..speaking of; you want a beer?” As he nodded, he flung himself on the sofa. Taking a beer out of the fridge, I threw it over to him; him chatching it with ease.
So, what do you wanna watch?”, I asked; he just shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever.

We both knew we would not only be watching a movie, therefore I didn’t pay much attention as I grabbed a movie out of our wide selection; our choice being Atonement.
Sitting down beside him after I’d pressed play, it was only after a few seconds he lazily placed his arm over my shoulders, me subconsciously nuzzling my head into the crook of his neck. Again, this gesture seemed so normal, so natural; something I hadn’t yet experienced.

We stayed there oh, so romantically sat side by side, when suddenly the ever so familiar sex scene in the library appeared; me tensing up at what I thought was ahead; but I was wrong. All that we shared was a kiss; a few seconds long, no tongue; all that it was, was romantic, soft, unusual to the ones we’d shared before. My heart began thudding faster against my ribcage as our lips parted, our eyes meeting; the aquatic blue of his burning into the mix of green and brown of mine. 

His left mouthend curled up into a small smile, as he tightened the grip round my shoulder, me now wrapping my arm round his torso as we finished watching the movie; a few tears escaping my eyes at the sad scenes.

Niall?”, I asked as he slipped back into his shoes. “Yeah?
Urm.. who was the girl you were with yesterday?” Nibbling the inside of my cheek, I twiddled my thumbs nervously. “Why?”, he asked casually.
“N-no reason… just, I saw you with her, in the park and I just-” Suddenly, he interrupted me, “Got jealous?” Raising his eyebrows, he glanced at me. Tearing my eyes away, I shook my head, smiling awkwardly, “No, that’s not what I’m saying, I’m not jealous..”

Because there’s no reason for you to be jealous, right? I mean, we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend…we’re just hanging out.” 
Feeling a wave of rejection wash over me, I clenched my eyes shut for a second, inhaling deeply; when, all of a sudden, I felt a hand on my arm. “Lyla, I like you; and having sex with you is definitely always a highlight.. but, I don’t really want a relationship right now… it’s just, not my thing.. I like hanging out with you and would hate it if we stopped.

Reluctantly glancing back up at him, I noticed the sincerety in his face; and even though his words demolished all kinds of fantasies about us living happily ever after, I nodded in agreement.
He was right; a relationship was not for him, and obviously, not for me either. “Yeah..I’d hate that too.” Smiling at me, he winked; closing the small gap between us by oppressing his lips on mine; this time with more force, his tongue slipping in almost immediately. This was the Niall I knew.

See you soon, yeah?”, he breathed once we pulled apart. “Mhmm.”, was all I replied; goosebumps arising on my body as he gave me one last, quick peck on the lips. 
Opening the door, he walked outside; me standing in the doorway as I watched him; only for my eyes to dart into the direction of Harry’s house, widening as I spotted him on his doorstep, phone in his hand.

Was that the guy from yesterday?” His accent made me jump slightly, turning my body to face him, I nodded. “Look.”, he started, getting up from where he sat, walking over to the direction of where I was. His steps were slow, but big; the smooth movements of his body mesmerizing me, as well as the bouncing of his curls with each step he took. Warping myself back to reality as he came to stop right in front of me, I glanced at him; his eyes twinkling as always.

I’m sorry about earlier, Lyla. I didn’t mean I was sorry for your life, or about it or anything even remotely like tha-” Bringing my finger to his lips, I shook my head, smiling softly, “It’s okay..I overreacted.” 
The smile that I found so fascinating played on his lips as he sighed contentedly; a dimple dotting his cheek. “Good..I’m glad.”
Winking, I nodded enthusiastically; “Me too.

There was a silence between us; but when Harry’s gaze wandered down and back up my body, his eyes widened impressed. “You look lovely tonight.” 
I blushed once again, goosebumps arising; only for me to furrow my eyebrows together in confusion. Why did I feel butterflies flutter in the pit of my stomache at his words; he was not the boy I liked. 
Thanks..”, I mumbled as my gaze wandered away from him, beside him; another frown appearing on my face as I spotted someone standing in Harry’s driveway, their eyes wandering around aimlessly, before they met mine. “Emma?

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