Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


4. Chapter 4


And what kind of stuff did you do back in good old Homes Chapel?” Grinning teasingly at Harry, I continued kicking the little pebble in front of me, my hands dug into the pockets of my shorts, as we continued to aimlessly walk down the streets. “Oh, you know, this and that.

Peeking back over at him, I saw the smirk on his face, a dimple dotting his cheek; giving him a slight nudge in his arm, he chuckled, before continuing. “Well, I just did the usual stuff: hang out with my mates, go to school, get pissed at weekends.”, he said, shrugging his shoulders.

A laugh escaped my lips, making me clinge onto my stomache, my face screwing up in amusement. “What?”, Harry asked, partly amused, partly offended. “Nothing, just your accent; it’s cute. Kind of weird, but cute.” Raising his eyebrows, he glanced at me smugly. “You think I’m cute, huh? Huh.”

Rolling my emerald eyes, I let out a puff “What are we, 10?” Shrugging his shoulders once again, he winked, before turning his head back to the front. “And you? What do you like to do?

Urm..I like reading..and music..and hanging out with friends; I guess the same as any other person my age, and like you.” Looking to the front now as well, I noticed we’d arrived  at a small park, only lit by a few lampposts. “Wanna sit down here?”, I asked, pointing at one of the benches. “Sure.

It’s nice here, I like it.”, he breathed as he sat down beside me.

It’s kinda okay I guess.

Tilting his head to face me, he smirked playfully. A breeze went through the air and leaves, not too cold. but cool enough to make me shiver, goosebumps rising up on my arms and legs. Bringing my hands up to rub my upper arms, I felt Harry sigh. “Are you could?” Shaking my head, I lightly smiled at him. Rolling his eyes, he was just about to pull his sweater off him, before I grabbed his wrists, stopping him; “I told you, I’m not cold.” Furrowing his eyebrows closer together, he kept my gaze for a few seconds, before finally giving in. “Okay, okay…at least I tried.

I brought my knees up to my chest, resting my chin on them as I ran my hands up and down my legs. Harry started talking again, asking me about my life, telling me about his; just the usual conversation you had with someone you just met, and wanted to get to know better. But when Harry kept on asking me about myself, almost surveying me, keeping his eyes fixed on me as I talked.

Why are you so persistent on me telling you stuff about me?”, I asked, slightly tilting my head round to him. “Don’t know..”, he started, running his fingers through his shiny locks, “You’re intriguing.” My eyebrows rose involuntarily at his statement: Intriguing? Me? Really? “You’re the first one to ever say anything like that.”, I chuckled, twirling a stray of my hair round my index finger. “It’s true, though..”, he continued, but then shrugged it off. “Oh and by the way, your accent’s just as cute.

Mockingly sticking my tongue out at him, we both chuckled.

We sat in silence for a while; me nibbling the inside of my cheek as another breeze went by. “Harry?” Turning his head to me, he had his lopsided smile on his face, raising his eyebrows questioningly. “Do you maybe still want to give me your hoodie?”, I mumbled, feeling embarrassed that I asked. Grinning, he nodded, pulled it off him and handed it to me; “There you go.”

Thanks.” The warmth of it instantly surrounded me like a coocoon, making me feel somewhat secure; his light scent making my nostrils flutter.

There was something about Harry that made it so easy to be around him and talk to, the way he told me lots about himself, but yet managed to keep this mysterious aura astonished me; he was unlike any other guy I’d ever met. His hotness being another huge bonus.

You mentioned a girlfriend earlier…?”, I asked. The change of mood in Harry’s face was evident, his eyebrows instantly furrowing closer together, “Ex-girlfriend.” Looking apologetically at him, I firstly didn’t want to push him by asking further; but then it hit me, he’d done the same to me earlier? He’d asked me about ex-boyfriends, my whole life, me. “So what exactly happened there?

Exhaling sharply, he rested his head back, his arms resting on the rest. “She’s a bitch; that is all.” A giggle I couldn’t hold back escaped my lips, my hand shooting up to cover my mouth in an instant. “She cheated on me with one of my mates and I broke up with her; simple.”

Those things are never simple..”, I said, nibbling my bottom lip.

Well this is.”

””She hurt you a lot, didn’t she?

The look on his face turned to concentrated, as if he was thinking about the time he’d spent with her, everything they’d lived through. “I guess..”, he shrugged his shoulders, “But at least she opened my eyes: I don’t want, like, a serious relationship anymore…those suck..

I sighed, “I wouldn’t know.” Tilting his head to face me, he looked at me questioningly, “What do you mean you wouldn’t know? Have you never had a relationship before?

Yep, exactly..” Harry’s eyes widened, but then he nodded, smiling, “Good for you.

I guess..I don’t know..” He nodded eagerly again, “No I’m serious… it means you haven’t got hurt like I did before. But you have before…you know...”

Letting out a sarcastic laugh, I loosely crossed my arms in front of my chest, before nodding, “But it also means I’ve never found anyone who really wants to be with me..so I guess it’s got ups and downs.

I can’t believe someone wouldn’t want you.”, he chuckled, his face fixed onto the lawn in front of us, seeming lost in his thoughts. His comment made me blush; but he wasn’t entirely wrong. Guys did want me; but not for something more. All they wanted from me was my body, not my heart; and being the way I was, I gave it to them, thinking that this was what I wanted as well. And in a way, it was; I didn’t want to get attached to anyone, only for them to leave me behind with all the hurt. Just like my dad did.

But it’s not like I desperately want a relationship.. I want to have fun.” Peeking over at him, I caught him smirking; “I can do fun.

After another hour or so, we decided to go home. Strolling through the park, it was just when we reached the gate of it when I heard a chuckle; a chuckle that was too familiar, but I couldn’t quite make out. Squeezing my eyes, I tried to make out the figure that was stood leant against a tree not too far away from us, but too far away to actually make out. But when I heard the ever so familiar voice, my breath hitched;Niall.

Squeezing them even harder, it was only now I noticed he wasn’t alone; a girlish giggle sounding. “Lyla?” The sound of Harry’s deep voice warped me back to reality. Putting my index finger over my mouth, I motioned for him to be quiet. Gulping deeply, I kept my eyes fixed on them; Niall and a girl. He’d told me he already had plans with‘friends’; why would he lie to me?

Who’s that?”, Harry whispered, leaning towards me, looking in the direction of Niall; his unmistakable chuckle echoing through the park. “Huh?”, Harry whispered, but I just shook my head, “Nobody..

Without a word, I turned around, heading out of the park and up the road, back towards our houses. Harry instantly caught up with me, giving me a nudge with his hip as he reached me, “Come on, who was that?” “Nobody!

Woah, okay..then why are you all freaked out?”, he asked. “I’m not freaking out!”, I yelled, realizing the volume to voice just after; awkwardly clearing my throat as I paced down the roads. “I thought you didn’t have a boyfriend?

Stopping midtrack, I clenched my fists; “He is not my boyfriend.” Raising his hands up in defense, Harry smiled warmly at me, “But you like him?” Shaking my head, I continued walking. “I thought I did.” Had I really just told him that?

Well you should tell him then!” Grinning eagerly at me, he wiggled his eyebrows encouragingly. Rolling my eyes, I couldn’t help but laugh at him, “I can’t..it’s complicated..”

You now probably know more about me than most of my friends do, and I’ve only know you for what, 5 hours?”, I said, smiling disbelievingly. “Probably means I’m trustworthy, init?

We’ll see about that…”, I started as we reached our houses, just about to tell him goodbye, when I saw a figure sitting on my doorstep; my mother. “Mum?”, I silently yelled, almost running over to her; no response. “Mum?”, I repeated when I reached her; the smell of alcohol and cigarettes hitting me like a wall as I leant down. As she looked up at me, I saw her make-up was smudged, her eyes almost closed; she was a state. I tried to hold back the tears as I glanced at her, a mix of disgust, hurt and anger rising up in me. “Come on, let’s get you up. Up, up up.”, I said, grabbing her by her arm, struggling to pull her up; when suddenly another hand grabbed her other arm, helping me pull her up; Harry. He was the one holding her up as I opened the front door, leading the way up the stairs to her room, where he laid her down on her bed. “Lyla?” Her voice seemed scared, her words more of a slur as she reached her hand out towards me. “I’m here mum, it’s okay..go to sleep.” Stroking her hair, it was within a matter of minutes she fell asleep, my gaze not leaving her weirdly vulnerable body.

I hadn’t even noticed Harry was still here, before he cleared his throat silently. “I should go.”, he whispered, giving me a nod and turning around, heading for the stairs. Drawing the duvet over my mother, I hushed out the room and down the stairs, reaching Harry just outside our front door. “Hey.

Turning around, he smiled warmly at me. “Thank you..for that…and I’m sorry you had to see this.”, I said. Shaking his head, he continued smiling, “No problem.

I’m serious, thank you.” Walking towards him, I tiptoe’d, bringing my hands up to his shoulders and giving him a short kiss on the cheek, the softness of his skin making me smile. He rested his hands on my waist as he gave me a slight squeeze in return, looking sympathetically at me. “At least now you saw I wasn’t lying when I told you my life was fucked up.”, I said, running my fingers through the waves of my hair.

I had a really good time tonight.. thanks Lyla…I look forward to having more fun with you.” Winking, he turned around, heading for his door; only to tilt his head back to me once again, his trademark smile lingering on his face, before he entered his house

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