Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


2. Chapter 2


I took one last bite of the Pizza we’d ordered, before throwing it back on my plate; I was officially full. Yawning, I leant back into the cushions, bringing my knees up to my chest. I watched the credits roll down the screen as I listened to the slow breathing of my already asleep mother. We’d watched yet another love story, with yet another happy ending; puke. I hated these predictable, cheesy romantic movies, where two people meet, fall in love, fight, split up, but in the ending they get back together again - all lies. In my eyes, a thing like ‘love’ didn’t exist; it was sheer fantasy, something that was invented by greeting card companies and popsong-writers. Partly because I had never experienced anything remotely like it.

Turning the TV off, I reluctantly got up from the sofa, before covering my mum with a blanket. Placing a kiss on her forehead, I carried the leftovers of our junk-food-feast into the kitchen, then made my way upstairs again. When I entered my room, I was surprised by seeing Niall standing on my balcony in nothing but his boxers; I’d thought he would’ve left ages ago. “Still here, huh?”, I asked, making my way over to him. Tilting his head around, he flashed me a lopsided smile and nodded. “Yeah.” 
You’ve got such a great view from up here.” Niall made his way over to me to the banister, where he lazily wrapped one arm round my shoulders, a sea of goosebumps rising up on my arms. Just this little gesture made me feel odd in some ways, the unfamiliar feeling of having a male give me affection in any other way than a sexual one made me nervous. “I know, right?” Glancing up at him, I was met by the mesmerizing aqua of his eyes, the way his fruity lips were curled up to a little smile made my insides warm up. 
Woah. Stop. Was I beginning to like Niall? Niall Horan? There was no way.
I yawned loudly, followed by a small giggle. “Sorry.” I mumbled, yet the feeling of my eyelids getting heavier was undeniable. “Are you tired?” Nodding, I lazily smiled at him. 
Niall guided me back in my room, before I lay down, drawing the duvet over me. “So, I guess I better go.” 
Why don’t you stay the night?” I tilted my head up to face him, only to be met by a surprised look on his face. “Are you sure? I mean..” Rolling my eyes, I patted the space beside me. “It’d be nice to have someone to cuddle with.” A grin spread across his face, making him look unfamiliarly young and childish. With no other warning, he flung himself on my bed, before wrapping his arm round me from behind. “Night, L.”, he whispered in my ear, his hot breath hitting my skin and sending a tingle throughout my body. “Night.”, I yawned and no sooner than I expected I dozed off into a deep sleep.

Pouring myself a cup of coffee, I leant against the countertop and looked out into the garden, the sunlight hitting my face as it shone through the windows. Niall had already left when I woke up this morning, the little message he’d sent to my phone though made the feeling of rejection wash away in an instant. I couldn’t keep my mind off him ever since I woke up, the strange feeling I got inside made me wonder. Was I falling for Niall? Or was I just PMS? Shaking my head, I decided to go for a run to get my mind off things.
Changing into my uber-short cheer shorts, which I’d gotten when I was a Cheerleader for a few months, and the Yale-hoody I’d once borrowed from my dad. 
Going to Yale was my biggest dream; to be able to study English Literature at one of the best Ivy-League schools in the world was something I’d wished for ever since I was a little kid. My dad had gotten me into the whole Yale-thing, yet the decision of studyding English was purely mine. Nobody, except for my mum and my so to say best friend, knew about my passion for books. Old, new, good or bad; I read them all. From Jane Austen to Danielle Steel, from Charlotte Bronte to Nicholas Sparks and Henry Miller. 
I closed the front door behind me and plugged in my earphones. As I started walking, I looked through my iPod to find a decent song; when I reached Rooney I was all settled to go.
My running started slow, as more of a jog. I passed houses, stores and people I knew, until I reached the beach. Now my running got faster, as the thoughts in my head started going mad again. This was one of my faults; I kept everything inside me. I had this strong believe that I had nobody to share my thoughts with, the immutable feeling that nobody would understand. Not my mother, not Emma and sure as hell not Niall.

Emma was the only one that I could call a true friend. I’d known her ages now, but we’d only been friends for a couple of years. She used to be the girl I hated without even really knowing her; probably because she was incredibly gorgeous. The way the blonde of her hair covered her face beautifully, the way the dark blue of her eyes would burn right through you. Next to her, I must’ve looked like Shrek. Whenever I was with her, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat inferior, uglier. She was the one that would get all the whistles and all the men coming up to her, I would usually only get off with the friends of the guys that came up to her. But that never stopped me from getting satisfied. 
I wouldn’t call myself a slut, purely because I knew I wasn’t. I wasn’t sleeping around either, I was just searching for something bigger, better. Something different than just fucking for fun, maybe even love, even if I didn’t believe in it. 
But once I got to know Emma better, she showed me that she wasn’t just beautiful on the outside. She was a loving and caring person, even though sometimes she could be a complete bitch. But I guess that’s just how people are. Everyone has two faces; even if they want to deny it, to everyone else or even just to theirselves.

I had turned around and headed back home now, my breathing was hitched but I was feeling good, really good. Just as I reached my driveway, I noticed a little sign in front of the house next to ours. Looking closer, I only just now noticed it said ‘Sold’. My eyes widened; the house had finally sold. It had been empty for a few years now, the little old lady that used to live there had passed away some time ago. As I stepped in my own house again, I wondered who would move in. A family, a newlywed couple, or maybe some hot college students. But probably it would just be another old woman.
Rushing up the stairs, I hurried into the bathroom for a quick and cold shower. After I was done, I went back downstairs into the kitchen, only to find some food lying on the table; my mother must be eating breakfast. As I took a seat, I grabbed the glass of orange juice she’d prepared for herself, but taking a sip I grimaced immediately; she’d mixed her orange juice with Vodka. Sighing, I placed the glass back on the table.

Oh you’re back. Where’ve you been?” I heard my mother say from behind. When she took a seat next to me, I noticed the dark bags under her eyes, the slight redness in them, the way she looked so unfamiliarly old all of a sudden. “Just went out for a run.” I watched her intently as she downed the glass of orange juice in one gulp, when she noticed my eyes on her
 she smiled awkwardly. “Wow, I’m thirsty.” Nodding, I faked a smile; I’d gotten a professional at that now. “Did you know Mrs. Connor’s house has been sold?”, I asked, snitching an olive from her table. “Yeah, I have. Apparently the family will be moving in any minute now.” 
We spent another hour just eating and chatting away, but when she told me she was going out with some friends tonight, I frowned. “Do you have to? I thought maybe we could watch another movie?” Smiling at me, she placed her hand on mine, yet shook her head. “I promised my friends, babe, I can’t cancel now. We’ll hang out another time.” And with that, she got up from the table, put her plate in the sink and made her way upstairs. Sighing with sadness and rejection, I pulled my phone out of the pocket of my joggers. 

Searching for Emma’s name, I pressed ‘call’. After a few rings, she finally picked up, a rather chirpy tone to her voice.
Hey L! Where were you last night?
Hey..urm, nowhere, just at home. You?”, I replied, trying to act casual.
At Dave’s.” A giggle escaped her lips after those words.
I thought you broke up?
We did.. that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.
Emma, you little slut!”, I teased, laughing as I did so.
Whatever Lyla, you’re the one talking. Anyways, wanna meet up? Maybe head down to the beach?

I agreed to meet with her in 15 minutes, then hurried up to my room after hanging up. Putting on my favourite black and gold bikini, I slipped some shorts on, let my hair flow down my back and after grabbing my sunglasses and a towel, I was all set to go. Leaving my mother a note saying I left, I made my way down to the beach. When I arrived, I instantly noticed Emma in her mini skirt and sandals; surrounded by three guys. As I approached them, one of the boys raised an eyebrow as he looked me up and down, winking as I smiled at him. “Hey Em.”, I said, giving her a hug. “Lyla, this is John, Paul and Milo.” Nodding and smiling to each of them, I waved awkwardly, “Hi.” 
I met them at the party last night, they’re really nice guys.” Winking at me, she gave me a slight nudge, before nodding in the direction of Paul, the boy who’d looked at me earlier. “Paul here is a football player.” Giggling, she poked his arm with her index finger, then nodded impressed. I just smiled politely at him, not really joining in the conversation, rather than let myself get hooked up by Emma; again.
When the boys told us they had to go, Emma gave each of them a huge hug, telling them we should all hang out together.

Well?” She asked eagerly as we searched for a decent spot on beach. “Well what?
What did you think of Paul? He’s like super hot, right?”, she giggled as she pulled her skirt off her, only to reveal her gorgeously formed and toned body. “He’s alright, but not really my type.”, I mumbled, feeling rather insecure as I pulled my shorts off. “Oh and what’s your type, Niall Horan?”, she asked sarcastically, rolling her eyes as she did so. When I didn’t answer and tried to avoid looking her in the eyes, she gasped loudly, gripping onto my shoulders as she did so. “Lyla!” Shrugging my shoulders, I sighed, “We’ve been… hanging out a lot lately.

Hanging out? Like hanging out hanging out?” Raising her eyebrows she looked at me questioningly. Sighing again, I nodded in defeat, “Yes.” A smirk spread across her face, a huge laugh escaping her lips. She brought her shiny blonde waves up into a messy bun; yet it still looked gorgeous as ever. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me! I thought that was a one-time thing!” Biting my bottom lip, I couldn’t hold back a chuckle, “Well what can I do… he’s really good in bed.” 
Another laugh escaped her mouth and she shook her head amused. “Oh my god. And now you like him or what?” That was the question I’d feared since the beginning of this conversation. Did I like Niall? Or was I just misinterpreting everything? 
I don’t know… it’s just that, yesterday he stayed over, but not ‘cause we fell asleep after sex; just to sleep. And I don’t know.. it was really nice.” I shrugged my shoulders again.
It sounds like you like him.”,  Emma said as she rubbed her body with sunscreen. “Whatever, I don’t know. We’ll see, I guess.” Another grin spread across Emma’s face as she looked at me, nodding, “I guess.”

The rest of the day went by in a rush, yet lightened my mood up immensely. Emma had this funny and enthusiastic side to her, she would’ve even persuaded the Grinch to come to her Christmas party. When we said our goodbies, I made my way home again. I was just admiring the tan I’d gotten on my upper body as I reached my driveway again. Looking up, I noticed a huge truck standing in front of the house next to ours, a few men coming in and out of it, carrying furniture back and forth. 
A brown-haired woman was standing by the front door, waving her hands around, gesturing the men to be careful. Another woman, more a girl than a woman, also with brown hair stepped out of the house, followed by some boy. Looking at him, I raised my eyebrows impressed; he seemed pretty hot
He had these messy curls atop his head, a lopsided smile on his face as he talked to the girl. He was wearing a pair of beige shorts and a white v-neck shirt and as he tilted his head in my direction. I felt somewhat caught and exposed as his smile grew when he noticed I’d been staring at him. Smiling awkwardly, I glanced away, then quickly made my way into my house again. Shutting the door behind me, I shook my head in disbelief about my stupid behaviour.

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