Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


14. Chapter 14


Lyla’s P.O.V.

Steam rose from the bathroom as I stepped out of the door, towel wrapped round my middle; my hair twirled up into a turban with another one. Glancing at the clock as soon as I’d entered my room, I groan in frustration as I noticed I was already late. What could I even wear to a lunch with mum’s new…guy?…boyfriend? Whatever that dude was to her, I really was not looking forward to meeting him. If he was anything like the guys she’d dated before him, I’d gladly skip it. But then again, never had I officially met one of her boyfriends. So this man was probably different? Maybe not an alcoholic, or overly aggressive weirdo. Maybe he was just a normal guy who treated her well. At least I hoped so.

Pressing ‘Play’ on my stereo, I instantly grinned as Paolo Nutini’s voice echoed through my room, brightening my mood as I lotioned my body while standing in front of my wardrobe. I turned the volume up to its highest as I pulled the towel from my head and ran my fingers through my hair. Pouting my lips from side to side, in rythm to the bobbing of my head to the sounds of ‘Jenny Don’t Be Hasty’, I sighed as I pulled a checked shirt and my favourite denim shorts out of my closet. Pulling a drawer open, I grabbed my blowdryer and plugged it in.

Harry’s P.O.V.

“I just wanted to say that…”, I started, before stopping and frowning at my reflection in the mirror. “I’m sorry, Lyla. I really was acting like an asshole.”
Sighing, I rubbed the palm of my hand over my face, before shaking my head at myself. “You’re officially ridiculous.”, I said to myself, almost amused at my wretchedness.

I pulled a shirt over my head, before grabbing my phone and jogging downstairs. Seeing as there was nobody home at the moment, I grabbed a key and locked the door behind me. The sun hit my face as soon as I stepped outside, making a small smile arise on my face.
Turning to my right, I took a deep breath as I took the few steps to Lyla’s house. Stopping right in front of the door, I inhaled deeply, before ringing the doorbell. Why the hell I was feeling nervous for, I didn’t know. Actually I did, but shoving these thoughts into the back of my mind seemed like the right thing to do. Thoughts of Lyla as anything more than just a friend. Because that was all she’d ever be; a friend.

Tapping my foot on the floor as I awaited the door to open, I frowned as it didn’t. Ringing the doorbell once more, I waited a full two minutes; but it didn’t open.
Furrowing my brows together, I hesitantly brought my hand up to the handle. As I twisted it, the door actually opened. Was it wrong of me to just step inside?

As soon as I’d closed the door behind me, the loud pumping of music coming from upstairs echoed through the hose. Palo Nutini, I thought, good choice.
Slowly looking from left to right, I nibbled on my lip as I noticed nobody was in the living room. I placed my hand on the banister as I took one hesitant step after the other. Soon, I reached the very top.
The door to the room from which the music came from was ajar, and I just couldn’t fight the curiosity and pushed it open slowly. My eyes widened as I noticed someone, with nothing but a towel round their slim frame, bending over as they blowdried their hair. And immediately I noticed those legs; how could I have not?

“Lyla?”, I spoke; almost whispered. “Lyla?”, I slowly raised my voice and reached my arm out as I touched her shoulder. A loud shriek suddenly sounded and a hand shot itself to my cheek, making me stumble back. Pain shot through my cheek as I covered it with my hand.
“Harry?!”, Lyla’s voice squeaked, staring at me with wide eyes. Reaching to her stereo to turn the volume down, she closed her eyes for a second. “You scared the fuck outta me.”, she groaned, suddenly punching my arm. “Ow!”, I yelled, “Don’t you think you’ve hit me enough?”

“What are you doing here? In my house?”, Lyla asked, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “I just…”, I started, “Ow, that really hurts.”
Her expression was of pure malice, but the longer she stared at me with narrowed eyes, the more did her mouthends twitch upwards. Her nostrils fluttered, before she suddenly burst out chuckling; her eyebrows raised and eyes wide with amusement. “What’s so funny?”, I asked, unable to hold back a chuckle or two. “Your cheek’s as red as a tomato. Hold on, I’ll get you some ice.”

I watched her as she walked out of the room, shamelessly scanning her body up and down. Shaking my head free of inappropriate thoughts, I took a seat on her bed. My hand was still holding onto my cheek and I could feel it burning up. Man, that girl sure had a good punch.

My head shot up as I heard her coming back and I had to hide the slightest hint of disappointment as I noticed she’d put a bathrobe on, instead of just walking around in a tiny towel. “Here you go.”, she said, taking a seat beside me, before removing my hand from my cheek and placing the cold bag of what looked like…peas?
“I thought you were getting me some ice, not lunch.”, I commented. “Shut up, or I’ll hit you again!”, Lyla chuckled.

Tilting my head to look at her, my breath almost hitched in my throat as I noticed just how close she was. Her hair was still slightly damp and I couldn’t fight the urge to brush the stray hair that hung in her face away. Lifting my hand to do so, I let my hand linger at the side of her face for a second too long as I felt the awkward atmosphere emerging.

“I’m sorry about your cheek.”, Lyla said; still keeping the eyecontact, much different than I’d expected. The mix of olive green and brown of her orbs made feel like my head was spinning uncontrollably; heart beating irrationally.
“And I’m sorry about yesterday.”, I almost whispered and Lyla’s glance fell down to her lap; my hand falling into my lap.

“I was a dick and I don’t even know why…”, I sighed, shaking my head. “Really?”, she suddenly asked, making my head shoot up to face her. “What?”, I asked, letting out a small, nervous laugh.
“Do you really not know why?” Lyla lifted her head to look me in the eye and it was then I noticed she wasn’t wearing any make-up. And she looked more beautiful than ever.

“Wh-what do you mean?”, I asked once more, even though I fully knew what she was talking about; even though I fully knew why I’d acted the way I had.
“Forget it.”, she muttered, returning her attention to my cheek.

We sat in silence for a moment or two, before I finally plucked up the courage to say it. “You’re right.”, I stated, breathing shakily. “Right? About what?”, she asked, still glancing at the bag of peas.
“I know why I was acting the way I had. I was jealous…am jealous.”, I said, gulping; my cheeks heating up and heart hammering beneath my chest. I saw Lyla taking in a deep breath, but her eyes just wouldn’t meet mine. “Jealous?”, she choked out, almost so quiet I couldn’t hear.

Lyla’s P.O.V.

“Yes, I’m jealous of Niall. I’m jealous he’s the one getting your attention. I’m jealo-“, Harry blabbered on and on, but my mind could only think of one thing. “Emma.”, I said, finally glancing at him. The emerald of his eyes burned into me; straight into my soul.
“I know… and I like her, I really do. But..”, he sighed, placing his hand on mine that held the bag of peas against his cheek and grabbed it. Placing the bag on my bedside table, he grabbed my hand and held it in his. I gulped nervously, my stomach feeling as if something was exploding inside it.

“She’s not you.” Closing my eyes as I listened to his words, I could’ve burst into tears right at that moment. Tears of happiness and sadness all at once.
Opening them, as well as my mouth to reply and tell him that I felt the same, but that it was all wrong, I was - so to say - cut off.
Harry’s hands found my face and it was a matter of breathless moments, that he leaned forward and captured my lips in his.

My entire body tensed at first, but as my senses recollected the sensational feeling of Harry’s lips on mine and having his body close, I relaxed in an instant. My mind was going wild, my nerve-endings were alive.
Reaching forward, I tangled my fingers into his curls in an attempt to pull him closer. A slight moan left his lips as I tugged on them. One of Harry’s hands stayed fixed on the side of my face, before he combed it through my hair and let it rest on the back of my head. The other trailed down my arm and found my waist, pulling me closer.

Wrapping my arms round his neck, I hitched a leg up and rest in on his lap; Harry’s hand instantly travelling down my sides and resting on my now exposed thigh. Thank God had I quickly put some knickers on.
My arms wrapped themselves round Harry’s neck as he slid his tongue along my bottom lip, before slipping it into my mouth. My body was restless; it was as if it had a mind of its own.

Harry’s hand tugged on the back of my knee, desperately trying to pull me closer; until I couldn’t take it anymore and swung my leg over his, now straddling him. I could’ve sworn I felt Harry smile.
As his hand travelled up my thigh and to my back, he placed in on the very small of it, attempting to pull me even closer into him. And that’s when I felt his excitement beneath me.

“Fuck.”, I breathed as our lips finally parted and my hips gave a subconscious thrust, making Harry let out a breathless sigh; his breath fanning my face. “Harry, what are we doing?”, I whispered as his lips sponged away on my jaw, moving down to my neck. “Who cares?”, he murmured, slightly nibbling on my skin. Moaning helplessly, I couldn’t help but let out a small laugh.

Harry tilted his head back and looked at me questioningly, yet amused. “Just look at us.”, I said, closing my eyes for a split second. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”, I stated, glancing at Harry.
Licking his lips - and God, that made me want him even more - he looked me in the eye. “We can stop if you want.”, he said.
But as his accent and voice made love to my ears and I felt his member twitching beneath me, I couldn’t say no - even if I did want to. My body would never forgive me for it.

Instead of replying, I rolled my hips against his, while leaning my head forward and softly nibbling on his lower lip. That was pretty much all Harry needed to ‘hear’.
His wide grin made my heart flutter and it was a matter of seconds before he had oppressed his plump lips on mine. Harry’s hands gripped my hips and pulled me closer into him as mine ran freely through his hair; my chest pressed against his.

Without me even realising it, he had lifted me off his lip and spun me around, so I was lying on my bed with him hovering above me.
His mouth found my neck again and did wonderful things to my tingling skin. My fingers travelled to his neck and slid beneath his shirt; exploring the skin over his shoulder blades. The goosebumps that arose because of my touch made me smile subconsciously and I didn’t even give a single fuck about how wrong all of this was. Was it even wrong if it felt this good?.. this right?

Gripping onto Harry’s hips, I pulled him closer into me; parting my lips so he was resting in between them. I could feel him hard against my most private area and I groaned as he bucked his hips towards me. “I don’t think you realise just how often I’ve imagined this.”, Harry suddenly spoke up as he lifted himself from me and knelt in between my legs.
His eyes seemed darker than usual; clouded with lust. His lips were red and slightly swollen. His hair dishevelled. He looked hotter than ever.

“I have too.”, I replied, embarrassed that I’ve actually admitted it. “Have you now?”, he chuckled, cocking an eyebrow at me. His fingers found the bands that held my bathrobe together. Keeping my eyes with a small smile on both our lips he undid the knot and slowly pulled both sides apart; revealing my bare breasts.

My chest - and therefore also my breasts- rose and fell rapidly as I breathed unevenly. I bit my lip as Harry fully pulled the bathrobe from me, leaving me in my knickers. “Shit, you’re actually beautiful.”, he whispered; and I felt as though my stomach was about to fall out of my ass.
Licking my lips, I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt Harry’s lips upon my breasts. He moved them in sensual, slow motions as his tongue swirled around my nipple; before moving to my other breast. My body writhed beneath him as he took complete control of me.

Tugging on his shirt, he took the clue in an instant and pulled it off himself; revealing a wonder of a body. My fingers found his chest, trailing down slowly; Harry’s muscles tensing at my touch. Looking up into his eyes, I stopped at the waistband over his shorts. He was breathing heavily, with his mouth slightly open and his eyes slightly squinted as he looked at me. Pushing myself up, so we were both kneeling in front of each other, I placed my hands on his bare shoulders, while one of his found my waist, the other the side of my face.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?”, he asked as he neared his face, slowly tilting it to the side. Doing nothing but nod, I hooked my thumbs through the belt loops of his shorts and pulled him closer, before our lips met delicately.
Our movements were slow and sensual; sweet. Until Harry’s hands found my breasts and started to slowly massage them, while his fingers slowly rubbed over my nipples; that’s when everything got heated.

Pushing him back to lie down, I climbed on top of him and deepened the kiss, as his hands roamed my front and back, trailing down to my rear and giving it a good squeeze. Moaning helplessly, I moved my lips down his cutting jawline and to his strong neck. Sucking and nibbling on the way to his beloved collarbones, my lips sponged their way down as my hands toyed with the button and zip of Harry’s shorts.
A breathless moan left his lips as my fingers slipped inside and brushed over the hard bulge that had formed in his boxers.

It was as if I had no idea what was going on. It was all happening so fast, so incredibly passionately and I couldn’t help but not think of the consequences all of this could bring. Despite the wanting of my body for Harry, my heart felt the same. I wanted him so much it almost hurt….so much it became a need.

Without warning, I was pushed back myself and Harry came hovering above me again before I could even register it. 
Pushing his shorts and boxers down with my toes, I bit down hard on my bottom lip  as I watched his stiff member spring free from its confines. He was the perfect size.
Glancing up at Harry from beneath my lashes, he neared his face to mine while he supported himself with one arm beside my head. Instead of pressing hi slips on mine, he gave small kisses and brushed his nose against mine. 

I felt his fingers brush down my side, making goosebumps arise on every part he touched. Sponging kisses over my cheeks and eyelids, nose and forehead, his lips found mine for slow kiss; all the while his hand was occupied with pulling my panties off my legs.
Once he managed to do so, he brushed his fingers up my bare thighs. A shudder erupted all over me and I felt Harry smile into my neck as I parted my legs further apart. 

Harry brushed a finger over my folds, making my hips buck upwards involuntarily. I moaned quietly as that very finger slipped between them and started to slowly caress me.
All of this wasn’t new to me; but it sure as hell felt like it was. Every stroke, every touch of Harry enlightened my senses and made me feel on top of the world. This was too good to be true.

Subconsciously bringing my hands in between us as well, my fingers caught his shaft and slowly stroked him up and down. The movements of Harry’s fingers got more pressure and faster as my fingers toyed with him.
Removing his hand from me, he pushed mine away as well. I saw his biceps tensing as he supported his weight above me and gave me one more kiss, before breaking apart and leaning over the edge of the bed. “Wh-“, I began, but as I watched him pull a small, silver wrapper out of his wallet, I smiled in contentment. He didn’t know I was on the pill and he didn’t even ask; he just took care of the safety conditions himself. Sexy and clever.

I chuckled as I watched him desperately trying to calm himself down so he could put it up; his hands shaking. “Shut up.”, he laughed, before taking in a deep,  calming breath and rolling the condom over his length. Still grinning, he came back to hovering above me and gave me a deep kiss.
One of his hands slipped between us and took hold of his member, positioning it at my entrance. He held my hip as our lips parted and he glanced down; watching himself disappear inside me as he slowly slid himself in, inch by inch. 

Taking in a sharp breath, I dug my fingers into his back. The short feeling of subtle pain subsided in a few seconds and was quickly replaced by pure pleasure. Harry watched my face as he rolled his hips against me a few times, clearly taking his time so I could get used to feeling him fully.
But as I dug my heels into the backs of his knees, he smiled and took up a faster rhythm.

Everytime his hips knocked against mine, a breathless sigh left my lips. Harry let his face linger near mine, giving me a slow, yet passionate kiss every once in a while; or a few sweet pecks that made my heart flutter instantly.
Spinning us around, so I was on top, I rested my hands on his chest as I slowly lifted my hips, then settled them down upon Harry’s again. His hands held my hips and his fingers were spread out to my bottom as he helped lifting me up and down over and over again. He soon bucked his hips upwards to meet mine and that’s when I soon felt the feeling of pure bliss starting to boil inside me.

Sitting upright with me still on top of him and his length still engulfed inside me, Harry wrapped his arms round me and held me close as we continued with our movements. Throwing my head back as he slipped a hand in between us and rolled his thumb over my clit, I knew I was close. So close.
“Almost.”, I choked out and groaned out loudly as my entire body shook with ecstasy as pleasure overtook my senses. My mind was foggy, my skin tingling. Digging my fingertips into Harry’s shoulders, I tensed my thighs around him as my orgasm pumped through me. 

As the delight continued to overtake my senses, I felt Harry starting to move faster, before pushing me back and taking full control. His hands held my hips as he knocked his hips against mine fiercely, my body jolting beneath him.
Suddenly his entire body tensed and with a loud groan of my name, he spilled all he had to offer. 

Lazily rolling his hips back and forth a few more times, Harry finally pulled himself out and lay down beside me. We were both breathing rapidly and before I could stop it, the slight feeling of guilt started washing over me. But as I felt Harry’s fingers over mine as they toyed with one another, it was gone and I genuinely smiled.

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