Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


3. Chapter 3


 The house was empty as I entered, the faint smell of cigarettes and alcohol strreamed up my nostrils, making me grimace in disgust. As I walked into the living room, I instantly opened all the windows, as well as the door to our garden, the floral smell of a nice summer evening making its way inside. 
I saw various beer cans and alcohol bottles lying scattered across the floor, ashtrays filled with cigarette cadavers on our coffee table; I guess I had some cleaning up to do. Flicking through our CDs, I decided on an album from Jet, the first song that blasted out the speakers was Are You Gonna Be My Girl. An instant smile arose on my face as I started hopping up and down, moving my body in rythm to the music, simultaneously cleaning up the mess my mother and friends had left before they’d gone out.

Grabbing a plastic bag, I shoved all the bottles and cans in there, doing the same with the cigarettes, before grabbing a wet rag and cleaning the table with it. 
The music prevented me from thinking about how drunk my mother must’ve been when she left to go to a club, not even daring to think about how drunk she’d be when she came home; whenever that would be. I moved my hips from side to side, the music being just what I liked and wanted at that moment, not caring that I was still in nothing but my bikini and and the mini, cut-off jeans shorts from earlier. 

It was just when I had pulled out the vacuum and started cleaning the floor, when I unconsciously glanced out the open window, only to be met by the eyes of the new guy next door being fixed on me. I saw his eyes widen as he caught my glance, his face incredibly flushing, before he smiled awkwardly, turning his back to me in an instant and walking away from his window. Amused, I rose my eyebrows, even though it felt somewhat weird to think he’d been watching me. I wondered if he did it in purpose or if it was unintentioally; and if he actually thought I was some freak because of earlier. 
Shaking my head, I finished cleaning up, then made my way upstairs to take a shower.
As I stepped back into my room, I changed into my pajama shorts and my Rolling Stones shirt, grabbed my phone and smokes, then stepped out onto my balcony. The sun had already gone down, numerous glowing stars dotting the dark blue sea in the sky. I started typing away on my phone, thinking of how I should ask Niall if he wanted to meet up tonight.
Me ‘Hey :) you wanna hang out or something? xo’

Nervously nibbling the inside of my cheek, I lit my cigarette, inhaling the smoke as deep as I could, the mix of adrenaline and soothingness streaming through my body yet again. Holding the cigarette in one hand, the lighter and my phone in the other, I couldn’t help but jumps slightly as I felt it vibrate. 
Niall ‘Sorry, I’ve already got plans with some friends x’ 
Me ‘Oh..okay.. no problem :)’
Niall ‘We’ll hang out some other time, okay? I missed you purring dirty stuff in my ear ;)’

I couldn’t hold back a girlish giggle at that last text, biting down on my bottom lip; but startled when I glanced to my right and saw a tall figure on our next door’s balcony. Squeezing my eyes, I noticed something that was either huge hair or a hat on the somebody’s head, but when they spoke, I knew it had been the mop of curly hair I’d seen earlier; the guy from next door. “Hello.” The deep and husky tone to his voice made me shiver, furrowing my eyebrows together in confusion at his accent. “Hey.”, I replied, before sucking the smoke of my cigarette again. “I think I need to apologize about earlier, I didn’t mean to stare.” 
Letting out a soft laugh, I answered, “I’m sure you didn’t.” I thought I heard him chuckle, a hoarsiness vibe to it, as he leant against the balcony railing that was facing my balcony. Doing the same, I only now saw him more clear, as he stood there, a lopsided smile on his face, the same shirt and shorts from earlier covering his seemingly toned body. “No, I really didn’t. I just looked out the window and spotted you; then I couldn’t tear my eyes away, even if I wanted to.” The amused hint to his voice made my raise an eyebrow; he was good, not like I expected. “So what’s up with your accent, are you like English or something?” I finished my cigarette and squeezed it out.

Yup, I’m a Brit through and through.” He sounded proud as he said those words, a slight chuckle emerging at the end of them though. “And what brought you to America?”
My stepdad found a new job and the next thing I knew was we were packing up our lives.”, he said, his accent making me strangely aroused. “And you didn’t want to come here, huh?”, I asked. It took him a few seconds before he answered, “I guess, I don’t know.. it’s actually quite nice getting away from everything and everyone; a new start.” 

Looking out into the night, I nodded, “I wish I could do that.”, before tilting my head back round to him. “Any particular reason?”, he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, sighing. “There’s a lot of reasons actually…too many.” 
Like?” I furrowed my eyebrows closer together at his curiosity, the way he rested his forearms on the railing as he leant forward, looking intently at me; his bright eyes twinkling in the dark of the night. My mother’s a semi alcoholic, I haven’t talked to my dad in ages and I have nobody I can talk to about it; not even my so to speak best friend, ‘cause I don’t want her to feel sorry for me…and that would make me feel even more shit and inferior to her.” Letting out a puff, I mimiced his actions, now leaning against the railing facing his house as well. “Your turn.
My ex-girlfriend cheated on me with one of my mates, I failed pretty much all of my exams and I almost killed my cat.” I couldn’t hold back a huge laugh once he’d finished, my stomache aching as it shook through my body. “What?” He sounded offended, but amused at the same time. “S-sorry.. “
He let out a sarcastic noise, crossing his arms in front of his chest. “What’s your name, anyway?

I took a deep breath once I calmed down, “Lyla. Lyla Roberts. And yours?” “I’m Harry. Harry Styles.”, he mocked mimicing me, the way he pronounced his name making me giggle; he sounded exactly what I’d always thought a true English man would sound. “Lyla..I like that name.
Well you should, it’s the one you’ll be moaning out soon enough.” I saw his eyes widen, even though our surroundings were pretty much dark, his jaw dropping slightly as well.  He opened his mouth to say something, yet shut it again when nothing came out. 

Speechless are we?”, I teased. “Kind of… are you always that direct?” Shrugging my shoulders, I brought my hair up into a messy bun. “Only if I want to be.” 
The next few seconds passed with us only looking at each other, no words being said, our eyes locking; real heavy eyecontact. I knew I was forward, I knew I’d probably thrown him off track with that statement; but I wanted to. The more I talked to him, the more I heard his accent that was like music to my ears, the more I developed an urge to get to know him, to find out more about him; to get him. Just as I was about to say something, I suddenly felt my phone vibrate in my hand. Blinking a few times, I opened the message.
Niall ‘Tomorrow?”
Me ‘Sure ;)’

Are you doing something tonight?” The sound of Harry’s voice brought me back to reality, the thought of Niall instantly demolished. “Why?”, I asked teasingly, a smile arising on my face. “I thought we could take a walk..you could, you know, show me around or something.”, he said, a hint of nervousness as to what I would answer in his voice; cute. “Sure..let’s say we meet up in my driveway in 10 minutes?” 
Cool.” And with one last smile, he gave me a nod and went inside. Quickly doing the same, I stood in front of my wardrobe; finally deciding on putting my denim shorts back on, along with a simple, white, v-neck shirt, slipping in my Converse. I only put some make-up on; mascara, blush and some lipbalm, then sprayed my favourite perfume on my neck and wrists. Nodding at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t hold back a smile; let’s see what this walk would bring.

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